The crocodile will still eat you

Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last. All of them hope that the storm will pass before their turn comes to be devoured. But I fear greatly that the storm will not pass. It will rage and it will roar ever more loudly, ever more widely.

-- First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, in a radio address to the British nation, January 20tj, 1940

Tucker Carlson did a rather interesting sit-down interview with Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager recently, in which these three men of the Alt-Lite discussed the ways in which the present day discourse has devolved to the point where we all must preemptively apologise for any perceived offenses:

It must be said that Adam Carolla has an excellent point.

There is absolutely no use in attempting to apologise or virtue-signal before making a bold statement. The fact is that we will never be taken seriously or accepted by our enemies - not anymore. America has divided itself into two armed and extremely hostile camps: the Left and the Hard Right. The great quivering mass of undecideds in the middle are going to have to make a choice, sooner or later. But in the meantime, the Left absolutely hates us, and we of the Right have no particular love for them, either.

There is no neighbourliness in America anymore. The country is divided beyond the lines drawn during the first War Between the States. It is now neighbour against neighbour, family member against family member, and generation against generation.

This is not going to end well. We know this for an utter certainty.

This is also not a terribly Christian state of affairs, unfortunately.

It is true that the first and most important of all of the Christian commandments is: "Love thy neighbour as thyself". It is true that Christ enjoined us to follow His example and pray for the hearts and souls of our enemies. It is true that Christ upbraided those who hated their enemies and wished them ill.

It is also true that the Big Cheese Himself had absolutely no problem taking up a whip and laying down some righteous assbeat upon the moneylenders who flocked to His Father's temple in Jerusalem. And it is also true that JC had no issues whatsoever with calling the Pharisees "snakes" and "thieves".

The lesson for the Christian West is very simple: confront evil, wherever it exists, and stand for the Truth.

And in order to stand for the Truth, you first have to stop apologising to others when you speak it.

Truth is, by its very nature and definition, offensive. It is highly offensive to point out that men and women are different.

It is highly offensive to point out that different races have different mean IQs, and that this has consequences for the disparate results and outcomes of different societies.

It is highly offensive to point out that nobody gives the minutest quantum of a damn how you feel about facts, because the facts themselves remain the same.

And it is highly offensive to point out that there are only two sexes.

So be it. Truth will not bend, and neither, ultimately, should we.

Therefore, let us all stop apologising before we say something offensive. To speak the Truth is to offend someone, somewhere. Let it be done, and let the Truth itself shine forth.

Tucker Carlson, Dennis Prager, and Adam Carolla may well be hesitant to admit that their ideals of civic nationalism have failed, or are failing. But they are well on their way to realising this truth for themselves, whether they like it or not. Mr. Carlson appears to be rather farther along that road than, say, Mr. Prager, though:

Ultimately it just does not matter what Alt-Lite types like Dennis Prager think. They may choose to couch their arguments in proven falsities, such as the nonsense of "Judeo-Christian values" - this is a non sequitur, as devout Jews themselves will tell you. The West was not founded on Judeo-Christian values, it was founded on explicitly Christian ones, which Jews themselves openly and resolutely reject.

It is neither incorrect nor anti-Semitic to point out that devout Jews regard Christianity as the ultimate heresy, Christ Himself as the arch-heretic, and Christians as the lowest and most disgusting of people. This is not news, or at least, it should not be.

It is also neither incorrect nor anti-Semitic to point out that Christians have a moral duty to protect and shelter Jews - as long as said Jews do not try to bend the political and economic systems of the Christian West to their own advantage, to the detriment of said Christians.

As Lord Churchill once noted so sagely, feeding the crocodile does not end well. Hunkering down out of the way and waiting for the storm to pass, only brings its ravages on faster. Attempting to appease those who seek out your destruction is pointless.

The Left cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be pacified. They cannot be accommodated. It is not possible to coexist with them. It is not possible to tolerate them.

And they feel exactly the same way about us.

Why, then, do we bother trying to talk sense into them? There is not the slightest bit of merit in trying to do so.

So stop trying to butter them up. Stop trying to make yourself sound nicer to them. Stop bothering with being overly pleasant.

Seek Truth. And when you find it, speak out for it. Speak loudly and proudly. Do not be afraid to stand for it.

One way or another, Truth always wins out in the end. The only question is whether you will be on its side when it does.


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