Friday T&A: Novemberfest Edition

It occurred to me, unfortunately at least a month too late, that early October marks the conclusion of the legendary and wonderful annual German custom of Oktoberfest. Now, I'm not much of a beer drinker myself - I am highly partial to a good American craft beer, of course, but in general I find most mass-market beer to be approximately as enjoyable and tasteful as a glass of frozen horse piss. And it has been a LONG time since I was able to partake of a good American craft beer.

It doesn't matter what the beer is - Budweiser, Carlsberg, Tuborg, whatever, most mass-market lagers taste like barley-flavoured water. There are a few lagers from around the world that I actually don't mind - Tiger Beer from Singapore and Heineken from Denmark come to mind - but most of the common stuff is only useful for washing down a sink.

(Commenters are welcome to point and laugh at the fact that I drink Heineken. In my defence, it is the only even remotely drinkable beer available in this country. Even the Russians have better beer than you get here. If you've never tried a can of the ultra-strong version of Baltika - I recommend giving it a shot, the stuff is 8% alcohol and tastes actually quite decent.)

German beer, on the other hand, is a very different story.

The Germans know how to make beer. They take the business of crafting and producing fine beers, ales, porters, lagers, pilsners, dunkels, weissbier, and other assorted delights with extreme seriousness. Heck, the Krauts even passed a series of purity laws to ensure that their beers remain of a consistent standard and quality.

This is, of course, a very German way of doing things.

Nonetheless, I am mildly irritated at myself for missing a chance to post up an Oktoberfest-themed Friday girls article. Longtime readers who were around all the way back when I started up this dearly beloved series may recall that I once did something similar back in 2017, but I have never done anything for Oktoberfest yet.

With that in mind, and hoping to do better next year, here are a bunch of pictures of German model Fiona Erdmann, plus a bunch of very pretty girls in dirndls down below.

Happy Friday, y'all. Enjoy the weekend, get some rest, drink some GOOD beer - i.e. not frozen horse piss manufactured by any of the large mainstream manufacturers - and prepare for the midterm elections next week. I have a feeling that we shitlords and loyal followers of the magnificent and benevolent God-Emperor are going to have a very good day next Tuesday.

And as for Oktoberfest:

Oh, all right, fine, one more:

That one's probably a contender for the year-end Best Of post...


  1. I just wish IPAs would die off as a fad in the USA. I hate drinking ultra high IBU beer. My favorites are Belgian Quad. Good stuff.

    1. Yeah, I hear that. I used to really like IPAs for a while, but they have gotten far too bitter for my liking.


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