The middle-class whitelash

On the night of the epic victory of our magnificent God-Emperor, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus I, a commentator for the Clown News Network by the name of Van Jones dubbed the huge "upset" a whitelash.

The former Homobama Administration official (and, by his own admission, former proud Communist and current greenie - so he is basically a watermelon) charged white people in America with voting for a bully, a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a misogynist, and an all around no good, very bad, nasty, horrible, terrible, dreadful, disgusting, perverted human being. (I paraphrase minutely.)

According to him, President Trump was nothing short of a disaster walking on two legs - loud-mouthed, vulgar, crass, bouffant-haired and orange faced, with no redeeming features whatsoever.

And, according to him, he was voted for by people who were terrified by the direction that the country was heading, supposedly frightened by the enlightened muddy brown Diversitopia imposed upon them by their globalist Betters, led by the Leftist Messiah, Barack Hussein Obarmy himself.

His diagnosis of President Trump's appeal to the voting base was almost entirely off base, and showed even back in November 2016 - nearly a full two years before the current state of utter dysfunction in which we find ourselves - that the Left had completely run out of ideas and had no understanding whatsoever of the American heartland.

Fortunately, there are still analysts of the political spectrum who do understand that heartland, and one of them has a new book out as of October 2nd:

Tucker Carlson's diagnosis of the mood of the American electorate is correct and Van Jones's was utterly wrong. Mr. Carlson made some superb points in his discussion with his colleagues from Fox News, and they reflect exactly the same sentiments that people like us on the Hard Right have been discussing for years.

The question that has plagued the commentariat class for the last two years is, of course, "why was Donald Trump elected?" This is because nobody in that class had the first clue about the real problems within the country. They had no sympathy whatsoever for the problems plaguing that middle class - most of which that very same political and media elite had engineered.

As I have said many times here on this blog over the last several years, the real America is not to be found in the big cities. It is utterly stupid and short-sighted to believe that what you see in overcrowded, smelly, sweltering, absurdly expensive, and rather unsafe urban diversitopias like New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland, are the sum and substance of the entire American nation.

If you go solely by what you see in the big cities, you will think that all of America is noisy, rude, aggressive, crowded, very untidy, and, if we're honest, not terribly bright.

That is not the real America.

The true America is out there in the suburbs, the towns, and the villages of the heartland. That America is overwhelmingly white, polite, self-effacing, proudly patriotic (with the notable exceptions of lily-white gated communities and uber-progressive villages like Nyack, NY), Christian, tolerant to a fault, and fundamentally decent.

That America is a wonderful place to be. Its people are the most welcoming, kindly, tolerant, and neighbourly folks that a man could be blessed to meet in his life.

I know what it is like to spend time among such people. That is the America that I know and love. The idea that white America is not tolerant of outsiders who look and act differently from them is absurd beyond measure.

White America is not scared or intolerant of small numbers of high-quality immigrants from other shores - not even if they come from the Dirt World. White America is, in my experience, the most inclusive group of people that you can ever hope to meet - provided that you meet the extremely important caveat of comporting yourself as an exemplary house-guest. That means, quite simply, that you clean up after yourself, mind your manners, respect American traditions and customs, and above all uphold, protect, and defend the American Constitution.

White America does not have a problem with the very small number of foreigners who meet these simple, but very difficult, requirements.

White America has a serious problem with millions of low-quality immigrants flooding their country, who do not obey American law or tradition, who care nothing for American heritage and history, and who demand that whites give up their own hard-earned money and wealth to promote "equality" between host and invader.

White America created the greatest civilisation that the world has ever seen. And that is the America that was dying before our eyes before the seismic shock that was the election of 2016.

It was dying because for thirty years, politicians on both sides of the aisle had simply ignored them. Both political parties had been transformed over that time period, and it is only now, with the benefit of significant amounts of hindsight, that we can see where and how the fault lines developed.

On the Democrat side, yesterday's liberals found themselves shouldered aside by the more radical elements of their party. If you look at the average Democrat liberal from the 1960s, of the JFK type, you would find them to be quite similar in most respects to centrists and conservatives from the present day.

Liberalism did not go extinct; it simply got shoved aside in favour of Leftism and identity politics.

Why? Simple. Identity politics wins elections in a multiracial society.

The great mistake of the liberals of yesteryear lies in the fact that they believed passionately in the notion that anyone can come to America and become "American". We call this absurd fallacy "the magic dirt theory", and it is truly utter nonsense.

But those classical liberals - well-intentioned, decent, and morally upstanding men and women though they once were - Believed in it the way that the Pope Believes in God. (Well, not this Pope, obviously, but you get the point.)

They also Believed ardently in the notion that the vast material blessings of this magnificent country, this land of wonders and riches, this America, needed to be shared with the rest of the world. This noble impulse led them to vote for open borders and immigration, culminating in the collective act of national suicide that we know of today as the Hart-Celler Act in 1965.

This action sealed America's fate and doomed it.

By letting in the hordes of the Dirt World, classical liberals cut their own throats too - for they failed to understand that, as Lee Kuan Yew once pointed out, in multiracial and multiethnic societies, you vote for race and religion, not economic realities.

The Hard Left saw quite well that the way to win elections in multiethnic neighbourhoods was not to appeal to mythic American glories of the past, but to what Africans and Asians and Hispanics want to hear - which these days primarily comes down to GIBSMEDATS, WHITEY!!!

It is a blindingly obvious fact of life that winners dictate who gets the spoils. This is as true in politics as anywhere else. In the Democrat Party, those who practiced identity politics - such as one Barack Hussein Obama - won elections and therefore gained power. Thither went the Party, pushed by their base and pulled by their leadership.

On the Republican side, virtually the entire legacy of Saint Reagan of the Right was squandered by a party that allowed itself to become utterly beholden to corporate and business interests, and which came to be dominated by unreconstructed Trotskyites who never really gave up their dreams of global revolution at the business end of a gun. Instead of capitalising on the epic triumph of President Reagan over the Satanic Hellspawn ideology of Communism and using that momentum to purge the rest of the country of the lingering stains of Marxism, the Republicans sat on their laurels and tried very hard to become "acceptable" to the mainstream of America.

They spent thirty years ignoring an electorate that was increasingly concerned with the fact that the country that the middle class grew up with, was rapidly becoming unrecognisable.

The heartland was used to believing that America was the best of all nations because it was strong, free, and prosperous. But that strength is clearly a sham these days, that freedom is absurd given the atrocities inflicted upon the American people through abominations like the PATRIOT Act, and that prosperity is clearly a fiction, as the last two severe recessions have already shown.

Yet, over and above the pleas of the middle class for someone to listen to them, the governing class among the Republicans concerned themselves instead with business interests and being "likable" to their colleagues in the mainstream media.

Politics is, after all, about power and ego. And few things make the powerful feel better and happier than ego-stroking and flattery from others in power.

In America, the press, which is supposed to stand up to the political class and provide a much-needed check upon that class's severe hubris and narcissism, instead engaged in mutual backscratching and grooming.

Every part of the political and media elites decided that what the voters wanted was no longer relevant, useful, or interesting. All that mattered was holding on to power.

In 2016, the middle class finally woke up and said, "ENOUGH!!!"

That is why we now have the God-Emperor, who is nobody's idea of the perfect man for the job. He is hugely - or should I say, YUUUGELY - flawed. He has a monstrous ego and his judgement when it comes to people and advisers often leaves much to be desired.

But he was the only person, on any end of the political spectrum, who bothered to ask the middle class what they wanted. And they loved him for it.

They still love him for it, because he, almost alone among America's politicians, understands what America is, and why it is great. He may not be terribly good at articulating it, but he understands it.

As Tucker very astutely points out, the God-Emperor has done exactly what he promised to the white American middle class.

He has renegotiated trade agreements. His policies are bringing manufacturing jobs - the core, the backbone, the engine of the middle class itself - back to the United States after decades of outsourcing and cost-cutting. He is keeping America more or less the hell out of useless "savage wars of peace". He is giving young people from the heartland hope - real hope, not the fake nonsense peddled by his predecessor - that their lives might just be better, more prosperous, more peaceful, and more happy than those of their parents and grandparents.

An entire lost generation now has hope thanks to this President. And still the Left wonders how the hell he won, and why he keeps winning.

He is delivering so hard, so fast, and so often on his promises, in fact, that even his most ardent supporters are maybe kind of sort of perhaps considering just a wee bit that we might be slightly tired of all of the #WINNING!!! (Hint: we're actually not.)

Middle America is white America, for better or for worse. I, personally, happen to rather like white America. I think quite highly of it, and that is why I think quite highly of the God-Emperor. When America's politicians shut the hell up once in a while and listen to what the middle class actually wants, things tend to get better in America - just as we saw with Presidents Nixon and Reagan, and as we are seeing now with President Trump.

It is up to the political and media elites to learn the very painful lesson that the middle class handed them. There is no sign as of yet that they have bothered, at all, to learn it. We will see in just five short weeks whether further harsh instruction is necessary. Until then, though, the "whitelash" continues.

And it is well deserved.




    A lot of people forget that Trump is from Queens, NY and had a conventional upbringing. His dad was a multimillionaire, sure, but put a lot of American values in his kids, Donald included.

    Middle class America is Trump's people. They are his people, and he's theirs. He is one of them in outlook, mindset and understanding, even if not in lifestyle. Trump doesn't live like them, but he understands them mostly because he lived around them as a kid and as a young man.

    Trump is not religious, but he understands Christians and respects the way most Christians approach life. Trump might not agree with them, but unlike Obama and most other politicians, he respects them.

    Trump understands what makes America, America, in large part because he lived it, he lived among her people, and he respects her people.


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