The carriage of misjustice

Judge Brett "Angry Mick" Kavanaugh is now Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, replacing the man that he once worked for, Justice Anthony Kennedy. His ascension to the Supreme Court of the United States now apparently gives the country the first true conservative, originalist majority on the court since something like 1934.

It remains to be seen, of course, whether Justice Brett Kavanaugh will remain the same basically fair, impartial, and originalist judge that his record on the DC Circuit Court and in his previous roles suggests. But, for now, we can take him at his word that he was, and will remain, a judge who reads the law before him as written and will not try to twist or interpret it in a way that suits his own personal preferences. And we can only trust him to pay heed to precedent (stare decisis) in his readings of Constitutional law.

Nonetheless, his confirmation is unquestionably a great victory for the Right, and for Donaldus Triumphus Magnus, God-Emperor of Mankind and Chad of Chads. I thought that his nomination was a splendid idea when it was announced, and I have seen very little of anything since then to indicate that I was mistaken.

Now that the dust has settled a bit from what was perhaps the ugliest, disgusting, and most tawdry political circus that I have ever seen - and that took some doing, given what the 2016 Presidential election was like - I see that even my gloomiest predictions about Western civilisation were overly optimistic.

Politics is an ugly, brutal, nasty contact sport. That should be obvious even to the most naive of us. And it has been perfectly clear for the last three years that the American expression of politics has completely abandoned any pretense at rules, restraint, or gentlemanly conduct, and has descended into a bare-knuckled brawl.

But even during the darkest and most nasty days of the 2016 campaign of the God-Emperor, and even in the days since the election in November of that year, there was still a hope, albeit a dying and fading hope, that a good and decent man could get a fair shake from the American court and political systems.

Within a single hour of the Bitch's concession speech and the affirmation of that incredible "upset" VICTORY of the God-Emperor - which actually was nothing of the sort, at least not for us shitlords - we saw that the Left had lost their goddamn minds, and that forlorn hope was no more.

From the point of view of the sane, their explosion of bile, rage, and weeping all looked like a childish temper tantrum. To us adults, it looked ridiculous because it was ridiculous. They were protesting the cartoon character that they believed Donald Trump to be, rather than the actual man himself.

President Donald Trump is nobody's idea of a good - never mind perfect - man. He is deeply flawed. But I do believe that he is, at his core, a fundamentally good and decent human being who tries very hard to do what is right for his country, and occasionally trips over his (colossal) ego. He has been treated absolutely abominably by the Daeomoncrats, the media, and even most of his own party. But we sort of expected him to be treated badly, given how flawed he is.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh, on the other hand, is so clean that he squeaks when he walks.

Everything that I have seen about him indicates that he is not only a good man, he is one of the best man that you could possibly hope to meet in your entire life. He is a devoted father, husband, and Church-going Christian man. He has worked hard all of his life to do the right thing.

This was perhaps the very last man on Earth who deserved to be treated as badly as he was.

But because he represented a roadblock to the Left's desire for total power, he was thrown under the wheels of the carriage of their misjustice, nothing more than collateral damage to be crushed and destroyed.

I hope that when Justice Kavanaugh takes his seat on the SCOTUS in a few days' time and begins writing or joining opinions of his colleagues on the Court, he remembers the same righteous rage that flowed from him during his opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee:

I truly do hope that he remembers, in his very bones, the dreadful price that he paid for the seat that he now occupies. And I hope that he remembers, every single day, the oath that he swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Given what I have seen of the man so far, and given his furious denunciation of his enemies and his absolute refusal to back down before them, I think we have little to worry about on those fronts.

We of the Right do, however, have a lot more to worry about beyond Brett Kavanaugh's nomination and confirmation.

That massive shitstorm was but the latest battle in the ongoing war for Western civilisation, and it is rapidly going from a cold war consisting of two halves of the country shouting at and talking past each other, to real violence and brutality.

What happened to Justice Kavanaugh is but a taste of the Hell that the Left plans to unleash on the rest of the country, and upon the Western world in general. It is already happening. The Left has already conquered multiple areas of public and private life. The workplace, the academy, and much of the public square is now off-limits for free speech and free thought.

The Left has made it very clear that only certain "underprivileged" groups are free to speak and think and live as they please - and those with "privilege" are to have their wealth, power, and status confiscated from them at gunpoint by the State, and the proceeds are to be redistributed among those who do not have such standing.

It should be noted that the modern Left is really nothing new. We have seen their kind before. They have gone by other names in the past, such as Marxists, Leninists, Fabian Socialists, Communists, Fascists, and other believers in identity politics. Their techniques of brute force, intimidation, terrorism, and incoherent screaming are nothing new either - but they are every bit as effective today as they always were, precisely because ordinary, sensible, decent, sane people have a very hard time facing up to incoherent, raging, frothing madness when it is standing right in front of them.

The Left actually does not have any serious intellectual arguments to make, because Leftism is nothing more than the triumph of emotion over reason. This has been the case ever since before the French philosopher Rousseau published his vapid and ridiculous musings on the "noble savage", which is the point from which the modern Left began to emerge, take shape, and evolve into its present form.

Because the Left has no real arguments to make, they have no interest in serious matters such as interpreting the law as it is written. That is why they insist that the Constitution is a "living" document, and that it can be interpreted in any manner necessary to suit the currently prevailing culture - no matter how twisted, degenerate, or foolish that culture has become. They deny that the Constitution was written the way it was with the specific intention of preventing unaccountable power from taking hold.

And so, because the Left has no arguments beyond emotion, they can no longer win elections through reason and persuasion, but only through hysterical crying, emotional outbursts, and identity politics. That works fine among fellow Leftists, but it fails utterly with everyone else, which is why the Left has actually been losing significant amounts of power throughout the thoroughly misbegotten reign of their Liberal Messiah, Barack Hussein Obummer.

The Left cannot change the country through legitimate means, by mustering a popular consensus for their ideas and using that political power to change the law as it is written - which is how things should be done in a nation of laws and not men.

So their only avenue for control and power is now the Supreme Court of the United States, with which they can ram through their agenda by using five unelected lifelong judges to overrule the will of the people, the States, and even the Federal government itself.

And, with Justice Kennedy forming the crucial "swing vote" on matters important to the culture wars, the Left badly needed that seat to stay under their control, or at least their sway.

So they did everything in their power to destroy Justice Kavanaugh.

And they failed.

But in the process they showed everyone else who and what they are.

Much of America was absolutely appalled by what they saw on their television screens and computer monitors over the last two months, especially after the Ford allegations were trotted out in such a transparently political fashion.

The same is true for much of the international community, who watched with bewilderment and shock as the world's most powerful country reduced itself to an utter laughingstock, and as some of the world's most powerful politicians obligingly turned themselves into complete clowns with the active assistance of the corporate media.

Many ordinary people who normally try to stay the hell out of the dirty business of politics finally saw the Left for what it is: deformed, demented, daemonic. And they were, rightly, disgusted by the blatantly obvious attempts of the Left to destroy a good man for nothing more than raw political power.

The utterly absurd behaviour of the Daemoncrats may well be the best Thanksgiving present that the Right could have asked for - although, of course, if you ask a certain retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel about what he would like for that most excellent of American holidays, he might perhaps go a bit farther.

Make no mistake, though: the Left is fighting to win.

They lost this round. They lost it badly. And that means that they will up the stakes in the next round - which is coming up very soon. They will do everything in their power, through means both fair and, increasingly, foul, to regain control of the House of Representatives, and if they can, the Senate.

Like our beloved and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH), I remain deeply sceptical about the much-hyped "blue wave" in the November 2018 mid-term elections. But the danger presented by the Left is very real, and very terrible.

War, fought with bullets and rifles instead of words, is coming. It is inevitable. There is no longer any room for doubt about this. The Left has made its intentions perfectly clear with the Kavanaugh witch-hunt. They want power in its most raw and naked form, and they do not care who they destroy in their quest for it.

I and others like me - many of them are my readers - have been sounding the alarm on this subject for years. At this point, if you fail to heed the warning, if you fail to prepare for the coming breakup of the USA, then you, and you alone, are responsible for those failures.

Be ready to protect yourselves, your families, and your communities. Be prepared to fight, either unarmed or with weapons (preferably both). Take steps to make yourself antifragile by protecting and diversifying your income streams. Understand that what happened to Justice Kavanaugh can easily happen to you.

And above all, be ready to fight back, because the Leftist mob absolutely will come for you in the near future.


  1. Lemme see here...

    Ruger SR-762 .308 with Trijicon ACOG? Check.

    Mossberg 590A loaded with 000 Buck? Check.

    CZ-75 with extended 19+1 capacity? Check.

    Cold Steel Trailmaster Bowie? Check.

    Okay, mob... Ready when you are.

    1. There is no such thing as "too much" ammo or "too many" guns.

    2. There could be. If you have more than you can defend, and no means to destroy them before you are killed, then you could end up arming the enemy.

    3. That's just the the bug-out selection. If sheltering in place is an option, I've got 27 more firearms and plenty of food for each. I'm willing to bet the mob will run out of Antifa soyboys well before I run out of ammo.


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