"One long Monty Python sketch"

That is probably the best and most accurate description of "Dear Old Auntie", the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation, that I have heard in a long time:

I used to watch the BBC quite a lot, growing up. Being an "expat kid" in the 90s, when satellite and cable TV were dominated by just a handful of news networks and channels, and when the "alternative media" did not yet exist, the choices were basically the Clown News Network or the BBC, and maybe a handful of other international cable news channels. So I know quite well what things were like back when such institutions actually tried to cover the news.

CNN's international arm, by the way, is far above and beyond the goat rodeo that the domestic American version is. I am not quite sure why their international news outfit is so much better in terms of covering actual, y'know, NEWS, but they actually do have an interest on CNNi of giving you "just the facts" - and they at least make an effort to be objective nowadays in their news coverage.

(Don't get me wrong, they still do a truly shitty job of it, but they just happen to be a little more classy about it.)

These days, of course, you can get more objective reporting and factual analysis from your local street-corner doomsday cultist than you can from CNN or the Beeb. And the Beeb, especially, has gone all-in on far-Left intersectional ideology and politics.

It is truly absurd how much nonsense the Beeb spews out these days, all funded by British taxpayers who have absolutely no choice in the matter; if they own a TV, they pay the BBC a license fee, and that is just the way it is.

Every time anyone tries to tell the Beeb to get with the times, go private, and receive funding from advertising and actual, y'know, revenue, Dear Old Aunty's army of PR flacks and lawyers immediately springs into action and plays the same old sob story about how the Beeb is a great British institution that is the envy of the world and must therefore be preserved - or some such bollocks.

The truth is that the BBC, like most of its compatriots in the realm of old-school news reporting, is a dinosaur. The Beeb's management thinks that the best way to remain relevant is to be as "woke" as possible - thereby ensuring that increasing numbers of people in the United Kingdom of PommieBastardLand who have not yet lost their minds simply become alienated and disillusioned by its relentless drumbeat of Leftist ideology.

Those people, the silent peoples of England, the slowly awakening Saxons, are coming to realise that their long-cherished ideals of liberty and self-rule are being systematically undermined by globalist institutions like the BBC, which hate them and everything that they believe in.

Whether they are actually prepared to do anything about this is, of course, an entirely different question. So far, the answer is almost completely negative. Except for that glorious day after the Brexit referendum, the British people have shown precious little inclination to do what the Americans have already done and give their globalist overlords an epic middle finger.

But I have hope yet in the Brits. The Pommie bastards are slow to anger and difficult to rouse. They tend to be the "go along to get along" types; not for nothing do most American Democrats like Britain so much, because pretty much everyone over on that side of the Pond is, essentially, a Democrat by American standards.

Yet these are the same people that built the greatest empire that the world has ever seen, that gave birth to the Anglosphere, and that carried the flame of liberty and enlightenment to every corner of the world. Even now, when the hour is late and the light is dim, that still counts for something.

Oh, and as for "Mx. British-Iraqi non-binary transgender Muslim quantum physicist" up there, I've got news for xim, as someone with two degrees in mathematics and a not-exactly-small amount of experience in computer programming:

You are an uneducated Leftist moron (Lord, forgive me my redundancies) mincing about in high heels and a dress who looks absolutely disgusting and has no clue what you are talking about.


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