Monday morning victory songs

What can I say about Monday?

Well, how about this, for starters...

This particular Monday, thought, has a very sweet taste to it. And that is because, on Saturday October 6th, the United States Senate voted 50-48 to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a new Associate Justice to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Like most folks on the Right, I feel deep disgust at what I saw over the past two months.

I am delighted to see Justice Kavanaugh on the bench, of course. Everything that I have seen and read about him indicates that he is a serious legal scholar who does not play partisan games and believes that his job is to interpret the Constitution as it is written, while paying great deference to legal precedent. In this respect, he is actually quite moderate in most of his positions; he is not the activist conservative firebrand that his detractors would like us to believe he is.

But he has paid a truly horrific price for the position that he has trained and worked his entire life to achieve.

His good name and reputation have been utterly destroyed. His daughters will now have to live every day of their lives with the weight of the, entirely false and completely unsubstantiated, accusations made against him. His family will never know a moment's real peace again.

We of the Right can celebrate his victory - and it is his own victory, and a very powerful and personal one at that - but let us also hope that he remembers deep in his soul the price that he paid to sit on the highest court in the land, and that the memory of that pain will give him the strength that he needs to execute his oath to preserve and defend the written word of the Constitution, as it is printed, not as others want him to interpret it.

From what I can see, the Left decided that it needed to make an example of him, to crucify and torture a profoundly good and decent man, in order to satisfy their most base and irrational desires.

Like most observers possessed of even a modicum of decency and sense, I was sickened by what I saw. The Left has not merely gone mad, for madness can in some cases be treated. They have become possessed.

The mask of civility and humanity was ripped off the Democrats and their Leftist base over the last month, and the ordinary people of the USA, and the rest of the world, were able to see for themselves the snarling, hysterical, twisted, daemonic visage underneath.

These "people" can no longer be tolerated. It is no longer possible to live alongside them. There are no peace treaties between men and daemons.

They must be destroyed, once and for all, and the survivors must be taught a lesson so terrible, so severe, that they and their descendants will feel it a hundred generations hence in their very bones.

The Left wanted a war, and they fought a completely one-sided conflict for decades before the Right finally woke the hell up and decided to fight back. And now they are beginning to see the size and scope of their truly epic mistake.

If it must be war, then by God, let it be done. Enough with "accommodation", enough of "appeasement". Let us do what must be done.

But for now, let us celebrate the victory of what is by all accounts a truly good man, over those who would have had him destroyed, flayed alive, and paraded in public as a bloody trophy to their daemonic overlords.


Khabib "The Eagle" Nurmagomedov carried out his threats to destroy Conor Macgregor in UFC 229 using a rear-naked choke - and then caused a complete riot to break out right afterwards:

The outcome of the fight itself did not surprise me. (The riot afterwards did.) Most of the serious fighters that I was talking to about the fight, before I was forced to leave the US - and thereby leave my extended family at my martial arts school behind - all thought that Conor was going to be thoroughly mauled by the Dagestani.

It is important to understand that Khabib Nurmagomedov is a very different kind of wrestler from what most people think of when they hear the noun. There is apparently training footage out there somewhere of him training with Daniel Cormier - a man who outweighs him by fifty pounds at fighting weight, and probably by considerably more than that when he isn't training - and it consists of Khabib grabbing DC by the foot and dragging him around the cage.

That, right there, is scary.

What is even crazier is the footage, well known by now, of Khabib and his brother training with an actual goddamn BEAR when they were kids.

Seriously. Хабиб борется с медведем:

I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but... Russians - or, in this case, Dagestanis - are CRAZY.


Here is another example of our beloved and magnificent God-Emperor, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus, displaying his epic chadness for the entire world to see:

Oh, my sides. I damn near burst something from laughing so hard.

On a related note - as sci-fi Grandmaster John C. Wright points out in the wake of Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation, this is where the #NeverTrump crowd needs to eat some serious crow.

President Trump is delivering on very nearly every single promise that candidate Donald J. Trump made on the campaign trail. At the time, many - myself included - were deeply sceptical about whether or not The Donald was actually going to do what he said he was.

I was wrong. All of those who doubted him were wrong. And I have never, ever been so happy to be wrong in my entire life.

Trumpus Rex kept his word. He kept the faith. He has done more to advance the cause of American glory and freedom than any President since Saint Reagan of the Right. And he may very well go down in history as an even greater President than the Gipper.

If you asked me just two years ago whether any Republican President could possibly be greater and better than "Dutch", I would have laughed in your face. Today, though, it is obvious that I made a huge mistake in underestimating the grit, tenacity, and skill of the God-Emperor. We all did.

Things could still go horribly wrong under President Trump. I see some seriously scary warning signs with the economy that have me very worried. But, for now, the President has delivered. Again.



Old-school journalist and news anchor Ted Koppel carpet-bombed CNN's helium-voiced soyboy Brian Stelter with some truth recently - and my Lord but it is fun to watch:

I'm too young and foreign to remember what Gramps was like back in his heyday, but I imagine that he was just as much of a leftie as his colleagues among the old-school presstitutes. I have to admit, though, that in that clip above, at least, he is certainly one of the few honest old-school liberals still standing.


Funny pictures collected by Power Line:

Can the Lord General Militant of the Astra Militarum possibly be any more awesome? Yes. Yes, he can:

I really, really hope that someone back in the USA does this for Halloween:


Dr. Manhattan's idea of "partying" might be a little extreme for some, but hey, whatever floats your blue boat:


Classic comedy clip of the day:


Actually, while we are on the subject of mocking other cultures - take a look at the Indian idea of how Chuck Norris movies should be made:


As a tennis fan, it is instructive from time to time to compare and contrast playing styles and see how the game has evolved.

Looking at the highlights from Pete Sampras vs Andy Roddick at the US Open in 2002, I am much struck by the fact that Andy Roddick, who would eventually become the heir to the big serve, big forehand style of play that made his illustrious predecessor so great, had such a similar playing style to Pistol Pete - and yet never really had the tools or skills to go much farther than that:

Moving on to the modern era, there is no better contrast in styles than that between Roger "THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME" Federer and Rafael "El Matador" Nadal. Contests between the two of them are always a match-up between the greatest expression of pure talent, and the greatest expression of pure athleticism, in the game today.

Of late, though, the talent has been winning out:

It is interesting to note that the serve-and-volley tactics that made Sampras great, were effectively dead in most respects by about 2005.

The combination of racquet technology to introduce vastly higher rates of topspin, slower courts, and far more muscular athletes, has made the old approach of serving and then rushing the net nearly suicidal in the modern game. Very, very few players are able to play that style anymore with any reasonable level of success; the few serve-volleyers left are old-school stalwarts like Mischa Zverev.

Roger Federer is, as usual, the exception. He has benefited greatly from the fact that some of the hard courts have now reverted back to faster surfaces and that balls are now fluffier and a little bit heavier than they used to be - so he is able to combine heavy top-spin from his racquet with his natural talent and grace to hit big serves, then rush the net, and then use his exceptional volleying skills to cut off court coverage.

His game really is a throwback to greats like "Rocket" Rod Laver and Pistol Pete - but his versatility and adaptability make him completely unique in the modern era.


Bullshido breakdown of the week - THE DANCING MASTER!!!

Sometimes the Russians are full of wisdom, common sense, and good Christian spirit.

And other times they're just shit-faced on vodka.

That is an example of the latter.


Gym fails - some serious ouchies in this lot:


And now some gym beasts to help make up for those horrors:



I know I've featured this first song several times before, but given the excellent news of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the SCOTUS, it's worth listening to again.

On top of that, I've lined up some serious fist-pumping, head-banging songs to get your Monday off to a really good start, because the fact is that Judge - now Justice - Kavanaugh's confirmation to the SCOTUS is a huge win for the roughly 60% or so of the country that hasn't completely lost its marbles.

And, of course, IRON MAIDEN:


Hot Instathot of the day comes via Montenegro, of all places - but she lives in NYC and apparently makes a living by being an "influencer" and "brand ambassador".

Yeah. I know. Same thing came to my mind too.

And she wears more makeup than most circus clowns too.

Still and all, she has an amazing figure. So there is that.


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