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The one thing that I cannot help you with is if your office has gone full SJW and allowed some shrieking blue-haired land whale in the HR department to determine what kind of coffee is served in the pantry.

If they insist on making you drink decaf... then I'm really sorry to tell you this, bro, but you're screwed.

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The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings were nothing short of a national disgrace, a stain upon the honour of the entire country. And, unfortunately, the circus around his confirmation shows no signs of ending, even though he has passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee and will now go to the full Senate for confirmation.

It now appears that there will be a full week's delay to complete a seventh FBI investigation into his background. And once that is complete, it is clear that there will be even more partisan shenanigans. He will probably be confirmed by the full Senate, but it will be close. The vote will be almost purely along party lines, and the Republicans can only afford to lose one Senator from their bloc.

No matter what else happens, though, this nomination will surely go down in history as one of the most absurd farces that has ever been inflicted upon the American government and people. From a foreign perspective, the entire spectacle has made an absolute mockery of any childish notions that we might have had about the virtues of America's republican form of government:

Many outside the US watched Thursday’s hearing with open-mouthed revulsion at the bad faith, lack of due process and inhumanity on display. Dysfunction in the biggest Western democracy sets a poor example to the rest of the globe.

The present does not own the monopoly on ugly scenes in Congress; the McCarthy interviews are on tape, after all. Nor do either of the parties – from Kenneth Starr’s ultimately futile humiliation of Bill Clinton, to their intransigence during Obama’s two terms, Republicans largely set the tone for the partisanship that reigns today.

But make no mistake about it: in the age of a hysterical and agenda-driven news media, and a social media that amplifies its worst aspects, the Kavanaugh and Ford testimonies marked a new low. And it is the Democrats that have guided the process into a high-stakes wrestling match in a toxic swamp.

Disagreeing with Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination on ideological grounds, and questioning his record and temperament are fine, even if it is to whip up your base before the upcoming mid-terms. This what the confirmation hearings were for (minus the choreographed interruptions from the gallery).

But to pull out a last-minute 36-year-old sexual abuse accusation that you have sat on for weeks, as Dianne Feinstein did, is a dirty trick, her protestations to senators on Thursday that she didn’t time the release of Ford’s testimony, or leak her name (who did then? This person acting against the wishes of a self-described abuse victim must surely be found and punished) notwithstanding. As are the systematic stalling tactics in full evidence at the hearing – the condition-setting for the hearings, the alleged flying fears that fell apart after two questions, the “What about Mark Judge, when can we speak to him?” and the demands for an additional FBI inquiry, during which yet more allegations are sure to come out, as Michael Avenatti tap-dances around his office in anticipation. Could a single senator in the room from either party disagree, hand-on-Bible, that the Democrats are hoping to drag out the process to give themselves a better chance?

Jesus wept.

If this is what judicial nominations have come to in America - if it is now legitimate to destroy a good man's reputation for the sake of politics - then all bets are off. The Left has no idea what kind of monster it has unleashed, and they will be begging and gibbering for mercy from it before very long.


Related - speaking of Satanic monsters:

Now think about the fact that roughly 35% of the entire country thinks that these two are the most innocent people who ever lived, and you will understand just why it is that real Christians believe that this world is ruled by an immortal, prideful, extremely narcissistic psychopathic serial killer.


You know, I would actually consider watching a Sex and the City movie IF it looked something like the following:

Don't get me wrong, such a movie would still be terrible, just like X-Men Origins: Wolverine was. But it might at least be interesting.


More Robot Chicken madness concerning how the toys and action figures of yore fared after their heyday:


After the revolting spectacles from the previous week, perhaps it might be time for something uplifting - such as a little fine art:

The Night Watch by Rembrandt, 1642

The Baptism of Christ by Jacques Stella

And a little music never hurt either:


While we are on the subject of uplifting music - the 5th Movement of Beethoven's 9th Symphony, the "Ode to Joy", has to be possibly THE greatest work of musical art ever composed and recorded:


The newest Voxiversity episode is up, and it is an excellent follow-up to the previous installment concerning the importance of Christianity to the existence, strength, and survival of Western civilisation:


Pictures from Power Line and other places:


Gym idiots galore this week:


Speaking of gym idiocy - the Buff Dudes are back with some tips on how to spot truly horrible personal trainers:


Gym fails are injurious to health - both mental and physical. That is why we need a REAL lifter to show us how it's done:



WHO YA GOT?!?!?!



This track by JUDAS PRIEST seems quite apropos given the events of the Kavanaugh hearings from the past week:

And, of course, IRON MAIDEN:


Today's Instathot comes to you by way of Belgrade. Her name is Stanija Dobrojevic, she is some sort of Serbian reality TV personality, she has a great body, and that is more or less all that anyone knows about her. She is unquestionably a thot of one kind or another, but she also looks great - so this should make your Monday just a little easier to bear:


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