Happy HELLOWEEN 2018

It's that time of year again - Halloween. Now, out of all of the year's non-holiday holidays, this one has to be my favourite, because it involves little kids dressing up in silly costumes and going around knocking on people's doors to demand candy.

If you do not find this to be adorable and cute, you are probably dead from the heart up - or you are a Leftist.

I have readers who don't particularly like kids, but even they admit that Halloween is a really great holiday. And that is because more or less every decent and moral person thinks that little children running around begging for candy from complete strangers while dressed as monsters is silly, yet adorable.

That being said - Halloween is also the single best time of the year to play one of the greatest heavy metal songs ever recorded:

Speaking of kids with costumes and toys - what do you suppose happens when you get a bunch of red-blooded veterans together with all the guns and ammo that they can carry, and then let them loose on hunting monsters and serial killers?

Also, following on from this Monday's post, in which I pointed out the sheer awesomeness of a new parody music group called THE MERKINS, here is their take on a very cheesy and stupid Backstreet Boys song from the late 90s:

Happy HELLOWEEN, y'all. Enjoy the spectacle of watching your kids running around chasing the neighbours' kids with pretend chainsaws and knives while going up to the houses of complete strangers and asking for candy. Trust me - they'll grow out of it way too fast.


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