Friday T&A: Kievan Rus Edition

Thank God it's Friday once again, eh, boys?

Actually, for those of you who are currently dealing with the results of Hurricane Michael slamming into the Gulf states, I'm praying for you and thanking God that you are unharmed and - I hope! - unaffected by what appears to be a real monster of a storm. I hope you and yours are safe and sound, and that the hurricane itself passed you by without serious damage.

Seeing as how it's been a somewhat bruising and brutal week in politics and the wider culture - then again, that is normal these days - and everyone could use a bit of cheering up, I went and found a hot Slavic girl for you guys to look at in order to get the weekend started.

No, that's OK, no need to thank me, it's all part of the service around here. Y'all know that I have a definite "type" by now, and this lady sure as hell conforms to it.

Her name is Doll Matova, she was born in Kiev, and she now lives in Moscow. She is a "fashion model", "entrepreneur", and "Instagram influencer", and if anyone has any clue what that word salad means, let me know in the comments section below. As far as I can tell, she's been to Dubai several times - so y'all know what that means - but she is the mother of a really cute little boy, so she has that in her favour.

Happy Friday, lads. Stay safe and dry, wherever you are. I'll be traveling today to the Far East again and will be there for a few days to explore, see the sights, and check a few things out, so posts might be a little infrequent or random, but I'm still around.


  1. "Doll", eh? Pretty on-the-nose to me, certainly more so than that one that was named Edna.

    1. I'm impressed you remember her. "Edna" featured in this segment nearly a year ago.

      I do think that "Дол Матова" up there is a notch or two above "Edna", though.


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