Friday T&A: Everything Tastes Like Peanut Butter Edition

The title of this week's post in the most enjoyed (and, let's face it, enjoyable) part of this blog is inspired by longtime reader Dire Badger's commentary upon an installment that I cooked up while I was in Singapore a bit over 6 weeks ago:

I visited Singapore about 15 years ago. It was very clean, but EVERYTHING tasted like peanut butter, even the mcdonald's [sic]

Well, since I was staying in Chinatown this time, instead of near Robinson Quay, I have to say that everything I ate tasted... different.

Actually, the food is one of the things that I like the most about Singapore - and that list of "Things that the Didact likes about Singapore" is quite a long one.

It really is the perfect place to go for people who love good food. Every single part of the island has something different and unique to offer, from the hawker centres and streetside cafes, to the brunch spots and casual dining spots (which by the way can still be bloody expensive), to the upscale bistros and high-class restaurants scattered all over the city.

If you really like seafood, the only place where the stuff is more fresh is probably Japan - and that is because, if you order steamed fish or Singapore chili mud crab, you will quickly discover that the animal in question was swimming (or crawling) alive in a tank less than ten minutes before it was served on your table.

If you like Chinese food, the only place to get better stuff is China itself - and it doesn't matter what part of China you are looking for, you'll find it there.

Indeed, you can pretty much find whatever you want in Singapore, in some little corner of the island. (Except maybe African food. I've never heard to African food being popular there. Then again, I tried Ethiopian food in New York City once. I repeat: I tried it ONCE. That is the operative word.)

Since I am back from Singapore and in Russia again (only for another few days, to my profound regret), it seems only right and fitting that I post up pictures of yet another hot Asian girl to round out this week.

So here are some pictures of someone who appears to be a fitness model and blogger who gets by mostly on her looks. Which is fine, a girl has to eat, obviously. Just don't make the mistake of treating such women too seriously beyond that point.

Happy Friday, boys. I'm pretty exhausted after a full day of traveling yesterday, but I hope to be back to a more regular posting schedule soon. Enjoy the weekend and get some rest.


  1. Didact,

    Unfortunately the quality has declined. If you want a taste go to the local hawker centres and you'll notice it. Currently there's a big controversy about the social enterprises. The ostensible goal is to preserve hawker food culture but it's really rent seeking scam for the connected. Proof that the economy is shrinking and the govt is elbowing its way to other sectors it has absolutely no business to get into just to give jobs to buddies.
    It's really pathetic


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