Do not unmake what God made

In these days of madness, when the Leftist Hive Mind forces us in the West to Believe that a man can become a woman, and vice versa, it is refreshing to see some contrarian, and actually sensible, thinking on the subject:

Trust the Russians to inject a bit of that most precious and rare of all commodities, common sense, back into the discussion.

The fact is that the "transgender rights" movement is an abomination. It is an offence to Nature and to Nature's God.

While this sounds extremely inflammatory, there is no getting around the indisputable fact that your chromosomes determine whether you are male or female. Those are the only two possibilities available.

No amount of pseudo-scientific nonsense, no attempts to twist the data and evidence concerning human sexuality and sexual preferences, and no fabrications of the known statistics regarding mental illness and suicide rates among "transgendered" people, can change this fact.

We have become terribly confused with respect to biology and gender. We have come to believe that a man can become a woman simply because he feels like it, even though, when he dies, every single cell in his body will tell any forensic examiner or mortician that he is male - no matter how many hormones he has taken, no matter what surgeries he has had done, no matter how he has lived his life as a woman.

The "transgender" ideology is, in almost all cases, a form of madness. It is a mental illness, and must be treated through psychological therapy and psychiatric medication wherever possible.

As I have stated before, there are legitimate cases where men and women are born "wired" with the neurochemistry of the opposite sex, or with sex organs that do not match their brain synapses. These situations are vanishingly rare and are almost always the results of genetic defects and abnormalities.

These situations cannot, and should not, be confused with clear-cut cases of mental illness brought on by years of neglect, abuse, and psychological torment. They are not the same things and the situations are not the same.

Our children are being raised to believe that it is possible for them to live their lives contrary to the way that they were born - that boys can become girls and that girls can become boys. This is nothing short of insanity, and it will destroy the lives of these children as they grow up and realise that they are trapped in a nightmarish hell-world, where they are not accepted for who they are by either sex.

Those who have wrought such madness are truly sick and evil for what they are doing to our children.

There is a world of difference between a tomboyish girl, or an effeminate boy, and mutilating one's own genitalia and body to suit a warped and perverted mental image of oneself. In the former cases, most of the time the children involved outgrow their childish fancies, discard their old habits and ways, and become fully functional adults, proud of their sexuality and happy to embrace their roles as men and women.

The few that do not outgrow those tendencies usually become faggots and dykes. That is their choice and their right, as long as they accept the consequences as adults.

But under no circumstances should children - the most vulnerable and mentally undeveloped among us - be taught from an early age that they can fluidly switch between genders at will, without consequences and without attendant loss of identity. That is a monstrous lie.

The only good thing about the "trans" ideology - and that is what it is - lies in the fact that it exposes one of feminism's biggest weak points. Feminists have claimed for decades that "gender is just a social construct", and that disparate outcomes between men and women are therefore the result of inherent male bias and oppression of women. But "transgender" ideology makes it clear that gender is not a social construct, but is in fact a real, if mutable, attribute.

The two are not logically compatible. One or the other must be true. (Actually, the "trans" ideologues are wrong - you cannot change gender - but at least their position, though insane, is still more logically supportable than that of the average third-wave feminist.)

The truth of God's creation and power always wins out, in the end. By going against what He created and intended, we set ourselves against His truth - and the consequences are always devastating. That is what the people in that documentary discovered, and that is why the rate of suicide and mental health problems among the "transgendered" community is so much higher than that of us "normies".

Attempting to unmake what God has made is beyond stupid. We should not believe ourselves to be wiser than He is, and we should never attempt to defy Him in such a transparently (see what I did there?) idiotic manner.


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