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Seventeen years.

It has been 17 years since the day that those Islamist rat-bastards flew those jetliners into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

Seventeen years since the day that over 3,000 Americans died - blasted, incinerated, crushed, smashed, ripped apart, obliterated, because of the acts of a group of men who represent an ideology that hates everything that America represents.

The death toll could have been worse. Much worse.

As every one of you knows, United Airlines Flight 93 was hijacked by four Islamists - they were not mere "terrorists", they were fighting very clearly under the flag of Islam - whose exact intended target is unknown to this day, but was quite likely the White House or the Capitol building.

The aim of their attack was almost certainly a decapitation strike against the United States Federal government, to create maximum havoc and chaos in a nation already reeling from an absolutely unprecedented attack.

The hijackers failed, because some of the 40 other passengers on board stormed the cockpit and engaged in a struggle to retake the aircraft.

Tragically, they were unsuccessful. Every single one of the people on that plane died when it slammed into a field in rural Pennsylvania at over 560mph.

The sheer amount of kinetic energy released in that impact was truly staggering, digging an impact crater between 8 to 10 feet deep and up to 50 feet wide.

What has happened since that day is history - and all of us saw our world changed forever from then onward.

As I pointed out last year at this same time, the years since that day have been filled with non-stop war. Tens of thousands of Americans have spilled their blood in heathen sands for... well, none of the neocons who sent them there to bleed and die can seem to say what, precisely, all of that precious American valour and life was destroyed.

All that was proven through all of that waste was that, when push comes to shove, there can be no doubt of the resolve, decency, and courage of the best of the Americans.

But seventeen years of endless war was never necessary to prove this point. The scorched and blasted remains of 40 men and women who died on United Flight 93 had already proven it, beyond reasonable doubt.

Those people fought to stop the hijackers from killing more people, probably knowing at least at some level that doing so would automatically spell their doom.

It is fitting, then, that the Flight 93 Memorial now has a beautiful 93-foot monument with 40 wind-chimes, designed to create both unique individual tones and combined sad dissonance.

The Tower is a mathematically brilliant design with a powerful concept behind it - a fitting tribute to the men and women who died that day, so that others would not have to.

Seventeen years after their deaths, America's false war on "terror" carries on. Pray God that this long and terrible national nightmare will end, and that the God-Emperor will have the good sense, decency, and political will to bring all of America's sons and daughters home from heathen shores, to perform their true duty - to secure and guard America's own borders and lands, not to try to bring the light of "civilisation" to barbarians who can do nothing with it.


  1. Didact,

    A moving tribute. I agree with you that all Western troops need to come home. Let me be blunt what affronts me is how the rootless globalists brought the scum and dregs to our homes.
    Now we have to fight a virulent, sly, damned crafty enemy and fifth columnists inside the limes. I won't be surprised if the Swedes and Brits finally get fed up enough they blow away their establishments and the jihadists with epic WW I violence
    See even if right now we come across as utterly irrational, craven cowardly, useless, etc. The jihadists are fatally underestimating what'll happen to them should the Western deplorables really get PISSED. Everyone has forgotten just how lethally destructive the West can be. Just look at WW I and II. Yeah yeah assymetrical/4D
    warfare is nothing to denigrate but these are just add ons to a just war. I want to see a Crusade declared. First go for the mind and soul; then break out the firepower. I really want to see the jihadists shocked face of how could they....?! when the missile or bullet kills them when we failed to persuade them.



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