Still way better than Hollyweird


What do you do if you hate Hollywood's insistence on ramming cultural Marxism down the throats of you and your family, but are still curious about the latest movie releases? (... for whatever stupid masochistic reason.)


Wait about 4 months after the film's release in theatres, then watch the Honest Trailer for it.

Yep, not gonna bother watching that, not even on Netflix.

Definitely not gonna bother with that, ever, no way, no how.

Oh dear God I think I got some of that horrible residue all over me... I think it's from... mommy-porn!!!


No way - unless they do, in fact, #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.


Not only NO, but F**K NO!!!

Would not watch the Oscars even if paid.

OK, strictly speaking, that wasn't from any movie of any kind. That is what happens when you let AIs run the world.

On a side note - someone needs to put Ryan Reynolds up for a comedy award or something, because he is very, very good at taking the piss. Mostly at himself, no less:

I hereby take back every horrible thing that I have ever written about him... which, to be honest, isn't very much, since I think that any man who can bag a wife as hot as Blake Lively and keep her, is doing something right.

But I still maintain that Green Lantern was a train-smash of a movie that crapped all over one of the most original comic book series out there.


  1. Didact,

    Ryan was terribly miscast as Green Lantern. I laughed when his Deadpoold character killed his alter ego with the script. I think he'should better as Deadpool. In fact if you take a look at Blade Iii, you see him audition for the Deadpool role years in advance


  2. Justice league was worse than you can imagine. The Flash was possibly the worst, followed by the bad guy that no one knows or cares about.

    Thor Ragnarok, however, was actually worth watching... On netflix at least. It was mindless fun, and way better than both of the ant man movies.


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