Sic transit inglorius Monday

As the thoroughly mangled Latin in the title says, albeit rather badly, look on the bright side: it's not going to be Monday forever.

Although, admittedly, even that sentiment isn't enough to get you through the day when this happens to you:

There are some smells that just cannot be washed off...


Speaking of being in the shitter, literally, looking at this particular Monday, it would appear that the Fake News Media is going to insist on giving the God-Emperor yet more airtime to push his agenda of #WINNING!!! on all fronts. Unfortunately, they are also resorting to extremely underhanded smear tactics to destroy the President's latest nominee to the Supreme Court - and they appear to be succeeding in pushing the Republicans to delay the nomination vote.

They may well fail - though nobody ever went broke overestimating the cowardice and weakness of the GOPe cucks and their willingness to fall over every time they come within a hundred miles of being called racist, sexist, homophobic, or bigoted in any way. We will almost surely see the day when Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh takes up his seat next to the already extremely effective Justice Gorsuch.

But he will undoubtedly pay a terribly high price for it in the process. Let us hope that he remembers in his very bones the price that he had to pay to sit on the high court, and let us hope that it teaches him never to waver in his duty to interpret the Constitution as it is written.


Speaking of the SCOTUS - anyone want to take the over/under on a certain Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lasting out the entirety of the God-Emperor's first term?

If the controversy surrounding Judge Kavanaugh is anything to go by, once RBG croaks and gets "living Constitution"-ed all the way down to wherever it is that used car salesmen and abortion doctors go, the shit-fit that the Left throws over the God-Emperor's pick for her seat will be the violent temper tantrum that finally unleashes the first phase of Civil War II.


And speaking of that, a commenter over at Heartiste's place had some truly superb notes to add to points that he, and I, and many others have raised about the inevitable upcoming Second American Civil War:

The United States is in a civil war in every way short of using arms. The institutions won’t save us any more because they no longer mean anything. There are two sides which are equally unchangeable in their minds. Both sides are not driven by the same principles (you can call it a fight between “idealism” vs “realism” to give them both credit but that is giving the one side a little too much credit I guess) but in principle both sides are largely unmoved in their beliefs and direction.

The issue is that until very recently we thought that there was only one side that was rising every day (the Left) and another that was slowly dying (the Right). The leaders of the Right themselves were into some sort of pathological approval seeking path to appease the Left even to their own detriment (as long as they were not labelled as “-ists” of any kind). In a perverse sense, they were even more over-socialized in the Kaczynskian sense then their Left counterparts and hence they were ok with killing their own movement as long as they were still invited to their Galas and Correspondents dinners (during which they were happy to be the butt of the joke). Meanwhile, their constituents, who are despised by the Left, were always feeling like there was only one way of doing things and that the best they could hope for was to slow down their eventual demise.

Trump changed all of this. The Right realized that they don’t owe the Left shit. They could still believe what their eyes and common sense dictated to them without going through any PC filter or seeking institutional approval. I’m not going to go into depth about the Trump phenomenon but if I can summarize it into a single soundbite it would be this: “Trump PERMANENTLY awakened half of the US population to the reality of what is happening to their nation”. The emphasis is on “permanently” and I explain why reaching my conclusion.

There is no way for the political situation in the US to become better. Let me repeat this. THERE. IS. NO. WAY. THINGS. GET. BETTER. It is total war at this point. It is a war of attrition. There is no scenario where everyone starts liking (or even accepting) everyone in the other side. The Left was so close to actually kill the dragon in it’s sleep. Trump awakened it but it doesn’t mean that the Right will win. It only means that it will either prevail or it will go down fighting. No middle ground.

Make no mistake that both sides are out to win this thing by any means necessary. Kavanaugh doesn’t matter. The Supreme court will not matter when 70 million people from one or the other side view it as illegitimate. Nothing matters anymore.

You are in the USA but it is no longer one country. It was beautiful while it lasted and it may be beautiful again... The Right is just more likely to use past experience and common sense about human nature as its guiding principles and insofar as the past can teach us about the future in complex situations, it is more likely that they have it right. However who knows? Maybe blind idealism and the Left’s values will be more useful for the country to survive and thrive in a changing world. Only time will tell.

You can choose the poolside or the battlefield. But don’t let anyone tell you that things will ever be the same again. The US, at least the way the founding fathers have envisioned it, is no more.

Scary. Tragic. On the nose. And absolutely undeniable.

There is no more "USA". The ancient dream of the Founding Fathers, of a society founded upon the rights of free-born Englishmen, dedicated to furthering the goal of the maximum possible level of individual liberty consistent with law and order, is dead. It is done.

There is no America anymore. The physical "nation" itself is no longer anything of the sort. It is rapidly tearing itself apart into two armed and extremely hostile camps that hate each other.

There is only America's spirit. The Right may recover that spirit when the shooting starts, or it may well go extinct - because the Right in America is, basically, white people. Without whites, there is no Right, and without whites, there is no American spirit.

Only time will tell which side will prevail. But when the shooting starts - and it absolutely will - I know which side I will be fighting on. And it won't be on the side full of "little brown brothers".


Professor Jordan B. Peterson has certainly taken a very great deal of stick from us here on the Hard Right - and with very, very good reason. We call him "the Crazy Christ" because, well, that's what he is:

However, it is also necessary from time to time to give the man his due.

The fact is that he is very, very good at taking on extremely biased, extremely left-wing "journalists" from the Fake News Media complex and making them look very stupid.

He did this recently with Stephen Sackur of the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation. It was a deeply embarrassing appearance - for the Beeb:

It is clear within just a few minutes that Mr. Sackur is way out of his depth. He is not dealing with the typical political hack in this interview.

Prof. Peterson does use his trademark little deceptions and tactical slips to get away from certain difficult questions - note his slippery evasion of the quite clear and pointed, and actually perfectly valid, question from Mr. Sackur concerning whether or not the Bible contains "irrefutable truths" at the 8:15 mark. Prof. Peterson's response that he "[doesn't] know what irrefutable means, necessarily", is absurd on its face. "Irrefutable" means exactly that: impossible to dispute or disprove.

I'm no philosopher. I don't have a PhD in psychology - evolutionary, neurological, or otherwise. I do happen to have a Master's Degree in Mathematical Finance, though, so with that background I can state what should be obvious to all of us: there are irrefutable truths in this world. And I will go further and state, unequivocally, that the Bible absolutely does contain irrefutable truths and moral canons that we ignore at our own terrible peril.

Even so, it is good to see Stephen Sackur put in his place from time to time. If you watch that interview all the way through, you may well come away from it feeling even more disgusted with the BBC than when you started. Mr. Sackur pretends to be a hard-nosed interviewer asking difficult questions - but the moment that one of his below-the-belt questions gets returned right back at him, with interest, he changes the subject to avoid further humiliation.

The Fake News Media is very clearly the enemy of the people, and hacks like Stephen Sackur are the worst of the bunch. Civil War II is hotting up and it is only a matter of time before these lying mainstream whorenalists will be dragged out into the streets and shot for their mendacities - most likely by their own side, by the way, because that is typically what happens with totalitarian revolutions.


While we're speaking about whorenalists - apparently the ones who work in the bug-hive over on 38th and 8th in Manhattan need your help to assist them in finding fake stories to gin up and lie about:


Despite the best efforts of the whorenalists at CNN, though, their network continues to suffer catastrophic ratings drops:

Last week, CNN dropped a full 41 percent in the daytime TV ratings and fell 36 percent in primetime compared to the same week last year.

AdWeek reports, “CNN ranked No. 6 across basic cable in total prime time viewers, and No. 5 in total day this past week. Despite the top 10 finishes, the network was -36 percent in prime time viewers, and -41 percent in total day viewers vs. the same week last year.”

Not only did CNN see a devastating drop from last year’s ratings, the network was once again bested by its competitors. Fox News came in first place with during the day, while MSNBC came in second.

In basic cable, CNN was in fifth behind ESPN and Nickelodeon. During prime time, CNN slid down to sixth place while ESPN came in first. Fox News, MSNBC, HGTV, and the USA network all defeated CNN.

The network has repeatedly seen embarrassing viewership losses compared to 2017. In August, the network lost 12 percent of its primetime viewers compared to 2017.

American journalism: one of the few businesses where you can lose 41% of your audience year-over-year and still get rewarded for it by Ted Turner.

The odd thing about all of this is that, although the American version of CNN is beyond stupid, the international version of it is actually pretty decent - by the standards of the lying media, at any rate. While I could not bring myself even to spit in the direction of a TV playing CNN (or the BBC, these days), regardless of where I happen to be, I will readily concede that CNNi's coverage is not half as retarded or biased as its American equivalent.

Not, of course, that this is a recommendation to waste your time watching CNN. Or any other mainstream media network. Remember this: they hate you, they hate your family, they hate your country, and they hate the Lord. They hate everything you believe in. They hate you just for existing. They would happily see you destroyed just for being who you are.


Moving right along - Boba Fett is free of the Sarlacc Pit, and he's a man on a mission:


Remember, lads, jury duty is your civic responsibility - even if your name happens to be Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots:

Actually, as Dr. John Becker would say, "the price you pay for living in a democracy is that morons can vote, say anything they want, and procreate at will".


Following on from that - if you have never seen an episode of Becker in your life, you have some serious personal failings to address. Allow me to help you out with that:


Related - the latest Transformers film was so stupid, even I couldn't bring myself to like it. And I'm usually pretty forgiving of that particular franchise.

OK, in my defence, I didn't watch that movie in a theatre. I watched it on a flight going back to India.

But it was still effing retarded.

And I will still (probably) watch the next one too.


You want to know why I love being in Russia? Or, at least, one of the reasons why?

This one is not because of the women, or the architecture, or the history, or the language, or the people - worthy reasons though all of those things are. (The language, by the way, is a beast to learn - but it is easily the most romantic in the world when spoken slowly, clearly, and well. When spoken fast, which is how it normally is by natives, it sounds like... well, drunken people falling down stairs, as Bill Whittle once put it.)

It is actually because of the wonderful feeling that I get simply by walking through the streets and parks of cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg.

And why is that? Because Russians have a real appreciation for natural aesthetic beauty, which you can see through your own eyes without the filter of a goddman smartphone in the process:

But you don't have to go all the way to Russia to experience this. Just put down your toxic little handheld addictive drug, put on a pair of decent comfortable shoes, and go for a walk.

That's it. Seriously. Walk out the door and look at the world with your own two God-given eyes.

Now, I will admit here to being something of a hypocrite. I do take my smartphone along to read books on the subway/metro, and to listen to music when I'm out and about. So I may not be the perfect role model here.

But the fact is that I enjoy simply getting out and about far more than the average person my age, because it gives me an opportunity to disconnect from technology and phone screens.

Do yourself a favour and get the hell away from your phone for a while.


Pictures from Power Line and elsewhere:


Gym fails - and boy do we have some good ones this week.

We start with the very latest fitness craze that is sweeping the globe:

I recommend watching some of these next clips while playing some disco music through your headphones - say, "Mr. Vain" by Culture Beat. It makes the experience quite a lot funnier.

This next one consists of a deadlift so horrible, it might give you scoliosis:

What is hilarious about this is that this guy looks bigger than I am, yet he struggles mightily to deadlift 315lbs while wearing a belt, full leg wraps, chalk, and who knows how much other crap. Meanwhile I'm that guy in the corner of the gym deadlifting 315lbs for reps, without a belt or chalk.

It's not that hard to do - just takes a lot of time, practice, and dedication.

Speaking of horrific deadlifts:

That snapping sound you hear, followed by a lot of screaming, is what happens when real lifters feel their own spines shoot out of their assholes from watching such horrors.


Sometimes even the very best and strongest of us have accidents:

To be clear, I am NOT making fun of the lifter up there. His form was excellent and I do believe he hit depth on that squat. I salute him on a daily bases, baby please - as @luimarco would say.

I'm simply saying that even the very best and most skilled lifters have accidents. I have screwed up my fair share of heavy squats - not even a third as heavy as what the beast up there did, obviously, but still heavy enough to hurt.

So get out there and train - but be careful, be safe, and if you're lifting weights that heavy, definitely use spotters and a proper swing rack if you can.


Phil Heath lost his Mr. Olympia title to Shawn Rhoden recently, and for those of you who could not care less about bodybuilding (like me, actually), this will not mean a single damn thing.

But if you watched Generation Iron a few years ago, and then checked out its follow-up, you will recall that the battle between Phil Heath and Kai Greene to be the world's top bodybuilder was (apparently) one for the ages.

(Since I do not consider bodybuilders to be real athletes, I cannot claim to believe in the notion of a "battle" between them. The very idea makes no sense. A "battle" requires an actual contest of some kind that shows off some form of athletic skill or martial prowess. Bodybuilders engage in contests of size and aesthetics - not skill. The very term makes no sense.)

Now, I'm a powerlifter myself. Not a very good one, mind you, but I lift not-inconsiderable amounts of weight for fun. So I do not exactly have the highest opinion of bodybuilding.

Indeed, this is generally what I think of it:

Nonetheless, there is one important thing about Shawn Rhoden's victory which is a very positive development in the otherwise quite freakish world of bodybuilding.

The difference between Shawn Rhoden and Phil Heath is very clear if you look at the two men side-by-side on the stage:

Mass versus shape. Size versus aesthetics. Intimidation versus control. That is what it comes down to.

Part of the reason why bodybuilding these days has such a shoddy reputation is because of the prevalence of real mass monsters like Phil Heath and Big Ramy, who are simply gigantic. They have enormous amounts of muscle and almost no fat, and that is hugely impressive - but there is no sense of proportion to their bodies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger called this problem out in the industry that turned him into a megastar years ago, and he was right then and he is right now:

The Governator's stupid personal politics aside, he is right about the problems in bodybuilding. And now, with Shawn Rhoden's ascension to the highest peak of bodybuilding, the changes that he and other aesthetically-committed bodybuilders want, may well come to pass.


Speaking of Ahhhhnuld - it turns out that he can, in fact, speak perfectly unaccented American:

After 35 years of mangling the English language in his films, Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger has claimed that he can speak perfect English after all.

And he says he only sticks with his barely penetrable Austrian intonations because it’s what his fans expect.

‘It’s now become such a big part of me, the accent, that people really enjoy it,’ explained the 67-year-old, whose latest movie Terminator Genisys opens in Britain on Thursday.

He said that he could speak unaccented English ‘if I need to’ but added: ‘The very things that they said would make it impossible for me to be successful in acting were the things that became my assets,’ referring to his name, his voice and his physique.

‘It proves that perception has changed,’ he said. ‘In the 1970s, people were frightened of the German accent. People said it gave them goosebumps.

'Now I have the most imitated accent. It’s a trademark,’ he told The Wall Street Journal.

He doesn't speak English, to be clear. As I have said for many years, Americans don't speak English. They speak a weird adulterated bastard language that sounds like English, but has way more... adenoids - and is missing a lot of vowels.

You may now take potshots at me in the comments below.


And now for a gym beast to make your Monday lifts a bit better:


More madness from Japan:

I love these guys. They prove the wisdom of the ancient saying that shamisen solos make everything better.




Given the extremely political and, let's face it, somewhat depressing nature of this particular Monday and everything that has happened in the last few weeks in the USA, I figured that perhaps I should try to brighten up your day with a touch of class.

So here you go - by way of a Bosnian lady who knows how to dress up in vintage fashions that look spectacular in the modern day.

On a related note - it is true that I like to find and post pictures of hot babes in bikinis. This would be because I am a straight man and that is what straight men like. But it is important to appreciate true aesthetic beauty, in all of its forms, whenever we see it.

And, make no mistake, this woman is beautiful, in the true classical sense:


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