Friday T&A: Buenos are the Aires Edition

Friday again, and thank God for that - unless, of course, you happen to work at Google, because it was revealed late on Wednesday (US time) this week that the Googliath is in fact basically a wing of the Democreep Party now.

I mean, it's not like it wasn't obvious before that Googlers are by and large operatives of the Hard Left, but it has become more obvious than ever that they will now do everything in their power to influence elections and misinform voters. Their crimes are now laid bare for the world to see. Whether anything will come of it is an entirely different question, of course.

In the meantime, though, as I said - it's Friday, and y'all know what that means: hot girl of the week.

For this week's pick I decided to venture a bit farther south than I have in past versions. This weekly segment is typically pretty heavy on Eastern Europeans, Brazilians, Colombians, Thais, and of course Caucasians. But, for the sake of novelty and in the spirit of adventure, I thought I would broaden my search a bit and look for women from elsewhere in South America than just Brazil.

So I started looking at Argentina. And I think this might actually be a bit of an untapped resource, in all honesty.

You see, Argentina is quite possibly the most Europeanised of the South American colonies. The Chileans might be inclined to differ, but the fact is that some 97% of Argentines are of European or partially European descent. Between 1857 and 1950, Argentina received a huge wave of over 6 million immigrants from European nations - mostly Spain and Italy, with plenty of French and German admixture thrown in for kicks. There are also quite a few Arabs running around in the mix, for whatever reason.

All of this combines to result in some of the most Spanish-looking non-Spaniards that you will find anywhere. And if you know anything about Spanish women, you will know that they are... well, quite fetching when they want to be.

So here is an Instagram girl by the name of Pau Alonzo, straight from Argentina. As Instathots go, she seems to be one of the better ones. She isn't a ginger, so I know DB will be disappointed, but she does have freckles. So, y'know, there is that. If you're into freckles, that is.

Happy Friday, boys. Enjoy the weekend and take it easy - and for those of you in the Carolinas, my thoughts and prayers are with you. As the God-Emperor said, be prepared, be careful, and be SAFE. Despite the silly title of today's post, I know y'all got hit by a real monster of a storm, and I know that several of my readers live in its path. Let me know in the comments, or via email once things clear up a bit that you are safe and well.


  1. Didact,

    Arabs. Think Arab Christains who fled the Ottoman persecutions.
    The next girls to check out are the Ecuadorian ans Bolivians (Raquel Welch is Bolivian)
    As for the most European, I give the edge to the Argentinean sfollowed by the Chileans. Of all the Americas, Argentiname had almost zero indigenous population. So almost no chance for miscigenaton.


  2. Didact,

    Hmmm I posted but it seems to have been lost.

    No matter I'll just quickly comment.
    Arabs. Think Arab Christians fleeing 19th Ottoman tolerance. Later on, the other non Moslem Arabs come during the 20-30s
    Argentina of all the Latin America countries practically had no indigenous population. So no chance for miscegenation So it's the more European country. Personally I'd argue that Chileans are the most Europeans despite the presence of the Aracundian Indians followed by the Argentians .

    Once you've done Argentina, you might want to head over to Bolivia and Equador. They're quite beautiful too and the mixing has produced some stunners (Raquel Welch is Bolivian) Ecuadorians are also quite stunning.
    When it comes to mixing I'd give the following order: Inca/Quecha; Guarni, Aztec. Yes there are other tribes like the Mayan remenant but I've always found the women get fat very easily like the Samoan and Maori. However, there are still some Central American stunners (Costa Rica and Nicaragua and parts of Guatemala)

    Anyway ,thanks again for the eye candy. It's always a nice treat


  3. In re goggle, go find my facebook page. I may have hit on a solution to the problem.

    Argentine know, on average they're kind of average. Even those no doubt carefully selected girls above are not better than 7s and 8s. It's very sad, I agree.

  4. She's not bad. Looks a bit like my ex. South American girls generally have some of the best bodies out there, and often make good mates... as long as you don't deposit them where they can be corrupted by the left. (Don't bring them home... like a hothouse flower or a deep-sea fish, putting them in the wrong environment guarantees they turn into a sloppy mess)

    Her face is a bit horsey, and she has little in the way of a waist, but the fact that she clearly works hard to maintain her body... and has no tattoos, makes up for it. a Good, Solid, 8.5.

    1. You have to select the girl carefully. The right ones - those like mine, for example - are more right wing than I am, which is saying something.

    2. It helps if she is a decent Military Wife. They... either understand, or sleep around while you are deployed and then divorce you and take the money and the kids with the help of the Department of Defense.

    3. I take it you had a bad experience.


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