Why America needs more rednecks

Contrary to their public image, rednecks are not often the inbred stupid buffoons that most people in the "sufisitikayted" parts of the country would like to believe they are. Plenty of them understand exactly how stupid unlimited immigration - legal or not - really is:

That video there sums up a lot of what is both great and problematic about white Americans in general.

Unlike many of my supposedly more "sophisticated" little brown brothers, I actually rather like and admire rednecks. People like to joke about how stupid and intolerant rednecks are in their ivory towers in Washington, D.C., New York, Boston, and other urban jungles, but they fail to recognise that without those same rednecks, their own comfortable existence would not be possible.

Mr. Morrison there exemplifies most if not all of the admirable and excellent traits of the so-called "rednecks" of so-called "flyover country". He has a quiet laconic wit, a simple folksy wisdom that resonates easily with the heartland, and the outright decency that characterises most of white America.

Unfortunately, he also seems to make the classic white American mistake of desperately trying not to look RACISS!!! in front of his audience.

Now, I understand perfectly well why he is trying hard to remain neutral and balanced about the nature of Hispanic outflow from the Dirt World into America and the results of that invasion. He does not want to get booted off of his platform on YouTube, and he does not want to lose customers because of his views. That is totally understandable and legitimate. Mr. Morrison has done a brave thing by putting his own name and face out there for all of the world to see.

However, Mr. Morrison's video, timely and excellent though it is, is perhaps not blunt enough.

The cold reality is that America is being invaded. There are tens of millions of invaders within America's borders who are there illegally or who have absolutely no allegiance whatsoever to the idea that is America.

Even if America is a nation of ideals, according to the late Senator John McCain - unmourned by me, at least, for various reasons - and not a nation of blood and soil, then America is still being invaded by millions of people who have no patience with those ideals, want nothing to do with them, and have no intention of respecting them.

And that is why America needs way more rednecks than it currently has.

Mr. Morrison is very much representative of rednecks in general. They are stalwart, salt-of-the-earth types who love America and all that it stands for. They are the kinds of men and women who are overwhelmingly present in the blue-collar industries and jobs, who risk life and limb in dangerous conditions for lousy pay in America's military, and who provide the true backbone of the American nation.

There seem to be fewer of them every year as more and more Americans of white European descent are replaced by Dirt Worlders.

It is the rednecks themselves who are a big part of their own problem.

You see, for decades, rednecks actually voted Democrat. That was because the Democrats represented - or rather, pretended to represent - the aspirations and voices of the working-class man. It was the Republicans who were historically the party of big business and corporate cronyism, and it was the Democrats who were historically the party of States' rights, small government, agrarian principles, and small business. (And, of course, slavery, Jim Crow laws, segregation, and all of the other not-so-fun stuff.)

They voted that way because for most of that time, identity politics was not really that much of an issue. But that all changed after 1965 with the passage of the Civil Rights Act, the Hart-Celler Immigration Act, and the advent of Medicare.

Suddenly, desegregation was forced upon the American public at gunpoint, America's borders were thrown open for millions of Dirt Worlders to come in and take part in the American Dream, and government power over the lives of ordinary citizens was vastly expanded.

It was at that point that Democrats realised that they had to adapt, or die.

They began to move ever farther to the left - and ever farther into the fever swamp of identity politics. Whether they were pushed or pulled in that direction is somewhat moot; as the late, great Lee Kuan Yew so astutely noted, "[i]n multiracial societies, you don't vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion", and it was a Democrat President and a heavily Democrat-influenced Congress who passed (with substantial Republican help, it must be admitted) various acts that made the move to identity politics inevitable and necessary.

Rednecks voted in their thousands and millions for Democrats once. They still do, in fact, because the Democrats are still the party of GIBSMEDATS!!!, and in reality it just doesn't matter what skin colour you are - if someone from the Free Shit Army comes along offering you goodies at someone else's expense, you're going to take them goodies no matter who else suffers, as long as it's not you.

But now, slowly yet surely, rednecks are beginning to wake up and realise that they've been had. And their numbers are not large enough to stop the fracturing and bloody dissolution of American society.

America needs way more rednecks, not less. These are the people who make America what it is - and they are the people who will Make America Great Again. Yes, they may be crude and crass and burp and drink absolutely horrible "beer" [3,500-word rant about the frozen horse-piss known as "Budweiser" deleted for sake of brevity], but they ARE America.

Get rid of the rednecks, and you ensure America's utter destruction.


  1. The claim of rednecks being inbred is a projection of urban jews and other leftist/communist shit heads.

  2. And Lee Kwan Yew made sure that the Chinese majority would continue to rule over the 'immature' Indians and Malyasians. 53 years as a sovereign country and no PM has ever been Indian or Malaysian? And you sperge about meritocracy? Are you kiddin" me?
    You only have to look at utter disgust at how his son totally manipulated the Constitution to contrive a Presidential election to install a token minority crony Just to spite a very popular presidential candidate who the party greatly fears (and he's Chinese).
    And the party still has the gall to say that the population isn't ready for a non Chinese PM.

    The Austrian Hungraian empire was another. The Czechs who I admire a lot were a real pain. If the politicos had had any brains and given them de jure independence, then Wilson wouldn't have 'solved' the problem by creating utter chaos.

    Spain in another, it worked best when it was a condominium under Ferdinand and Isabella. The problem was that the Castillian cousins were obsessed even back then to uniformize the country. I always felt that Felipe II's decision to install the capital in Madrid to be the singularly his most stupid and tragic decisions even made for Spain



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