The more I see and hear of a certain back-bench MP from Somerset named Jacob Rees-Mogg, the more I like him:

Well now. This is a chap that I can definitely support.

It is not just the upper-crust stuffy Eton-Oxbridge accent which I like - I am actually a big fan of that sort of Received Pronunciation English, for I truly do find English to be one of the most beautiful and poetic languages on Earth, and it is a real pleasure to listen to someone speaking it properly with perfect diction.

It is also not just the clear sense of noblesse oblige which drives him. Mr. Reese-Mogg comes from a wealthy family. His father was a former editor of The Times newspaper, and Mr. Rees-Mogg clearly appreciates the idea that to whom much is given, from him much is asked. He loves being a back-bench MP for his constituency, and clearly does so out of a sense of duty, not greed or desire for profit.

It isn't even the excellent hyphenated name, harking back as it does to the days of landed gentry and English aristocracy. This is something quite alien to most Americans; the closest equivalent that most people in the colonies, so to speak, of such gentrified aristocracy would probably be the Kennedys, the Clintons, and of course the Trumps. (Though in the first two cases it can be argued, quite convincingly, that those families are really just criminal enterprises masquerading as politically connected wealth.)

What really interests me about him is the keenly incisive intellect, the cutting Laconic wit, and the clear traditional values that drive him. He has been dubbed as "the Right Honourable Member from the Early Twentieth Century" (or Eighteenth, depending on which media pundit you ask) for his supposedly old-fashioned views on a very wide range of subjects.

If you listen to him in interviews, you will also see that he has a profound understanding of the British parliamentary system and his country's understanding of Constitutional and common law - which is no mean feat, given that Ye Olde PommieBastardLand has no actual written Constitution at all, but instead derives its common laws from documents that go back well over a thousand years.

And any man who can utter the word "floccinaucinihilipilification" (yes, this is actually a word in English) with a completely straight face and in its absolutely correct usage and context in a debate in the middle of Parliament has got to be worth his weight in gold.

This is exactly the sort of man that the Pommie Bastards should be electing as their next Prime Minister.

Unfortunately, this will never happen. Mr. Rees-Mogg himself has definitively ruled out the idea, stating clearly that he has no desire ever to seek high government office and wants instead simply to be a back-bencher noted for cheesing off the Conservative government.

(One thing to remember about the Brits - their idea of "conservative" is very different from America's. In Britishland, a "conservative" is basically just a more genteel and polished version of a Texas Democrat, minus the Stetsons and cigars and, usually, beer gut.)

His country is in dire need of some serious course corrections. The United Kingdom's great project of decoupling from the European Union is foundering, thanks to the sheer incompetence of the current Prime Minister. London is rapidly becoming one of the more dangerous global capitals thanks to its Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, who appears to be more interested in virtue-signalling and preening for the media than in actually addressing the problems created by over a decade of nearly unlimited mass immigration into his city.

And those very same Muslim immigrants who are turning London into an ungovernable mess, are now turning other large cities in the UK into precisely the same Third World hellholes that they themselves came from.

As always... if you import more of X, you should not be in the least bit surprised when you end up with X.

Jacob Rees-Mogg represents a new kind of Brit - really, a much needed blast from the past. Yes, he is upper-class, stuck-up, overly refined, and highly traditionalist. I rather fail to see why any of this is a Badness Thing - but then again, I tend to agree with him about 90% of the time, so I would say that.

Britain needs to return to the values and traditions that made her great in the first place. It will be a long and terribly difficult road back, and I am not at all convinced that the Tommies have anything remotely resembling the gumption to do it any more. I expect Heritage England, at the very least, to go down swinging, but I doubt that what was once the greatest civilisation on Earth can be prevented from meeting a terrible doom.

That correction is undoubtedly necessary by this point. The United Kingdom has abandoned the God that Mr. Rees-Mogg reveres and worships, and it should come as no surprise that He is very, very angry with them for doing so.

Perhaps, though, when all is done and the final judgement is delivered and paid, men like Mr. Rees-Mogg will step forth from the wreckage of that cataclysm and lead what is left of their people to greatness once again.

The good Lord knows full well that the Anglo-Saxons still have it within them to be a great and wonderful people once more - if only they would stop being such apocalyptic dingleberries and follow His Law.


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