Nuke it from orbit

Terry Crews is not someone that you would pin as a victim of sexual harassment or molestation.

The dude was a pro footballer for a long time. Upon retiring from what was evidently a decent, though not outstanding, 6-year career in the NFL, he worked hard at becoming a legitimate actor, and eventually became exactly that - landing solid supporting roles in some good movies (e.g. The Expendables, The Expendables 2) and several really quite terrible ones (e.g. White Chicks, The Expendables 3).

He is also known - or should be, anyway - for dishing out plenty of highly sensible anti-gym-bro advice.

And let us not forget his Old Spice commercials, which were perhaps among the loudest and shoutiest ever recorded.

The point is, this is the last man that anyone would think of as a victim of Hollyweird and that strange cult's fetishes. Unfortunately, in the cesspit that is modern Leftist-controlled Hollywood, being a big black jacked dude with a long marriage evidently serves as no protection whatsoever against unwanted advances from powerful fairies who can't keep their hands to themselves:

It has long been clear that Hollywood has a serious moral problem at its core. This is not news to anyone - or at least, not to anyone who has been paying attention for these past few years.

What is surprising, and at some level deeply unsettling, is the extent of the rottenness.

It is surprising because Hollywood was not always this way. In fact, back in the very early days of the film industry, Hollywood studios were an extremely powerful and potent force for promoting American values and the American way of life.

If you watch In the Face of Evil, the superb documentary produced by a certain former advisor to the God-Emperor named Stephen Bannon, you will come across a segment early on in the film that breaks down the role that the Golden Age of film played in broadcasting American values around the world. As that documentary points out, the early Hollywood pioneers were often Jews fleeing persecution from Europe - Jack Warner, co-founder of Warner Bros., being one of the prime examples - and created a thriving, flourishing industry out of narrating the stories that made up the founding mythos and character of the American nation.

The biggest hits of that period were often Westerns, and with good reason. The big film studios took the expansion of the United States of America into the vast, unconquered, and often very dangerous western frontiers, and the stories and legends that resulted from that expansion, and turned them into simple, easily digestible, yet emotionally resonant tales of good versus evil and right versus wrong.

They took that narrative of the push westward and turned it into an often epic struggle to tame a savage land full of trials and dangers. And they succeeded, brilliantly.

Compare the morals and values of old Hollywood films with the utter trash being produced today, and you will find yourself shocked and even horrified at how far and how fast Hollywood has sunken into degeneracy and filth.

I am not scholar enough to figure out why, at least not definitively. And it would be the height of naive stupidity to argue that there was never any morally questionable behaviour going on in Hollywood, even during its Golden Age.

Whenever you put men with a lot of money into positions of power around beautiful women - and other men, obviously - you are practically inviting the worst instincts of Man to raise their ugly heads. Sexual favours were at some level always traded by women (and, again, men - just ask the ghost of Rock Hudson, for instance) for starring roles and fame and fortune. That is the cold and brutal reality of Man's Fallen nature.

But, as messed up as Hollyweird was even back during those days, the film industry did a good job of taking the core values of the American nation and people and marketing those values to the rest of the world. The nations of the world saw an America that was growing, powerful, self-confident, full of vigour and vitality, and committed to a deeply held set of core beliefs.

So what the hell happened?

One possible, indeed likely answer, is the corrosive poison of Marxism.

As the documentary I mentioned above points out, the Communists of the USSR and the Fascists of Europe knew and understood intimately the sheer power of the film medium. They saw clearly that Hollywood's output was hugely influential across the entire world. And they grasped very easily the fact that controlling this medium was the most effective possible way of spreading global revolution.

So the great infiltration of Hollywood began, through the workers' unions that the studios worked with to produce their pictures. Those unions were systematically and thoroughly subverted by card-carrying Marxists, many of them paid directly by the Comintern and funded by the USSR, and they began agitating openly and in many cases violently in favour of extraordinarily generous wages and benefits to unionised workers.

Eventually the overt Communist infiltration of the film industry was put down - at considerable cost to the film industry. And the fall of the Soviet Union, the final defeat of the Satanic ideology of Communism, seemed to destroy the economic "arguments" - such as they were, anyway - of Marxism for good.

Unfortunately, Marxism was not destroyed. One cannot completely destroy such a virulent plague without killing its worst hosts and carriers. The pathogen is extremely infectious and cannot be easily stopped.

It simply mutated - from economic into cultural Marxism.

And the infection spread rapidly, to the point where every single major Hollywood studio, and just about every casting agency, every production company, and every ancillary industry attached to the main business of producing films, has now been infected.

The result was, and is, a film industry that no longer creates good movies that anyone with any sense wants to watch - and the filth and degeneracy of the industry has fed upon itself, completely unchecked by any sense of restraint or morality, until virtually everyone involved in the business has to at some level get involved in some extremely disgusting and perverted stuff just to make any kind of decent money.

There is something deeply, horrifyingly rotten within the core of Hollywood, this bubble of weirdness ensconced in California that controls the entertainment consumption of billions of people around the world.

There is only one way to wipe away the filth and scum: through cleansing fire.

It is well past time that Hollywood experienced some of the fire-and-brimstone treatment that dealt with the abominations and perversions of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible. Short of that, the best that we as Men of the West can do is to boycott its products.

There are a vanishingly few films that Hollyweird produces every year that are worth watching - I personally am very much interested in seeing the next installment of the John Wick series, for instance, which I consider to be the most hard-core red-pill set of films released at any time since The Matrix, way back in the day. And the latest Mission: Impossible film looks pretty darned good too.

But the rest of what Hollywood produces is absolutely worthless disposable trash.

Do not watch it. Do not give these Satanic hellspawn your money. Do not let them control you, do not give them one more micron of your soul to defile, and do not for one moment pretend that they will not consume everything that you love.


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