Making Sandford Great Again

Does anyone remember an absolutely brilliant British film from 2007 called Hot Fuzz? It was, and remains, one of the best buddy-cop movies ever made, and it is a perfect example of Simon Pegg doing what he does best - making people laugh so hard that their sides hurt.

Here is a great clip from that film, in which the villains, the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance, who have spent the first two-thirds of the film merrily murdering various residents of the village of Sandford, are caught discussing their plans to Make Sandford Great Again:

I bring this up for two reasons.

First, it is a good funny way of outlining the dangers of the whole "Make X Great Again" approach. There is nothing on Earth wrong with wanting to make one's own country and people great again. That is all to the good. But care should be taken to ensure that doing so does not result in harm to the innocent.

This may be unavoidable in certain circumstances. In America's case, for instance, the process of Making America Great Again will by necessity involve the expulsion of illegal immigrants and their children. This is not pleasant and those involved in doing it do not, by and large, feel particularly good about their jobs. But they do them anyway.

Furthermore, the process of Making America Great Again also requires turning back the tide of the largest mass invasion in human history. The numbers involved are beyond comprehension, and it is extremely difficult to imagine how such a thing could even be accomplished - but there is absolutely no doubt that a large segment of the American population, from both First and Dirt World countries originally, are not interested at all in what the Constitution says about the rights and responsibilities of American citizens toward each other, and about the relationship between government and governed.

So that's the first reason pretty much covered: by all means, Make America Great Again, but let us never forget that there will be a human cost to doing so.

And the second reason?

Well, if you haven't watched Hot Fuzz yet - go watch it tonight. It's on Netflix, last time I checked (which admittedly was over 2 months ago), and it is FANTASTIC. The final part of the film consists of pretty much nothing but 20 minutes of slow-motion gun porn, with shit getting blowed up BUT GOOD, guys jumping through the air while firing two guns at the same time, car chases, massive brawls in supermarkets (no, not joking), and a prolonged shoot-out in a pub.

It's completely bonkers, over the top, ridiculous, and yet awesome beyond measure.


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