Gamma smackdown

This is what happens when a whiny little bitch who works for the Clown News Network tries to play hardball with adults in the Administratum of the God-Emperor:

It is obvious within about ten seconds that professional whinger Jim Acosta is simply too short for the ride. Der lugenpresse (with apologies to any Germans who might be annoyed at my undoubtedly awful grammar) are, in fact, the enemy of the American people.

There is no doubt that a free and inquisitive press is vital to informed thought and opinion. A self-governing people can only rule over themselves effectively if they have the right information, at the right times and from trusted, trustworthy sources.

The funny thing is, the American press used to perform that exact function, and did it quite well - but that was back before most media outlets adopted this false pose of "impartiality" that for some reason they all took on in the early 20th Century.

There was a time, particularly during the early 19th Century, when newspapers were quite blatant and open about their political leanings; they would clearly align themselves with, say, the Democratic-Republican Party (the predecessor of the modern Democrats, at least in name), the Federalist Party, the Whigs, and eventually the Republicans.

There was mud-slinging and muck-racking aplenty in those days - if you thought that the campaign rhetoric between the Hilldebeast and the God-Emperor was vicious, you would be well-served to take a look at what the party-aligned newspapers had to say about the other side's candidates back when Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were running against each other. That campaign took the meaning of "vicious" to a whole new level.

But the American people, who were fast becoming the most highly educated and widely-read literate people in the world, received their information from sources that took a clear side and allowed their readers to make up their own minds about whether or not they were telling the truth.

Eventually that changed, whereby newspapers took on a pose - and that is all it is - of impartiality and neutrality. I suspect that the industry adopted this silly notion of being "impartial" arbiters of what is and is not newsworthy based on the negative fallout from the infamous "yellow journalism" of William Randolph Hearst and his newspaper empire back in the day, but honestly they didn't change all that much in the century or so since that period.

The reality is that journalists - whether in print or radio or television - never really changed their political ideologies, for the most part, away from the Left.

This was true in the 1930s, when ПРАВДА New York Times reporter Walter Duranty covered up and outright ignored the horrors of the Голодомор, the terrible famine in the Ukraine, and was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his supposedly "ground-breaking" reporting on the economic and political systems to be found in the USSR.

And it is true today. An MSNBC poll taken before the 2016 election EPIC VICTORY of the God-Emperor Donaldus Triumphus showed that, of 140 journalists surveyed, fully 93% of them donated to the Hilldebeast, and only 7% were Republicans.

It is one thing, however, to be of the political Left. Such folk range from merely misguided to outright stupid and evil, depending on how badly infect they are by the (often quite virulent) pathogen Liberaltardis jackassophus. But the mild versions of this infection are generally easily dealt with by exposure to sunlight, powerlifting, regular punches to the face (in a controlled environment, obviously), time at the gun range, and a diet heavy in red meat and good Scotch.

It is quite another to be so deeply infected with this horrid pathogen that one writes and says things that are directly inimical to the interests of the American people.

And that is what most mainstream journalists have become.

Even Fox News, bastion of the Establishment Right, has been partially infected with it. Some of its own anchors (*cough Shepard Smith cough*) are or were prone to espousing some spectacularly stupid views.

Today things are so bad that, as I keep telling my family, if (((anyone))) from the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation, Channel Fake, or SkyNet in the UK, or ABCNNBCBS or MSHIV in the US, tells me that the sky is blue, I will automatically assume that he or she is lying and stick my head out the window to verify the facts for myself.

The thing is, though, that the MSM has overplayed its hand. (((They))) used to understand that the way to sell the American people on their lies and bullshit was to use a very particular form of propaganda.

Subtle propaganda works on Americans. Show Americans enough images of happy gay couples raising kids to be part of a rainbow-coloured family for long enough, and eventually all but the most traditionalist Americans will support gay "marriage".

This was the MSM's stock-in-trade for decades, and they got damned good at selling that poison.

Nowadays, though, they have resorted to outright over-the-top insane propaganda. And Americans, for all that they are a wonderful but flawed people, can spot that sort of nonsense a mile away.

And now they are laughing their asses off at the morons in the media who sell it.

Jim Acosta and his ilk are, in fact, the enemies of the American people. They are purveyors of fake news, of poison, and of vapid stupidity that runs directly contrary to all fact and reason.

It is not - yet - time for the lying liars of the mainstream media to be lined up against a wall and shot for high treason against the American people. Even I, bloodthirsty and grumpy shitlord that I am, do not go that far.


But the time will come when the media will go so far off the deep end that only swift and violent corrective measures will suffice to wash away their poison.

And at that point, they will have only themselves to blame. Not one of us in the Hard Right will lift so much as a single joint of a middle finger to help them.


  1. I guess that bullets will do if we don't have helicopters or tall buildings nearby

  2. I disagree.

    The scotch doesn't have to be good. (Besides, why take the chance that it will be wasted?)


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