Friday T&A: Someone for Everyone Edition

For this week's edition of everybody's favourite part of this 'ere blog, I figured I should do something that I normally do not do - which is to find pictures of more than just one hot girl and post them up in order to get the weekend kicked off right.

Since my blog readership tends to be pretty diverse - on a good day there are, I think, 5 different people who read my stuff, and at least one of them is not American, so there you go - I decided to try to find pictures of women of different body shapes and nationalities, so that (more or less) everyone gets something to enjoy.

There is... let's see... an American or two (or maybe three), a Brazilian, a Russian, an Indian (!!!) - yeah, seriously, I found one that actually kind of looks cute, but unfortunately she's also a vegetarian - a South African, a Yugoslavian (I think she's actually Serbian), a Colombian, and a Thai.

Note: the Russian girl gets two snaps because: a) she's gorgeous and has grey eyes; b) she's Russian, and I am something of a sucker for Eastern European dames; and c) for a really hot Russian bird, she actually does not have any particularly good bikini snaps on her IG page. I'm not really sure why; it might be that (to recycle an old and somewhat worn joke) the face is better than the snatch, eh?

Oh, and don't worry, DB, there is a skinny redhead with decent assets in here somewhere. She's a Victoria's Secret model, too, so you should be kept plenty happy.

After all, first rule of business is: always give the customers what they want.

We start with Miss Universe 2018, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, who aside from having a hilariously awesome name is also currently dating athlete, devout Christian, and all-around good guy Tim Tebow.

On a tangential note - I have never understood why Tim Tebow gets so much scorn and derision from sports fans. He is a firm and outspoken Christian who loves his family and his community and does a lot of good work, and bows to no one except his Creator. That is a kind of man that I respect, not scorn.

Anyway - happy Friday to all of my readers, all 5 of them, near and far. Vote for your favourite hawt chick in the comments down below. Enjoy the weekend and get some good rest.

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  1. Am I the only one that was a little creeped out by 3 from the bottom's eye makeup?

    I mean, smokey eyes is indeed sexy, but she looks like she just floated out of a Japanese horror movie.

    And I am torn. the redhead is indeed nearly top-notch, but the bottom pic is the utter top of the line from the Thai/French crossbreeds that have put Thailand on the hotty map.


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