Why they lose

The current Hungarian foreign minister, a reasonably well-built, bespectacled, cleft-chinned chap by the name of Mr. Peter Szijjarto, has come to my attention recently for his extremely satisfying beat-downs of liberal Western "journalists" and certain (((well-heeled individuals))) who insist on sticking their noses into Hungarian politics.

His interview with a man-jawed feminist anchor from the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation was a particular thing of beauty:

That interview, right there, perfectly encapsulates every single thing that is wrong with the modern Left.

As I have pointed out before, the Left no longer has any useful arguments. Their entire philosophy comes down to: "We are right because we are enlightened and progressive and wonderful, and we are enlightened and wonderful and progressive because we are right".

Few sane liberals - an oxymoron if there ever was one, perhaps - would ever say this out loud, but there are plenty of the froot-loop variety who will say this, and more, if given half a chance to run their mouths. That is because liberaltards have convinced themselves that they are right, and everyone else is wrong, and therefore they do not need to listen to anyone who disagrees with them.

However, if you bother to look carefully at their "arguments" these days - insofar as they have any whenever they are not screaming incoherently at people - and you use that rarest of human attributes, common sense, to prune away the verbal and intellectual deadwood that clutters their minds, you quickly realise that it all comes down to circular reasoning.

They are right because they are enlightened. They are enlightened because they are right.

And everyone else is wrong.

You can see this perfectly in that video above. Mr. Szijjarto is making eminently reasonable, rational, carefully constructed points about the dangers of mass migration. The stupid bint across from him - Emily Maitlis, or whatever her name is - cannot argue with the substance of his dialectic or his rhetoric, so she simply tries to talk over him by spouting a lot of virtue-signalling nonsense to show her viewers how "woke" she is, how "hip to the jive", so to speak.

That is all she can do in the face of an avalanche of evidence and the harsh words of a man see the world as it is, not as he wants it to be.

The Left can do no more than signal virtue and scream. That is literally all they have in their arsenal anymore.

Well, that, and near-complete control over virtually every single major institution in the power structure of government, media, acadaemia, and industry.

The "Long March Through the Institutions", as predicted and planned for by acolytes of the cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School such as Anthony Gramsci, was wildly successful. Communism may have failed utterly as an economic and political system - but as a system of totalitarian control over the levers of power in the culture, it has proven fiendishly effective.

Make no mistake, they have tremendous power, and they use it with frightful effectiveness.

But they do not have any arguments left. That is why they use their power so indiscriminately to destroy any and all who oppose them - because they cannot win otherwise.

The result is that the media institutions of the West are gripped by a sort of collective madness that forces them to deny objective reality even when it is sitting in a chair right in front of them and telling them how the world works:

It simply does not matter where you go within the Fake News media complex - the same story repeats itself over and over again. These people suffer from catastrophic myopia.

Actually, Cathy Newman was uncharacteristically - by her standards, anyway - gracious when interviewing Mr. Szijjarto; perhaps getting rhetorically clobbered by the High Priest of Jordanetics both caused her hair to come unscrewed and shorted out some of the more dangerously unbalanced parts of her brain:

It is remarkable indeed to see the former bastions of Communism - the ideological bastard spawn of Satan - turning so hard against the failed dogma of globalism. Indeed, the Hungarians appear to be rather more inclined to be polite and reasonable with their interviewers than, say, the Poles:

The good people of Central Europe are embracing the reality of mass migration: it is merely war by another means.

The illegal immigrants - and that is the proper term for them, not "refugees" - from the Levant do not deserve to be in Europe.

Certainly, they are coming from terrible war-torn places and certainly, they deserve compassion and safety - if they are actually refugees, anyway. In fact I saw a fair few Syrians in Istanbul while I was there a month ago. They were reduced to holding up signs and begging from the Turks for handouts.

I will readily admit that this is not a comfortable thing to see. The Christian teaching of compassion and love for one's fellow man requires that we try to help such people. And to that end, it does make some sense, at least, to offer limited humanitarian aid to these people to ensure that they are safe within the borders of their own countries - as long as such aid is, indeed, limited, and does not involve any form of military intervention or occupation.

But - and this is critically important - the Parable of the Good Samaritan, upon which that teaching is based, did not involve the Samaritan inviting the unfortunate man into his home and giving him his own belongings. That is where all of Western Europe and most of the western world in general has made a colossal mistake.

The Left is losing the argument over migration, just as it is losing almost every other argument, because it has no arguments any longer. Every last one of their arguments falls apart completely when confronted with logic, evidence, and historical analysis. They are left only with emotional appeals to our better angels - but even that is played out now.

No one should ever doubt the compassion and decency of the average white Westerner - especially that of the average white American. I can attest firsthand to the goodness, tolerance, and profound humanity of white Americans. I have personally seen how warm and welcoming they are to complete strangers, and how compassionate they are to those who suffer from adversity. I have little tolerance for really harsh criticism of the American character, for precisely this reason.

However, that compassion has limits and is predicated upon the perfectly reasonable expectation that the recipient of such largesse should be a good and grateful guest, and should use that assistance to improve his own circumstances through his own efforts.

Westerners have lived up to their end of that bargain, in spades. They have done far more than could reasonably have been asked of them.

And they have been repaid with barbarism and violence in their own homelands.

The Left would have us believe that the answer to the failure of compassion is more compassion. This is the very definition of insanity, according to Einstein - they are literally telling us to do the exact same thing over and over again, in the hopes that this time the outcome will be different.

The truly compassionate thing to do with illegal immigrants is not to accept them into Western lands and hope and pray that they will integrate. It is to ensure that they stay in their own lands, among their own peoples. It is to cease "the savage wars of peace" in Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan, to pull out every last Western soldier from Arab lands, and to let the Arabs sort out their own self-inflicted messes.

(Never mind that they almost certainly cannot - that is their problem. The West has plenty of its own problems to untangle.)

The Left will not hear these ideas. They will not brook these arguments. They will not change their course.

And they will continue to lose as a result. Their own willful ignorance and blindness will be their great undoing.

I leave off with two more interesting videos - one from, again, Mr. Szijjarto, this time being interviewed by an eminently more sensible outlet, Breitbart.com, about the problems of untrammeled human migration, and another from a likewise sensible bunch, the Russkies, talking about the results of mass migration into that most tolerant of nations, Sweden.

The second video, in particular, is most illuminating.


  1. When the f* did it become OK for interviewers to ARGUE with the people they are interviewing?

    An interviewer asks questions. If they want to refute something later, well, it's their interview. But that Hungarian dude should have kicked her ass out of the interview the moment she started arguing and trying to present her OWN statistics... It was not a debate.

    1. That is the Left's standard interviewing tactic nowadays: set rhetorical traps and ensnare those who care about what the rest of the world thinks of them.

      But it is not working any more. And the Leftists see this. They are getting desperate because the cognitive dissonance between what they believe is true, and what is actually true, is getting so bad that even they can no longer ignore it.

      So they resort instead to brute intimidation and almost outright bullying tactics.

      And that is not working anymore either. The Right is getting wise to that nonsense and is either avoiding the media altogether, or sending in people who just don't care what the Left thinks of them.

  2. Not one. Not one child, woman, or especially war-aged men should be allowed to flee like a coward the wars that they have created. Courage is staying and fighting- or dying, for your country.

    Why would ANY country want to accept a bunch of traitors and cowards from some other country?

  3. I agree with all except the term "Illegal immigrants."

    "Illegal aliens" is the proper term - especially since many if not most of them are migrants with no desire to actually immigrate.

    May be a bit simplistic,
    but I think the arguments of the left (such as they are), are not meant to win so much as delay - to gain time and opportunity to get the rest of the mob to join in and shout down their opposition.

    1. I agree, they are definitely alien to the shores of whatever country they seek to flee to. I actually tend to prefer the term "invader" - because that is what they are. And with invaders, the correct course of action is, indeed, to BUILD A WALL!!! and man it with gun ports, H-K drones, and guard dogs, and shoot anyone who tries to get in without going through the proper channels.

      I actually had massive arguments with my own mother and her sister, on two separate occasions, because of this line of thinking. But, really, it's the only line that is logically consistent.

    2. They are alien invaders... Reminds me of 'war of the worlds' except this time they are bringing the diseases WITH them.

  4. Didact,

    The only ones I'd allow to come to the west are the Christians and Yazadis. Of course being fiendishly sly, I'd rebuild them as a bulwark against European islamization and as an eventual strike force to retake their lands and become a crusader kingdom breakwater against the fanatics in the mideast (and start evangelizing the Moslems)

    1. A few more Christians in the West would be no bad thing - especially seeing as how Christianity is being systematically exterminated in the Middle East, its land of origin. But it should be made very clear to any Christians coming over to the West that they are going to help build up the core of a holy army designed specifically to take back the Holy Lands.

      The problem with the idea is that there is no stomach in the West right now, aside from a few brave countries like Hungary and Poland, to promote Christianity and Christian values.

  5. I have a hard time understanding why so many people have to bash their heads against the wall to understand it will hurt. Human civilization is built on the premise of learning from our past mistakes, from not having to repeat our ancestors' fuck-ups in order to gain the knowledge born of their drunken frat parties.

    Invasion through immigration is not a new phenomenon, nor are its consequences. The Canaanites could tell us all about it. And yet, here we are, watching Angela Merkel learning about it for, seemingly, the first time. I don't think the Left is stupid...but stultifyingly naive, and the disagreements between the Left and the Right can be boiled down to one major divergence; the Left think that the majority of homo sapiens are just like them, and the Right do not.

    P.S. That quote by Einstein, about the definition of insanity? Twas not the great man. It's of unknown origin, and bears remembrance of another famous quote:

    "I didn't say half the shit the internet says I did." - Mark Twain


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