Wall smash

The Wall is not merely the name of a (rather overrated) PINK FLOYD album. It is a well-known and well-discussed concept within the 'Sphere that drives home the point that a woman's youth, beauty, and fertility are her greatest assets - and that these have a hard expiration date.

It is useful from time to time to demonstrate the concept.

Does anyone remember a bird named Emmanuelle Beart, from the original Brian De Palma-directed mind-scrambler that was the very first Mission: Impossible film, released back in 1996 or thereabouts, starring Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Kristin Scott Thomas, and her?

She looked absolutely bloody sensational in that film. This is Emmanuelle Beart from the peak of her beauty, when she was somewhere between 27 and 33:

In case you are curious, yes, Ms. Beart does fit the stereotype of the (formerly) really hot, really lefty actress.

She was involved in several romantic relationships with a number of different men - including one of her co-stars in her early films. She has two children by two different men. She has been married twice, and divorced (I think) twice. She used to be a UNICEF ambassador too.

Oh, and she once made headlines in France for defending the rights of illegal immigrants to stay in France despite clear anti-immigration legislation passed by the French parliament and with the approval of the French people.

So... pretty much about as stylishly left-wing as you can get short of pulling the full Angie, I suppose.

How do you suppose all of that turned out?

Well, this is Emmanuelle Beart today in her mid-fifties:

As the Frogs might say:


By the way, if you look at the way that Tom Cruise has aged in the 25-odd years since the very first film in Franchise: Unkillable was released, it is quite the study in graceful ageing:

Now, obviously, Mr. Cruise is a global megastar with tremendous genetic gifts. So he has benefited extensively from the very best anti-ageing therapies, creams, treatments, and specialists that his enormous wealth can buy - wealth which he earned by being extraordinarily good at what he does.

Therefore, I certainly do not begrudge his efforts to stay youthful, nor do I disparage him for doing so. On the contrary, I admire him greatly - except for his wingnut beliefs in Scientology, the basis for which is absurd beyond measure. Aside from his rather odd choices where spirituality is concerned - I do not deign to call Scientology a "religion", it comes closer to the status of a cult - I think that Mr. Cruise has done an exceptional job of demonstrating another core truth of the Manosphere:

When you are a man, time is your greatest ally.

But, as his former co-star Ms. Beart also demonstrated very clearly, when you are a woman, time is your greatest enemy.

And with that, another one of the Didact's lessons in what used to be the blindingly bloody obvious, is now at an end.

Any questions?


Very good. Class dismissed.


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