Us against the world

Here is my submission for the #MAGA anthem, courtesy of ACCEPT:

Yes, the sentiment might be a little silly - it is one of those standard "metal will never die" sort of anthems - but it expresses the reality of our situation very well indeed. It really is us against the world.

Which is how it should be. After all, it would not be a fair fight otherwise.

There are a few excellent alternatives to this one, starting of course with the almighty IRON MAIDEN:


Then there is a song by a band named ONLAP:

But I still think that the title for Best MAGA Anthem has to go to the original, by BakedAlaska:

Yeah, he autotuned the hell out of his voice, but hey, let's face facts - most pop singers these days cannot sing without the help of autotune either, so it's no great crime.


  1. Man, the song 'land of confusion' is troubling. Both the Magas and the antifas consider it their personal anthem.

    The problem is that the words clearly support MAGA, but that damned disturbed cartoon inspires antifa loons.

    1. The original GENESIS video wasn't very much better, to be honest. Puppets of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher in bed dreaming of nuclear holocaust... shit doesn't get too much weirder than that.

      I'd say MANOWAR makes a pretty good alternative, though:


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