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The legacy media got trolled, hard, by not one, but two parody social media accounts, and made complete asses out of themselves in the process:

Boy, sometimes God just hands you one for free.

I am sometimes questioned by my family for my extreme hostility to "other opinions", as they put it, coming from the dinosaur media. As I have said to them before, if ABCNNBCBS, the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation, Skynet, ПРАВДА, The Washington Compost, The Huffingpaint Post, or MSHIV told me that the sky is blue, my automatic reaction at this point would be to assume that they are lying, until I can stick my head out the window to verify that the sky is, in fact, blue.

They see my oft-expressed desire to have the headquarters of these various lying media establishments razed and turned into monuments to human incompetence as a step way too far off the deep end of the right-wingnut pool.

This is, I am sure, a common situation for readers of my work. Most of you have undoubtedly experienced similar push-back from those that you care about.

There is only one way to deal with such criticism:

Hit back twice as hard.

These liars, and the system that they support, need to be exposed for what they are. They are wholly without morality. They are controlled by a very liberal subset of a (((particular ethnic group))) - and in spite of the many splendid qualities of that (((ethnic group))) in general, it is their almost complete control over the media that insists on ripping us off and lying to us constantly, that gives them a very bad name these days.

The reason you are experiencing this resistance, this anger from those you care about, is because you are challenging some of their most deeply cherished beliefs and ideas. You see, the mainstream media does not tell the truth - it is not supposed to.

The truth - the cold unvarnished reality of the world - hurts worse than any form of physical pain. And you cannot see the truth if you listen to nothing but the media's lies.

According to the lying media - but I repeat myself - the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki was an unmitigated disaster for the United States of America. It was a failure of leadership on parallel with the events that led up to Pearl Harbour. It was a sell-out of America's beloved and cherished intelligence services, whose dedicated personnel would surely never, ever lie or get confused or just plain make shit up for the sake of starting brushfire wars (or worse) around the world.

It was a disgrace, a betrayal, a mockery of everything that America stood for, a huge symbolic victory for Russia, a massive transfer of legitimacy from the USA to a rogue state. It was so bad that surely the intelligence agencies and their personnel would be TOTES JUSTIFIED in MOUNTING A COUP against an EVIL ORANGE DICTATOR who has them so triggered that they're LITERALLY SHAKING RIGHT NOW, to the point where they SERIOUSLY CANT EVEN!


Vladimir Putin is the monster that every lying mainstream media hack checks for under xis bed before zhe goes to sleep.

Meanwhile, outside of Clown World...

The meeting between the God-Emperor and the Neo-Tsar was a very good idea. It is absolutely a good thing for the leaders of the two countries with the biggest stockpiles of nuclear weapons in the world to sit down and and discuss key areas of conflict like adults.

(Or, in the case of the two men in question, Chads.)

It really is remarkable how stupid liberals have become. There was a time, about 50 years or so ago, when some of the most brilliantly worded and compassionate arguments that you had ever heard came from liberals like Daniel Patrick Moynihan and John F. Kennedy. (Who would both be considered rock-ribbed reactionary conservatives by the standards of today, of course.)

But then, when you actually look at the way a liberal's brain is structured, perhaps it isn't that surprising after all:

To me, the most hilarious part of the whole MUH RUSSIA!!! trope is the fact that, just 6 years ago, Barack Hussein Obummer very effectively used a sarcastic quip about how "the Cold War called and wants its foreign policy back" when debating Mitt Romney. It was an effective shiv, because the reality is that Russia is not America's strategic enemy any more.

Russia and the USA are certainly strategic competitors. There is no doubt about that. And ВВП has a habit of telling truths that certain parts of America really don't want to hear:

So, yes, Russia is definitely a strategic competitor and poses direct threats to American hegemony on many fronts.

But that is because, under Putin's leadership, Russia has gone from a bankrupt Second World basket-case, to a proud, strong, independent, mostly debt-free, and deeply patriotic nation with a modern, technologically advanced, battle-hardened, well-led, non-stupid military.

Russia has plenty of problems, don't get me wrong. I have socialised with Russian girls who cannot wait to get the hell out of their own country, because of the many ways in which its government is a plague upon its people. (They should try coming to India sometime, if they want to see real government stupidity in action...)

But on balance, dialogue and friendship between Russia and the United States of America can only be a Good Thing. The reality is that there are far more dangerous strategic threats out there that are common to both countries than the possibility of Russians meddling in American elections.

In the meantime - the lying media and their (((overlords))) will continue to get trolled, because they suffer so badly from Rectal-Cranial Inversion Syndrome that at this point they are stuck digesting their own waste products.


  1. Didact,

    One minor disagreement. The corporate HQs of the legacy media should be turned into bastions of capitalism like I dunno Chick A fil, or a plaza, or a mixed development i.e. a park with housing. And so on. At least the land will serve capitalist ends like making money because these serve a need/want.

    I dislike vacant lots in cities as I regard that as wasteful (no profit) as well as immoral (the empty space isn't fulfilling a need in a city that's terribly expensive)


  2. @xavier; Chick fil A, Pappa Johns, and Waffle House.

    @didact; I will take Putin's sentiment on Chechnyian muslims seriously when he gets rid of that mosque that is the size of the Taj Mahal in Moscow. Until that is gone, it is just more empty words from another politician.


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