The Left is eating itself

Howdy, boys, and welcome back to a slightly more regular schedule of rants, political diatribes, travel commentary, and all-around shitlordery now that I am back from my trip over to Asia Minor. That was a pretty interesting outing, and I will follow up soon with pictures and words on the subject, but for now I want to address a couple of news developments that took place while I was running around the city of Istanbul.

Apparently, a few days ago a gay man and a former brainwashed liberal (but I repeat myself) released a video telling people why he was no longer a liberal - and it went viral:

It is now abundantly clear that the logical end-point of liberal identity politics is total self-abnegation, and eventually self-immolation. And this is neither new, nor surprising.

It is not new because this is the exact same pattern of established behaviour that we have always seen from the Left. I predicted this exact outcome nearly three years ago after the SCOTUS issued yet another one of its ridiculous "emanations and penumbras" decisions in the form of Obergefell v. Hodges, when I pointed out that the Communists did the exact same thing in the old USSR in the decade or so after they swept into power and tried to turn the largest country on Earth into a socialist Utopia.

They succeeded only in creating a Hell on Earth, because their entire ideology was rooted in a Satanic lie of the most evil form. The old Communists believed, falsely and blasphemously, that men can be as gods.

And the already apparent self-destruction of the Left is not surprising either, because the problem with identity politics is built into the ideology.

The problem is plainly obvious. The guiding principle of identity politics is to keep finding identity groups to support, so that power can be taken from the "normal" majority and distributed away to "marginalised" groups within society. The idea is that straight white males are at the absolute bottom of the privilege pile, because, by definition, being straight, white, and male means that you have enormous amounts of privilege simply given to you from birth.

Of course, the only way to get power in such a structurally retarded setup is to keep inventing newer and more specific victim groups. By definition, this rabbit hole leads to nowhere good.

I am not a fan of the Littlest Chickenhawk under normal circumstances, but even I have to admit that he does a great job here of breaking down intersectionalism:

The Left has painted itself into a corner. The moderates on the Left are faced with a terrible choice. Either they must surrender to the progressive nutcases who insist on pulling them ever farther along the insane path of victim politics, or they break away and try to form their own "moderate" groups.

The issue with the latter strategy is that, in an environment where everything has been reduced down to identity politics, moderates are useful for exactly one thing: cannon fodder.

They are only good as punching bags, and nothing more. The Left can attack them for not being radical enough - which they are not - and the Right can attack them for being spineless wimps who will not hesitate to stab a conservative in the back at the first possible opportunity - which, of course, is absolutely true.

For white male liberals in particular - whether straight or gay - the choices look really bad. As Heartiste points out in his typically inimitable style:

American politics is careening into unprincipled will-to-power Tribalism right before our eyes. Once the nonWhites get a chance to flex their demographic muscle, guess what happens?

“Goodbye White Man, we run the show now, and the name of this show is GIVE US YOUR MONEY AND FUCK YOUR HERITAGE.” [...]

Diversity + proximity = No Home For White Men. When races compete for representation and power under a shared political system, politics becomes a referendum on race. White men with impeccable socialist credentials will lose to bartender browns. It’s already happening.

The Left is destroying itself from within because it stands for nothing but identity politics and victimhood. And being a victim is not a path to success.

I have never understood why people like being victims. I do not get it. There is nothing appealing about the idea, at all. To be a victim, to live as one, is to abdicate all responsibility for one's life and choices.

And once you understand - truly, at the deepest level - that freedom is the substitution of self-responsibility, and therefore self-control, for responsibility and control imposed by others, you will understand that to be a victim means to give up freedom.

To be a victim is to be a slave.

And that is the reality of the modern Left.

They are not about freedom. They are not about tolerance. They are not about enlightenment, progress, rational discourse, decency, humanity, or secular values.

They are all about slavery. They want you enslaved - blind, deaf, dumb, and chained, unable to think or feel anything for yourself. They will take away all that you have, all that you love, and give it to those who have done nothing to earn it.

They are losers, of the worst and foulest and most pathetic kind.

There was a time when we of the Right might feel some sympathy for them, because they are losers. Some of us in the Hard Right started out as losers ourselves. We know what it is like to be bullied, victimised, picked on, torn down, and generally treated like trash.

But unlike those of the modern Left, we picked ourselves back up. We put in the hard work required to change and fix ourselves, to grow and mature as individuals into the people that we are today. We recognise and accept that the way to freedom and self-responsibility is painful, difficult, and harsh - but that the rewards are worth the cost.

The Left does not know or understand this, and therefore does not realise that it is tearing itself apart.

The victory of the Hard Right is inevitable. It will happen, sooner or later, because our point of view is based on facts, evidence, and solid understanding of human nature. Their point of view is rooted in nothing but a slave mentality.

And in a fight between free men and slaves - even when outnumbered hundreds or even thousands to one - the free men find a way to win, or die trying.


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