The jackass's conundrum

Greg Gutfeld addressed the Left's monomaniacal "TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER, LITERALLY!!!" mantra on his show recently, and proceeded to handle their "arguments" (not that they have any, at this point) in a fashion that was...


Well, honestly, it's difficult for me to put it politely, because the only metaphors that come to mind include the words, "barrel", "bending over", and of course "buggery" (except that the word I'm thinking of is much, much more rude):

Greg Gutfeld points out what is clear to all of us on the Hard Right: the liberaltards have no arguments left.

They have a serious conundrum to address.

On the one hand, President Trump is succeeding beyond anyone's wildest dreams. As commenter Prince_Laqroix pointed out recently, the God-Emperor is a true inspiration because he truly thrives on conflict and adversity. He is a street-fighter, a bare-knuckle brawler, at heart, and men like us love seeing men like him beating the living shit out of his enemies.

On the other hand, the liberals have no effective way any more of fighting his agenda. Their greatest allies at this point are the weak and feckless cuckservatives within the Republican Party; the Democrats have no agenda and no ideas to offer, other than "RESIST TRUMP!!!". And that is not an argument, it is merely a hysterical emotional reaction. Because of that, they are rapidly losing the centre of the country.

And as a result, the God-Emperor simply keeps thundering on - he has his good weeks and his bad weeks, but overall, the direction is seriously positive.

Once again, shitlords and gun bunnies ladies and gentlemen, I ask you: ARE YOU TIRED OF WINNING YET?!?

Now, there is one area of the God-Emperor's Make America Great Again agenda where I think there is a serious weakness. And that is the economy.

I will address this in greater length in a future post, but my basic concern is pretty simple: the Trump economy is going gangbusters, it is true - but it is largely debt-fueled growth. And this is going to be a huge problem when the party finally ends.

The economy is red-hot right now. Unemployment is at near-record lows - at least, if you believe the nonsense figures released by the Bureau of Labour Statistics; true unemployment is still extremely high, but it is certainly better than it has been in years. Job-killing and business-strangling regulations which flourished under the Obarmy Administration have been dismantled at record speed, and the God-Emperor continues to destroy his predecessor's worthless legacy via the tried-and-tested method of saturation bombing.

This is all to the good.

However, there is also one serious problem with the Trump economy: it is fueled by debt.

To be fair - this was true of previous Administrations as well, going all the way back to the days of Saint Reagan. President BAMF's economy was a product of both massive debt-based spending and falling interest rates - and when those rates started going back up, the US economy went straight into recession.

Interest rates are rising again now - as they have to. But this time, the ratio of debt to GDP is over 100%. There is no way that this can end well, because this time there is no leeway, no margin for error, at all.

The one thing that can truly derail the Trump Train on its way to EPIC WINNING is an economy gone "aft agley", so to speak. We must be vigilant about this and prepare for the inevitable. Do not be taken in by the hype about the American economy - it is currently running on steroids, and eventually those effects will burn out.

In the meantime, though - enjoy the WINNING, but keep a cautious and watchful eye on the future.


  1. I am hoping that this is intentional, as a way to de-monetize the privately held and anti-constitutional Fiat dollar and maybe...if we are incredibly lucky...replace it with a backed unit that doesn't have the Butcher of America gloating on it.

    The (((Federal Reserve Bank))) is NOT too big to fail. And needs to be killed.

  2. As irrational as the left is getting, and while the press is still cheerleading them on, I think that the mid term elections this November will be even uglier than the 2016 election. As irrational as they are, I would not rule out violence.

  3. The Left hasn't needed arguments for decades because they had Power. Say one thing, then the opposite. Lie and obfuscate. The media and judiciary entrenched behind barbed wire on a hilltop.

    Their oft-vaunted support of 'workers' was long ago abandoned in favour of globalism. They haven't bothered to give anything beyond lip service because they expected to win permanent power in November 2016.

    Using a 28 yo Latina Communist from a coastal termite mound is either desperate or they need a young female face for the war flags.


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