The God-Emperor and the Neo-Tsar

The nationalist American President meets the nationalist Russian President. The lying liars of the legacy media (Lord, forgive me my redundancies) promptly lose their collective mind:

As soon as the press conference ended CNN cut to its panel with these words from TV personality Anderson Cooper: “You have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president at a summit in front of a Russian leader, surely, that I’ve ever seen.”

David Gergen, who for years has gotten away with portraying himself on TV as an impartial political sage, then told CNN viewers:

“I’ve never heard an American President talk that way but I think it is especially true that when he’s with someone like Putin, who is a thug, a world-class thug, that he sides with him again and again against his own country’s interests of his own institutions that he runs, that he’s in charge of the federal government , he’s in charge of these intelligence agencies, and he basically dismisses them and retreats into this, we’ve heard it before, but on the international stage to talk about Hillary Clinton’s computer server …

“It’s embarrassing,” interjected Cooper.

“It’s embarrassing,” agreed Gergen.

White House correspondent Jim Acosta, ostensibly an objective reporter, then gave his opinion: “I think that sums it up nicely. This is the president of the United States essentially taking the word of the Russian president…over his own intelligence community. It was astonishing, just astonishing to be in the room with the U.S. president and the Russian president on this critical question of election interference, and to retreat back to these talking points about DNC servers and Hillary Clinton’s emails when he had a chance right there in front of the world to tell Vladimir Putin to stay the HELL out of American democracy, and he didn’t do it.”

In other words Trump should just shut up and not question a questionable indictment, which Acosta, like nearly all the media, treat as a conviction.

Forgive me for repeating myself, again, but... these legacy media people are morons.

Before I was forced to leave the USA, to comply with its laws concerning unemployed non-resident aliens - because, unlike an awful lot of my fellow "little brown brothers", I actually do think that the law means something - I decided to have a bit of fun with the lying asshats over at The New York Times Правда The Carlos Slim Blog.

So I put on one of my favourite "political" shirts, of which I have a number hanging in my cupboard, which is just a plain black shirt with nothing whatsoever on the front - and this on the back:

And then I went over to the NYT's global headquarters over on 8th Avenue in Manhattan, and did a nice long slow lap around the building at lunchtime.

To my mild surprise and considerable amusement, I was not, in fact, arrested for trolling the shit out of the NYT's resident cabal of left-wing operatives. But damn, did I have a lot of fun doing it.

I tell you that story because you need to understand, if you do not already, that the mainstream media lies to you at every possible opportunity, and richly deserves complete and total destruction at this point.

I am absolutely serious about that last point. Things have gotten so biased, so ridiculous, so observably insane over at The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, The Atlantic, TIME, Newsweek, and pretty much any and every other mainstream media publication that you care to name, that the entire Western world would be better served simply by evacuating every last journalist from those buildings, then calling in KEW strikes from orbit on the former headquarters of the world's journalistic elite, and finally sowing the ground with salt so that nothing can ever grow there again.

And then we can have a word or two with the journalists, who by this point are active traitors to their own countrymen. And when I say "a word or two", I mean the kind that involves the business end of an AR-15.

Hey, fair's fair. They want you and me destroyed for believing in the things that we do. Turnabout is fair play as far as I'm concerned.

With respect to the Trump-Putin meeting, they accuse President Trump of treason and negligence, but that is simply them doing what SJWs always do: they always project.

The idiots at those establishment outlets need a serious reality check.

The fact is that the Russians spy on America all the time - and the Americans spy on Russia constantly too. There has been not a single shred of evidence that President Trump or his campaign ever colluded with the Russians to throw the 2016 election, despite over a year of investigation and huge amounts of time, money, and effort completely wasted.

The fact is that America has directly or indirectly overthrown legitimately elected governments around the world, repeatedly, in the name of "democracy". In fact, it was one such particularly stupid American intervention, back in 2014, that precipitated the supposedly "illegal" annexation of Crimea by Russia that year.

That is something that nobody in the American media will tell you, by the way. In 2014, probably with President Obama's knowledge, the CIA backed the overthrow of the democratically elected, nationalistic, pro-Russian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine. He was replaced by rabidly anti-Russian nationalists who wanted to accelerate Ukraine's accession into the European Union and integration into NATO - pretty much exactly as President Odumbass and his acolytes wanted.

That was an outrageous, and incredibly stupid, provocation - one which never should have taken place.

In case you know nothing about Ukraine - the country numbers about 42 million people, and about 78% of those are ethnically Ukrainian while about 17% are ethnically Russian. Both languages are widely spoken in the country; Ukrainian is usually spoken in the western two-thirds or so of the country, while Russian is typically common in the eastern third.

In order to understand why Russia reacted the way it did, you need to understand its history.

Just about every single invasion of Russia, ever, with the notable exception of the Mongols under Batu Khan, has come from the western states that border its territory. In fact, Moscow was once conquered and held by the Polish-Lithuanian Alliance. "Ukraine" in Russian literally means "border" - the Russkies view nations like Poland, the Slavic states, Estonia, Finland, Ukraine, and various other smaller states on their western borders as "satellites", and with very good reason - Russia has not forgotten the fact that Charles XII of Sweden, a.k.a. "Carolus Rex", attempted to march on Moscow before they crushed the Swedish army at a place called Poltava.

Which just so happens to be in - hey! check it out! - Ukraine.

The Russians are a conservatively minded people with a deep appreciation of their own history. As such, they are slow to forget the fact that every invasion of their beloved Rodina in the last 300 years has come from the west.

With that in mind, there was absolutely no way that they were going to tolerate the expansion of NATO and the subversion of Ukraine - their literal border - into a Western alliance that seemed implacably hostile toward them. So they acted - by annexing and occupying the Crimea, a part of the world that they had been leasing from the Ukrainians in the first place.

Crimea contains Sebastopol, Russia's only warm-water port of any consequence and home to its Black Sea Fleet. Without that access to the Mediterranean - which Russia spent centuries trying to secure for herself - her ability to defend herself against land invasion is significantly degraded. So they invaded - after the Crimeans themselves, mostly ethnic Russians anyway, voted to join the Russian Federation.

Russia acted according to its own nation interests - as she should have, and as she must. America does the same constantly - and with considerably worse results, it should be added.

Here is the true reality that terrifies the Western media, owned as it is by (((one particular group))) of people who have a vested interest in keeping the world's superpowers at each other's throats:

Russia is an independent, free, prosperous (for now, anyway), and deeply conservative country that has done exceptionally well for itself under the strong autocratic rule of a neo-Tsar, who has thumbed his nose up at the very (((oligarchs))) who had turned his country into an economic basket case in the 1990s.

That neo-Tsar came into power because the Russian people were tired of seeing their once-proud country bent over a barrel and raped by the (((oligarchs))) who bled her dry and became incredibly wealthy, at the cost of severely impoverishing the rest of their countrymen. He promised strong leadership and a restoration of national pride, and Vladimir Putin has achieved exactly that during his 18 (and counting) years in power.

And, yes, he has ruled his country with an iron fist as an autocrat. For some bizarre reason, the world's Western elites find this unacceptable. Do they not realise that democracy in Russia does not work? I have personally heard Russians tell me this to my face. (I happen to agree with them - democracy doesn't work, and not just in Russia.) To the Russkies, this newfangled notion of "democracy" is a 20-year aberration in their twelve-hundred year history.

Yes, he has done plenty of things that appall and shock Westerners. There is no real press freedom in Russia, for instance, and government corruption and bureaucratic stupidity is pretty bad over there. (Though, to be fair, if you want to see a government that is a true plague upon its people, come to India. The Russian one is a paragon of efficiency and good sense by comparison.)

All of that is par for the course in a country that has known nothing but rule by god-kings and nobles for pretty much its entire history. Tsar, after all, is simply a Russianised form of the ancient Latin word, Caesar - meaning "emperor".

The fact is that President Trump has done his country a huge service by going to meet his opposite number. The lack of understanding between the two nations is absolutely appalling and this is a shortcoming that must be addressed as soon as possible.

I have been to Russia twice, and have written very positively about my experiences on both occasions. I am giving serious thought to going back for a third trip in October (when the weather will be shitty, but that's another story). I have deep respect for the Russian people, who may well be conservative and suspicious of outsiders (rightly so, in my opinion), but are also brave, decent, compassionate, and warmly welcoming to a truly astonishing degree once you win their trust.

The Russians are on balance a profoundly good and decent people with whom Americans can, and should, seek common ground - no matter what the progressive idiots in Hollyweird might think about the matter.

Their very cultural conservatism and pride in the Motherland is something that far too many Americans lack these days; it gives them a level of strength and resilience against the degeneracy that plagues the West that the latter sorely needs.

Russians are a patriotic, often religious bunch. They love their country and are rightly proud of everything they have achieved.

Americans are also a patriotic, often religious bunch. They, too, love their country and are rightly proud of everything they have achieved.

The Cold War is long done. The Soviet Union and its Satanic evil is gone - dead, buried, unmourned. The Russia of today is very different from what existed then.

It is with that Russia that Americans must make alliances.

Russia will probably never be a truly "Western" nation. Its own sense of culture and national pride runs too deep. But there is nothing to be gained from antagonising the Russians by positioning missile defence systems in Poland and Ukraine against a Russian invasion that simply will not happen.

The Russian military today is not made up of the overwhelming numbers that it had back in the days of the USSR. Today's Russian military is modernising at an astonishing rate. It is technologically advanced. Its 5th-gen stealth fighters, T-14 Armata MBTs, strategic nuclear bombers, and nuclear arsenal can match, pound-for-pound, just about any other military on Earth today - including America's. In fact, the Russians have a number of technological advantages over the Americans; because they kept their long-wave radars and continued to develop them for decades, they have the ability to detect American F-22s and F-35s, but America has limited ability to detect the new Russian Su-57, which is both more sensibly built and likely considerably cheaper than the boondoggle that is the F-35.

Their military is battle-tested, hardened, experienced, and ready to defend the Motherland wherever and whenever necessary.

But it is not an invading army.

Russian ground troops number roughly 350,000 active-duty personnel (though that number is unreliable at best), and their total armed forces number less than a million.  With 147 million people and a sharply reduced birth rate, Russia simply does not have the manpower, the population, or the economy to back a full-scale invasion of Europe any longer - even if the Europeans are so anaemic and pathetic in terms of their own defence spending that German Bundeswehr troops have to train with broomsticks instead of real rifles.

And that is before we get to the well-known problems of cohesion and morale within that army. The Russkies only implemented an actual NCO corps in their army starting in 2008, and it is only now starting to show results. Until the Serdyukov Reforms, the Russian Army somehow managed to operate without a dedicated core group of professional non-commissioned officers. In the US and Western militaries, the noncomms are the absolute backbone of any standing army; I don't have the first clue how the hell the Russians managed to have a functional fighting army without one.

All of this serves to reinforce the fact that the West is best served by having Russia as an ally, set against the true threats to both civilisations.

The biggest and worst of these threats is, of course, Islam. Here it makes sense to give Russia a reason to abandon its alliances with Shi'ite Islamic governments such as Iran and Syria - just as it makes sense for the USA to ditch its support for Sunni and Wahhabist governments in the Middle East. (In case anyone has forgotten, it is worth remembering that the people who flew airliners into the World Trade Center 17 years ago were Saudi Arabians.)

Never let it be forgotten that the main reason why the US keeps, very stupidly, backing one set of evil murdering psychopathic bastards after another in the Middle East against secular strongman dictators is because (((one nation))) in the region stands to benefit from all of the instability. And that (((one nation))) has a very deep vested interest in keeping all of the other Arab powers at each others' throats - with the backing of Russia on one side and America on the other.

For the Russians, the biggest future threat that they face is actually not from the West. The European powers combined couldn't fight off invasion by a pack of rabid kangaroos at this point. No, the biggest threat to Russia is from the southeast.

China has long been deeply envious of the oil- and gas-rich areas of Russia's Siberian hinterland. It does not take much imagination to realise that, once China taps out its own resources to power its debt-fueled economic growth, it will turn to the nearest available source of petrochemicals. The Chinese do not bother making any kind of secret about this ambition at all - they have been talking about it quite openly for at least 5 years, if not longer.

And, unlike Russia and the US, China does have the numbers required to simply march into Siberia and occupy it.

That is a nightmare for the Russians. Such a scenario would bring their economy, which is still roughly 40% or more dependent on oil and natural gas, to its knees in one stroke.

The only way to prevent the rise of a truly dangerous Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East, and the only way to combat the spread of Islamism around the globe, is for the West and Russia to unite in common cause against the globalists who think that the concept of individual nations and cultures is outmoded. Those same globalists have quite a lot in common with Islamists, as it happens; both share the view that national borders are irrelevant and all that matters is submission to their own particular form of "god".

And the only way for Russia to avoid attack by China is to build goodwill and support between itself and the USA. The two are better served as strategic allies who will always disagree about certain things, rather than deeply hostile enemies who view each other with hatred and suspicion.

As for the Russian people themselves - they are as intensely curious about Americans, and the way that Americans think, as they are disdainful of your media. They know damned well that their own government lies to them - but they expect that, they are Russians. They know that their own government cannot be trusted.

What surprises and amazes them is the sheer depths of depravity, mendacity, and outright stupidity of the mainstream media in the USA and the rest of the Western world, which seems to march in ideological lockstep without ever bothering to consider whether they know what the hell they're talking about.

The God-Emperor's willingness to meet, negotiate with, and even disagree outright with the neo-Tsar of Russia is to be praised, not condemned. It is the first of many steps needed toward correcting a long and terribly stupid series of mistakes that have set two great and wonderful nations at each other's throats - when, in reality, they should be at least cordial allies.

Someday, perhaps we will wake up to find out that Russia has, in fact, become a close and warm friend of the United States. On that day, perhaps we will also discover that the worst traitors of der Lugenpresse will all have been lined up and shot for treason by the people of the United States.

That would be a very good day.

Until then, though, let us give thanks for the God-Emperor and his willingness to do what must be done. Neither he nor the neo-Tsar are perfect, by any stretch of anyone's imagination - but Donaldus Triumphus is already showing signs of being the greatest President since Reagan, and Vladimir Putin has proven time and again that, even if he doesn't care much for the Russian people, he cares deeply about the Russian nation.

These are worthy men indeed, and for that they should be praised.


  1. "Donaldus Triumphus is already showing signs of being the greatest President since Reagan"

    Nah, I would say he is greater than Reagan.

  2. Didact,

    I concour with you that I'd like to have Russia and the west to reconcilate to face off against the neo caliaphite fanatics. And the Chinese. I really want both Russi a and thhe West to bitchslap Xi and his empire fantasies as well.
    I'll be unsurprised when the Chinese make a grand bargain with the Ugharians that they can go allau akbar on Russia and the west with their fellow Moslem buddies while the Chinese just take over the world.


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