Monday morning media mauling


Welp, it had to happen. So here are some pictures, many of which are courtesy of PowerLine's WIP series, to help ease the pain. Oh yeah, and there is a hot girl in here somewhere. As well as some gratuitous gun porn, some lifting motivation, and some bullshido.

Am I not kind?

While we are on the subject of fake news:

Related - man-jawed highly aggressive media anchor tries to take on Jacob Rees-Mogg, a back-bencher MP for the Conservative Party in PommieBastardLand, gets thoroughly owned:

More of the same:

Time to savage a socialist:

And now for your weekly dose of the blindingly obvious:

Note: this used to be true. Not so much anymore. Judge women by what they do, never by what they say.

Well duh. Here's why:

Dumbass of the week:

This is a real headline, by the way. Take a look at the weather girl in question:

Now, the thing is, at first I thought that the boyfriend in question was the dumbass. After all, what kind of a man gives up a woman who is that... er... caliente, I suppose - to play vidja games?

But then I realised that he might just be one of the smartest guys alive.

See, the thing is, we have no idea what Yanet Garcia there is like as a girlfriend. Given that she is a bit of a celebrity in Mexico and an Instathot to boot, it stands to reason that she really likes male attention. And we have no idea whether she does all of the things that a really great girlfriend does - give her man some hot hard wet lovin', rub his back, and make him a tasty sammich. (Actually, given that she is from May-hee-coh, that should probably be an overstuffed burrito. With refried beans and cheese.)

If she does not do these things, then really, she is just some very gorgeous arm-candy.

The story might just show that, simply because a girl is gorgeous, that does not mean that she is actually going to make a good girlfriend or wife.

Of course, it could just be that the man in question is a complete dumbass. Jury's still deliberating on that one.

Related - TOP GEAR's take on Mexicans:

On to the next one - Japan being all WTF!!! again:

Monday. Leg day at the gym. Time for some motivation:

Related - Russian powerlifter and all-round EPIC BADASS Konstantins Konstantinovs lifting huge amounts of HEAVY SHIT while hardcore industrial metal plays in the background.

DON'T do this:

The caption alone on that one was worth the price of admission.

Knowledge is the best defence against bullshido:

Gratuitous gun porn:

Metal makes the world go round:

One more hot babe to help you get through the day - Natasha Henstridge, from back at her modeling peak:


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