Lord, but I hate Mondays. So does everyone else, I'm sure - but somehow Mondays here are truly horrid.

So I figure we might as well remedy this with some metal, followed by lifting heavy shit.

New POWERWOLF single from the new album. Watch and listen, lads:

Old-school HELLOWEEN song - I'm talking seriously old-school, dating back to the Keepers Pt. 2 album from, like, 1988 - given a fresh coat of paint and played in front of a packed crowd at Wacken last year:

Even older-school SAXON - one of my personal favourites from their ouevre:

Man, if they'd issued that album today, the hordes of SJWs would have had a massive collective coronary...

Which strikes me as the perfect excuse for them to re-record and re-issue a classic album, really.

Continuing in a similar vein - Christian power metal from, of all places, Brazil:

Cheesy, and the singer sounds like a chipmunk is headbutting him in the plums, yet... effective.

And for the shred-heads:

And, of course:

It is an unwritten rule of this blog that any post involving heavy metal MUST, at some point, reference THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME, also known as "IRON MAIDEN". It's just good form, you see.

May your Monday be a tad less horrible after all of that.


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