Learn from the Left's mistakes

Much has been made over the last week or so within the various circles of the Right about the victory of one Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who as far as I can tell is the latest Latina Marxist nutbag who wants to be the General in command of the Free Shit Army.

She is succeeding.

Take a look at her campaign ad, which was one of several that she used, to great effect, to unseat Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley, the fourth highest ranking jackass in the House of Representatives:

She lays out her platform toward the end, and it is pretty obvious what she wants to give people:

"What the Bronx and Queens needs is Medicare for all, tuition-free public college, a Federal jobs guarantee and criminal justice reform".

Translation: GIBSMEDATS!!!

The Right has heaped scorn and opprobrium upon her, mostly because her ideological platform is so ridiculous. She ran as an explicit democratic socialist in the ideological footprints of creaky cranky Vermont Gamma male grandpa par excellence Bernie Sanders. And she has been embraced by no less than the DNC Chairman Tom Perez as "the future of [the Democratic] Party".

The Right promptly blew up.

Many of us fell over laughing hysterically at how stupid her ideas are. We know perfectly well that socialism simply does not work - no matter how many times you try to put lipstick on that particular sow, it always returns to its mire to wallow in the filth and misery that it creates. So we started trolling and mocking her, because why the hell not.

One of the more enterprising (and, it must be admitted, really quite attractive) female conservatives decided to create a mock interview with Ms. Wossname by using clips from her (disastrous train-wreck of an) appearance on PBS's The Firing Line, which turned out really rather well:

Others cranked the outrageously outrageous outrage!!! up to 11. Fox News, in particular, has been blasting and ridiculing Ms. Hyphenated-Name for a while now. Take a look at what His Seanness had to say about her:

And here is Tomi Lahren on Watters' World, taking Ms. Mystery-Meat there to task for her hilariously inept response to a pretty standard softball question from the Palestinian Bullshitting Station:

It really is a lot of fun to mock socialists, because they are so predictably stupid. There is no question that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez's grasp of facts is... tenuous, at best, and her understanding of what this "socialism" is, happens to be utterly hopeless.

However - and now it is time to get serious - it is important to understand the parallels between people like Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Sanders, and the epic rise (and rise, and rise) of the God-Emperor.

As we saw throughout the campaign of Donaldus Triumphus, from mid-2015 to the end of 2016, the God-Emperor too was often guilty of getting his facts wrong. His grasp of certain topics was poor. He was not - and is not - a particularly good public speaker; his vocabulary is limited to what seems like about a thousand words and consists mostly of superlatives and pejoratives. (Then again, he is a great salesman and promoter, so that is probably unsurprising.)

I remember with particular amusement an interview question popped to him by a sympathetic right-wing outlet - might have been Breitbart, actually - asking him what his favourite Bible passage was, and he mentioned something in II Corinthians. Which was fine and dandy - except that he actually said, "Two Corinthians" - not "Second Corinthians".

It was a small but telling moment that indicated to many of us on the Right that Donald Trump might just be a closet liberal at heart and a Trojan Horse candidate. Many of us - self included - immediately became quite suspicious and insisted on waiting and watching to see whether any form of ideological and practical consistency would reveal itself through the course of his campaign.

Fortunately, our fears proved unjustified. As the true God-Emperor, President Trump has governed as pretty much exactly what he said he was going to be: a populist civic nationalist committed to returning power back to the American people, faithfully executing the laws of the land as passed by Congress, and restoring the greatness and pride of America to its former glory.

He is a hugely flawed man, without question - but he has nonetheless proven to be already the most consequential President since his illustrious predecessor, Saint Reagan the Great. (I am not making fun of President BAMF, by the way - I yield to no one in my respect for and admiration of The Gipper, flawed and fallible though he too proved to be.)

But it is important to understand that President Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represent flip sides of the exact same coin.

President Trump is what you get when a majority-white nation of people are sick and tired of the Establishment making a colossal mess of things, and vote in a member of the elite who has turned his back completely on his own class and promises to restore American greatness and power.

He is the direct end-result of fifty years of Leftist intersectional politics.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is what you get when a national racial minority becomes a local majority in an area where people are sick and tired of the Establishment making a colossal mess of things, and vote in a member of the people who claims to be one of them and fight for them and promises to give everyone free stuff.

She, too, is the direct end-result of fifty years of Leftist intersectional politics.

Take a look at the racial makeup of New York's 14th Congressional District:
  • 18.41% White
  • 11.39% Black
  • 16.24% Asian
  • 49.80% Hispanic
  • 0.45% Native American
  • 3.71% other
And now you see exactly why Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, a Latina whose mother is from Puerto Rico and whose father was born and raised in the Bronx, was successful, while Joe Crowley, white soy-boy of Irish descent, was not.

The Left has for the last fifty years insisted on using identity politics and multiculturalism as weapons to achieve absolute power. This is not in the least bit surprising if you know anything about the Frankfurt School, cultural Marxism, critical theory, and the extremely successful infiltration of these ideas into the mainstream Left.

President Trump is the natural and inevitable end result of all that identity engineering. The enormous amount of (incredibly stupid) jiggery-pokery that the Left did with America's racial and cultural makeup, in which whites of European descent were slowly pushed aside by hordes of Little Brown Brothers from the Third World, has backfired spectacularly because white people in America can see what is happening to their own country, and they really do not like it.

But Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is representative of the exact same effect, from the other side of the racial and cultural spectrum. She is a direct reflection of what a very large and growing segment of the American voting bloc wants. She reflects precisely the preferences and goals of a very significant number of voters in the country who are not American, who do not respect the American Constitution and all that it represents, and who do not have any desire to be a part of the grand American dream of self-reliance, individual responsibility, and freedom.

If we do not take her, and more importantly the movement that she represents, seriously, we will make the exact same mistake that the Left made with President Trump.

When the God-Emperor announced his candidacy for President, (((they))) in the media and the chattering classes wrote him off as an orange-faced clown, a blithering idiot, a buffoon, a joke, a moron. They laughed and laughed and laughed some more at his antics, his name-calling, his somewhat slippery grasp of facts and figures, his limited vocabulary, and his colourful personal life.

(((They))) promptly imploded with outrage and terror, and cranked up Project Fear as high as it could go. (((They))) argued that a Trump Presidency would mean LITERALLY THE END OF THE WORLD!!! (((They))) massaged and even outright falsified polling data, shadowbanned conservatives and our messages from social media platforms, and even tried to use Google search results to influence the outcome of the election.

(((They))) went completely berserk.

Over a year later, they still have not throwing epic shit fits in public and wantonly destroying everything around them. They will not stop any time soon, either.

That is the modern Left - bereft of any ideas, sense, decency, tolerance, reason, or ability to see beyond its own failures.

And now they are being led by people who think that the way to respond to the epic failures of their own political agenda is to double and even triple down.

Make no mistake, brothers - this is a very, very dangerous precedent.

The Left is being increasingly led by progressive populists, while the Right is being led by nationalist populists. The major difference between the two lies in the question of which identity works best for America, and that is where all of the real battles between Left and Right will be fought over the coming years.

Is America a nation of laws, with a distinct and clear American people who believe in an American way of life? Is it primarily a white nation built by the descendants of white English and Dutch settlers, who wrote a Constitution designed specifically to enshrine the virtues of English common law into indisputable constitutional practice? Is it a nation that believes in individual rights and responsibilities, limited and tightly constrained government, and the God-given rights of free association, conscience, worship, and personal property?

Or is America instead open to the world, without any distinctions between those of Central and South American origin and those of Asian, or European, or African, origin? Is it a mixed nation that has nothing but contempt for the ideals of the English and the Dutch, informed as they were by a Protestant Christian belief in a stern but loving God? Is it not a nation at all, but a free-for-all smorgasbord of goodies to be given away to everyone at the expense of a very few?

The Left has been winning that particular argument since at least 1910 with the election of Woodrow Wilson. And it has been winning that argument at an ever accelerating rate since the 1965 Hart-Celler Act basically threw America's borders open to the world.

And now the Left has leaders which are the natural and inevitable reaction, the mirror image, of President Trump.

The Left made a huge mistake in underestimating the God-Emperor. That was monumentally stupid of them and they have paid a severe and terrible price for their lack of vision.

We of the Right should not return the favour. This threat must be taken with utmost seriousness, or we may well wake up one day and find Ms. Crazy-Eyes here staring through our windows:


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