Friday T&A: Patriot Games Edition

Seeing as it was America's birthday earlier this week, it is only right and just and proper that I dedicate this edition of everybody's favourite and most beloved part of this blog to righteous and beautiful displays of patriotic fervour.

That's right, boys - today is all about hot babes wearing the Stars & Stripes. Because AMERICA.  As Mat Best and his comrades would say, "Keep calm and freedom the f**k on".

After all, America is the greatest country on Earth for many reasons. And here is one of those reasons: a bunch of pictures of girls in American flag bikinis. After all, America is great because America is good - and nothing demonstrates how good America is better than hot chicks in skimpy Old Glory outfits.

God bless America - and freedom tits, of course.

Happy Friday, boys. I hope your 4th was peaceful and fun-filled with lots of laughter, grilled meat, and beer. (I'm more partial to a good glass of red wine myself, but I know better than to refuse an American's offer of beer - even if far too many of you lot think that Miller High Life is as good as the stuff gets. Trust me on this, lads - it just isn't.)

Vote for your favourite bikini babe down in the comments below. And, if you have a moment, spare a thought for a friend of your country who is no longer there to join you in celebrating your nation's birthday.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent8 July 2018 at 19:06

    I will not allow you to badmouth the champagne of beers!


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