Friday T&A: Dobrodošli u Dubrovnik Edition

Well, the pile of [2,000-word expletive-laden rant about "soccer" deleted for sake of brevity and reader sanity] known as the FIFA World Cup is drawing to a close soon - and thank God for that, because there is no doubt that the rest of the world could use a break from the play-acting, the whining, the ridiculous diving, the... yes, OK, I know, I'll shut up already about football.

Except for one small detail: the final this weekend is going to be between France and Croatia.

Longtime readers will know that I seriously dislike the French. And they dislike me. So it's all good, everyone is happy, and life goes on.

This is also why, unless a reader very specifically requests it, French girls do not get featured in this most beloved and wonderful weekly segment of my blog.

Since I would prefer to see anybody other than the bloody Frogs win the World Cup, or pretty much anything else, for that matter, I'm going to have to give a shout out to the Croatians this week. And what better way to do that than by finding and presenting pictures of a really gorgeous woman from said country?

So here are some pictures of a svelte, lovely brunette by the name of Elizabeta Burg, who was Miss Croatia in 2012 and ranked in the top 15 contestants of Miss Universe that year (whatever that means). She is beautiful, well-spoken, intelligent, and now married with two adorable little kids.

Oh yeah - and she has met the God-Emperor and seems to approve of him.

In case you are wondering whether Croatia is worth visiting - based on everything that I've seen and heard about the place, it definitely is. Its current President looks like this and her hilariously awesome flirting with the God-Emperor may or may not have been the reason behind Melania Trump's fit of pique with respect to holding her husband's hand in public last year. It is a devoutly Christian nation - about 90% of the population is some sort of Christian.

And the women tend to look like this.

If you have a passport from a country that isn't terminally retarded - i.e. you are from America, Western Europe, or the advanced Asian nations - and therefore can visit Eastern Europe without much by way of hassles in terms of visas, I recommend you do it, post-haste. Yeah, the women there have issues - the entire FSU has some serious problems. Communism has a lasting and devastating effect on any nation's people. But if you go there for anywhere from one to six weeks, you will have a great time.

Seriously, the countries that feature in these weekly segments of mine should pay me for promoting tourism to their lands. I have no doubt that I have already had a non-trivial impact on the contributions of tourism to the GDPs of Russia, Ukraine, and Albania - and now Croatia.

Happy Friday, lads. Enjoy the weekend, rest well, and have fun in the sun.

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  1. Seriously nice.
    And she looks wifeable too. big plus.

    1. Very wifeable. In fact, she has been wifed-up already - and produced two sprogs for her man.

      Looks, brains, good sense, culinary skills, empathy... she has pretty much everything I approve of in a woman, really.


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