Friday T&A: Buda or Pest? Edition

Another week, another Friday, and another chance to post up pictures of hot girls to kick off the weekend in the right way. Y'know, sometimes this whole shitposting thing is a lot of fun.

This week's particular example of the beauties of the female form comes via our staunchly nationalistic friends over in Central Europe, the Hungarians. As I pointed out yesterday, the good people of Hungary have very little tolerance for Western multiculti nonsense and have made their feelings on the subject abundantly clear.

So, in honour of the Magyars and their long, proud history of defending Christian, and by extension Western, civilisation, here are a bunch of pictures of Hungarian model Barbara Pavlin.

She was born in Budapest, she is only about 25 or so (dear Lord, that makes me feel old...), and she has beautiful grey eyes - my personal favourite eye colour. She is a brunette (sorry, DB), she has a lovely smile, and she looks like... well, see for yourself.

Happy Friday, boys, with hopefully a quiet and restful weekend to come.


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