Building the Wall, one brick at a time

Ron Desantis, MAGA candidate for Governator of Somewhereorother Governor of Florida - also known the world over as the Home State of Electile Dysfunction - released a campaign ad recently that promptly caused the Left to suffer from immediate, severe, and irrecoverable faecal incontinence, and honestly it is not difficult to see why:

I do believe this gets a YUUUUGE vote of approval from the God-Emperor himself:

I have a few thoughts on this video, all of them more or less intertwined.

First - Holy Mother, but his wife is gorgeous.

As I have pointed out before, conservatives are generally more attractive, and conservative women are definitely a lot better looking than their liberal counterparts. This is for very simple and easily understandable reasons. The Right's philosophy of rugged individualism, personal responsibility, and strong families and communities is an inherently attractive and strong one. As a result, right-leaning and Hard Right men who meet and marry similarly minded women tend to raise children in traditionalist family units, and those children tend to be quite attractive too.

It is a self-reinforcing virtuous cycle.

Unfortunately, this is not without its problems. You see, the major strength of conservatives is also their major weakness. Most conservatives just want to be LEFT. THE. F***. ALONE. to live and work as they see fit. That is all to the good - but the problem with this approach is that conservatives are rarely willing to stand and fight for what they truly believe in.

After all, as we of the Alt-Right keep pointing out - in fifty years the conservative movement couldn't even conserve the Ladies' Room.

Now, conservatives themselves will point out that they had a war for survival to wage at that time - against a deadly external enemy, in the form of the USSR. And that is absolutely true, they really did. They won a spectacular victory, thanks to the legendary work of Saint Reagan of the Right, that good and faithful servant who did what had to be done to destroy an evil empire. Full and fair credit to them for that.

The world in which we exist today, where Russia is actually ruled according to something like sane and sensible principles and the Satanic ideology of Communism is utterly discredited as an economic philosophy, at least, is the result of the heroic sacrifices of an entire generation of Cold Warriors who fought an epic struggle against a deadly enemy.

But... America is still boned. The war abroad was won - at the cost of the war at home.

Second - as Shitlord-in-Chief Heartiste loves to point out, physiognomy is real.

Ron Desantis has excellent physiognomy. There is no sign of Bugman or soyboy to be found in his features. And that, of course, is why his wife is also a stunner - because beautiful conservative women are not attracted to either bugmen or soyboys.

I have no idea what his political platform is like, but I'm guessing that, since he is endorsed by Donaldus Triumphus, he ain't no cuckservative either.

This shows excellent positive signs for his viability as Reichskanzler Governator Fist of the God-Emperor head of Florida's executive branch.

Third - he has young children and he obviously loves them dearly.

This, too, is an excellent sign. It shows that he has what Nassim Taleb rightly regards as the single most important quality needed for the "governing class" - skin in the game.

I have seen arguments within the 'Sphere, starting with Heartiste, that childless women should never, ever be given executive power because they literally have nothing to govern for. I reckon this is a very sensible rule, and if we lived in a sensible world, it, along with the immediate and full repeal of universal suffrage, would be enacted into law forthwith.

The story is different for men; it is possible for childless men to rule over their fellows and still preserve the integrity and honour of their nations, and one does not have to look too far through history to find examples of such men. By comparison, the number of childless women who have made truly good, stable, and virtuous rulers is vanishingly small - Queen Elizabeth I is one of the very few examples that comes to mind, and she is one of only a handful.

But it is always better for men who seek executive power to have children, especially sons, so that they are reminded every single day just how much power they have, and how vitally important it is to exercise that power with care and discretion.

And fourth, and finally - I love the fact that he is getting his kids on board the MAGA train early.

Some people would call this "brainwashing". It is to be noted that some people are also whiny irritating noodle-armed liberaltards who run screaming at the sight of a toy gun.

I merely call it what it is: giving children a good understanding of just how mind-bendingly awesome America really is.

I say that as someone who knows full well just how flawed, how broken, and how thoroughly doomed America is as a nation, as a coherent political entity. I know the country is screwed. You cannot run up a $21 TRILLION debt and simultaneously allow in 130 million non-Americans and pretend that they are, in fact, American, without suffering the complete and catastrophic destruction of any form of national identity eventually.

The end of America cannot be avoided. It is as inevitable and inexorable as the Law of Gravity at this point.

That does not change the fact that America is still the greatest country on Earth. For all that is wrong with it, for all that people are not really free there - everyone still wants to go there.

And America is great because America is, first and foremost, deeply and profoundly good.

It is well that those aspiring to political office, especially those who signed on to the agenda of His Majesty the God-Emperor, should teach their children this truth.

So - if any of y'all are living in Florida, let's hear from you and see what you think of this chap. Is he, indeed, a MAGA candidate for Governor? If so, that much-ballyhooed "Blue Wave" in November might just turn out to be a bit of a muddy puddle.

Oh, and speaking of which:


  1. As time goes by, Reagan's sudden and swift descent into Dementia and Alzheimer's becomes more and more suspect.

    Just think about how much the deep state had to gain simply by using a few drugs known to cause it. And Bush SR, the epitome of the deep state, certainly profited.


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