It is pretty unusual to hear a Muslim - let alone an Arab Muslim - telling the truth about the fact that Islam has been nothing short of a disaster for Mankind in general and the West in particular - but here is one saying pretty much exactly that:

Quite simply, he is right.

Any fair examination of Islam's long and terrible history will plainly show that the "Religion of Peace" really stands mostly for genocide, oppression, conquest, imperialism, barbarism, betrayal, slaughter, and war.

Now, granted, there were some pretty impressive architectural achievements amidst all of the blood and carnage. I visited a few of the really beautiful Ottoman-built mosques in Istanbul a few weeks ago. There are some genuinely very impressive relics from the 500-odd-year Mughal occupation of India, such as Fatehpur Sikri and the Taj Mahal. And the Arabs - or, I should rather say, the Muslims - did have some pretty great thinkers such as Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd, and al-Khwarezmi - men who were known to the West as the great philosophers and jurists Avicenna and Averroes, and the great mathematician who came up with the concept of "the algorithm" and "algebra".

That is usually where most Western apologists for Islam tend to stop. And that is because the rest of the facts about Islam are extremely inconvenient for them.

They fail to mention, for instance, that al-Khwarezmi's great "innovations" with respect to the mathematical process we know of today as "algorithms" were actually more of a rehashing of discoveries made by the Greek mathematician Diophantus many centuries earlier. And that the much-vaunted "Arabic" base-10 numbering system, which was vastly superior to and more user-friendly than the old Latin numerals, were actually of Indian origin.

They curiously forget the fact that the Dark Ages took place in Europe much later than is taught by conventional histories - they actually spanned from about the end of the 7th Century to the middle of the 9th, rather than from the end of the 5th to the 10th, as most high schoolers are taught - was caused entirely by the conquest, pillaging, and in several critical cases utter destruction of ancient Christian strongholds in the Middle East and Levant, including Jerusalem and the priceless library of Alexandria.

They are strangely silent about the fact that the fall of Egypt to the banner of the "prophet" resulted in the catastrophic loss of Europe's primary supply of papyrus, which stopped dead in its tracks the expansion and dissemination of scientific, medical, and agricultural advancements that flowered under the Christian Visigothic kingdoms of what were once the Roman territories of Iberia, Gaul, and Germania.

They seem quite reticent to admit that pretty much every Islamic scholar, scientist, jurist, and polymath of note - and you can count those on the fingers of both hands and still have a couple of digits left over - was not Arab, but Persian (and in the case of Averroes, Andalusian).

And they have a huge problem with conceding the fact that it was a highly influential Islamic scholar by the name of al-Ghazali who wrote an extremely influential tract called The Incoherence of the Philosophers which shaped Islam's entire attitude toward science and "innovation". It was Algazel, as he was known in the West, who launched an absolutely blistering attack upon ibn Rushd and his contemporaries, who argued that it was possible to know the will of Allah through observation and experiment, and argued instead that the world is as it is entirely because Allah wills it to be so.

It was this attitude toward experimentation and innovation that has been the core of Islam's entire broken approach to science for the last thousand years. The result is one long and virtually unbroken record of utter failure, punctuated only by advancements that mostly amounted to improvements to existing technology, like the astrolabe.

It is for this reason that the Muslim world has produced virtually no scientific advancements of any note for the past thousand years - while the Christian West and the Asiatic East have, between them, produced virtually every single major innovation that we now consider indispensable.

Particular mention must be made of the Catholic Church and its various fraternal orders, which drove scientific inquiry and advancement forward at a rate unmatched by any other organisation anywhere else for a good fifteen centuries. The Benedictines and Jesuits were especially effective in this regard - back when they were not subverted by heretics, that is.

Meanwhile, the Muslim world continues to languish in backwardness, intolerance, idleness, dissipation, and appalling levels of violence.

And, again, if you look at the history of Islam, especially at and around its origins, this is not in the least bit surprising. Islam has always been this way:

In fact, the origins of the "religion" that we know of as Islam are both highly obscure and extremely badly understood, even by contemporary scholars.

The latest research that we have available suggests that the figure that we know of today as "Muhammad", as described in the Koran, the various collections of ahadith, and the Sirah, was basically a fiction and at best was a composite of two to four different figures, both historical and semi-legendary.

As far as anyone can figure, "Muhammad" was essentially a combination of an actual merchant from the Hashemite clan in Arabia, the Biblical and possibly mythical figure of Joshua of Nun, nephew of Moses - and a certain character named Yeshua, or the Paraclete.

You and I know of the latter as Jesus Christ, Lord and King.

Indeed, the latest scholarly evidence indicates pretty clearly that the Koran was actually originally a Christian lectionary text written in Syriac and later transliterated into Arabic - with a very great deal of the original meaning lost in the process, and a lot of material tacked on later in order to "retcon" the text into something that kind of sort of makes some kind of weird sense.

Essentially, Islam as we know it today has its roots in a branch of heretical reform Judaism, originating with a thriving sect of non-Nicene heretical Gnostic Christians known as the Ebionites, who thrived throughout the Arabian peninsula at the time.

And once you realise, as just about everyone with his head screwed on straight did until the early 20th Century, that Islam is basically a heresy of Christianity with roots in reform Judaism, much of what seems at first contradictory and very odd about Islam suddenly becomes very clear and quite straightforward.

Its genocidal, warlike, racist core becomes quite understandable once you realise that, back in the day, Judaism was all of those same things, before the Jews were pummeled and occupied into submission and had the ability to proselytise and conquer beaten right out of them by successive and repeated occupations.

But the origins of Islam become way more interesting when one looks at the way that the "faith" spread throughout the Middle East and beyond.

It is well known that early Islam was not Arabic in character, but profoundly Persian. The schisms that took place within Islam in the 8th Century concerning the successions of the "rightly guided Caliphs" are referenced directly in the first video above, in which it was once made very clear by an Arab caliph that the Arabs were useless without the Persians - who supplied all of the scientific knowledge, technical skills, and military might that made the original caliphates possible.

The West has become astonishingly and profoundly ignorant of the realities of Islam, and especially of its incredibly violent and totalitarian origins.

And the result is that today, there are very few Christians left in the very part of the world that once gave birth to the True Faith. Those few that remain face lives that are basically a living hell.

That last link bears a particular poignancy. It tells of the terrible tribulations faced by Coptic Christian women in Egypt. Now, I visited Egypt once in 2009, back before the fall of the Mubarak dictatorship - and even then it was clear that Christians faced a very hard life in a very Islamic nation that was barely functional at the time. (I gather things have gotten quite a bit worse since then.) But it was also clear that the Copts were a proud and hardy people who believed, and still believe, in the Word of God, and tried to live their lives accordingly.

Which brings us to the present, very dark and troubled, situation.

Christendom today is fractured and weak, just as it was about a thousand years ago when the First Crusade was launched.

Then, as now, Islam threatened to overrun the Western world and put to sword and flame all that was good and just about the Western way of life.

Then, as now, the Christian nations were squabbling among themselves and had no united or coherent response to a threat that was literally at their doorstep.

Then, as now, the Christian superpower of the time - the Byzantines, at the time - were weakened and retreating in the face of troubles at home and military losses abroad.

The major difference between those days and these is that there is little hope, at least for now, that the Christian nations of the West will rally around the mighty and uplifting Sign of the Cross and march to free the Holy Lands.

Western Europe has been thoroughly infiltrated by hundreds of thousands, even millions, of Islamic invaders, who have turned the streets of Paris, Malmo, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Cologne, Birmingham, Bradford, and dozens of other European cities into ghettos and war-zones into which police dare not enter.

Russia stands virtually alone and isolated from the Christian West, partly due to its own intransigence, but mostly due to the sheer stupidity and short-sightedness of the Europeans and the Americans.

As for America - she has plenty of her own problems to deal with. Her national debt will break the country apart financially before very much longer - it is anyone's guess as to whether this will happen before or after its deep racial and political divisions break it apart physically.

Yet even amidst the darkness, there is hope. It is not very easy to see, but it is there.

Let me explain why, when I was in Istanbul, walking past the Hagia Sophia, once the greatest church in all of the world, I thought to myself, "One day, this will be a church again, and one day the Sign of the Cross will fly high from its rooftops in the morning breeze again - Deus Vult!".

You see, the Lord is very, very angry with us, His misguided, foolish, stupid, reckless, and incredibly stiff-necked children. He has told us, time and again, the consequences for breaking and spitting upon His Law. We insist on continuing to defy Him. The result is the burning wreckage of "civilisation" that we see around us in the West.

As Jonathan Edwards pointed out in his classic sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God", all of us hover directly over the Mouth of Hell right now. The Lord has the power to break us, tear us down, and discard us entirely at His own discretion, without hesitation or pity, for we have repeatedly transgressed and broken His Law.

The only thing preventing us from being cast straight into the Pit by a Creator who is enraged beyond mortal comprehension with the monumental idiocy of His Creation, is His boundless compassion and love for us.

Yet, even now, even in this darkest of hours, He still offers us a way out. He still extends His hand of mercy, compassion, and strength to us.

Flawed, Fallen, broken though we are - still He offers us His Hand.

And it is that Hand, and the infinite power that it wields, that will one day wipe away the appalling evils that Islam has inflicted upon an already afflicted Mankind.

Now, I do not seek to proselytise or convert anyone to Christianity here - not least because that would be staggeringly hypocritical of me, since I am myself not a Christian.

But I will say this:

The only hope for the Western world to get out of its very horrible mess, the only way for the Christian nations to strengthen themselves and prepare for the fight that is to come, is to bend the knee to Christ, and accept that He is Lord.

Trust me when I say this: when you are in a land of nothing but millions of pagans and Muslims, the light of the True Faith is a ray of hope in the midst of a great and oppressive darkness.

The Red Horseman is riding out across the nations of the Earth, and the Pale Horseman will follow him surely as night follows day. There is only one way out of that pickle, for as it is written:



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