And here we go

New POWERWOLF album dropped today. And it's BADASS.

I have been waiting for this one ever since it was announced back in, like April. I downloaded it about 5 hours back and have been listening to it pretty much non-stop ever since.

And I have good news for my readers - all, like, 5 of them:

This one slays.

I cannot pick a favourite song from it, not yet - not until I've spun it a few hundred more times. But so far I particularly like the German song, "Stossgebet". That one is a solid slab of straight-between-the-eyes melodic power metal.

If I know anything about POWERWOLF, several of you guys are going to be listening to pretty much nothing else for about a week. To that, all I can say is:

You're welcome. I know I'm awesome.


  1. I started listening to Powerwolf this week after reading your posts. Thanks mate.


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