Retreat is not a solution

Do you reckon maybe that if Joffrey got laid before he got poisoned, he would have been less of an irritating little twat?

The one and only Blackdragon posted up an article recently which pointed out a few home truths about the fact that men who cannot get laid (most likely because of their own issues) are going on shooting rampages - and in the process inadvertently revealed a few problems with his own "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" philosophy:

If Elliot Roger or any of these other guys was having as much regular sex with cute/hot girls as I do, do you really think they still would have taken the time and trouble to go out on a psychotic murder spree and then kill themselves?

Maybe, maybe not, but I lean in the direction of probably not. I have known some very fucked-up men with mental and/or prescription drug issues who never killed anyone… but these men were having regular sex. I realize that anecdotal evidence doesn’t mean much, but from what I know of how men work, I have a very hard time believing that if those murderers were actually having sex on a regular basis they would actually murder people regardless of the other problems they had.

I could even point to the Middle East, an entire region full of young, high testosterone men who aren’t having any sex. Look at how that turned out. Does that honestly look like a workable society to you?

Regular sex is not only important to a prosperous, happy, high-functioning society, it is critical to a society. People in any functioning society need to be having regular sex, all the time, well into their sixties. I don’t care how angry you are at the opposite sex. I don’t care what your religious beliefs are. I don’t care what your personal history is. I don’t care how jealous or angry you are at other people who get more sex than you do, or even people who, god forbid, make money selling advice on how to get sex. (gasp!) I don’t care what your politics are. I don’t care how you feel.

If you care about society, then your society needs people in it who are having regular sex. If you’re not having sex, and/or if you’re going around telling everyone that sex isn’t that important, then you’re actively damaging your society.

This is all to the good. The advice that he is giving - both to the Left and the Right - is sound. I agree with him, completely.

Young men need to be pursuing young women and need to have outlets for regular sex. It stops them from going insane.

Think about it carefully and you will see why this is so.

The urge to procreate, to pass on one's genetic code, is the second strongest one that any human feels, right after the urge to simply survive.

In societies where sex is difficult to obtain, men have to put their masculine urges into other fields - often involving brutal, back-breaking labour or extreme danger - in order to secure the resources that will make sex readily accessible to them again.

Historically, most men who took this route did not survive the process. That is why, if you look at your actual genetic code, you have between two and three female ancestors for every male ancestor.

Most men died under the scythes of the Four Horsemen - War, Famine, Disease, and Death - without ever producing any descendants to carry on their genetic bloodlines. That was just how it was, for most of human history - most men lived an existence that was, in the quite bleak words of Thomas Hobbes, "nasty, brutish, and short".

Several developments in human history came along to change this state of affairs, where most men did not reproduce.

The first was the introduction of real, committed, religiously sanctioned monogamous marriage. Now, Christianity is not actually the first moral credo to endorse and codify monogamous marriage. The concept pre-dated Christianity by many centuries. What made Christianity unique was on its absolutist insistence that monogamous marriage involved rather more than an exchange of vows and a legal contract. It was (and is) rather a blending of two bodies, and two souls, into one whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. And it was the first to insist that the point of marriage was deeper than that of a legal contract or convenience, but was in fact to be entered into "soberly, reverently, and in fear of God" for the express purpose of procreation.

This radical rethinking of marriage as an institution - and it was radical, make no mistake - immediately provided a powerful and workable solution to the ancient and often intractable problem of the competing reproductive impulses of men and women.

Men seek to have easy access to sex with as many women as possible with the lowest expenditure of resources - because sperm is cheap for us. Women seek to have easy access to resources with the lowest expenditure of sex - because eggs are incredibly expensive to them. This presented a major optimisation problem which historically tended to be solved with a few men having access to a lot of women, and most other men left to live grinding sexless lives which often ended early and nastily.

The second major development was the Industrial Revolution, which completely transformed the world and made the emergence of an actual middle class possible. Prior to this, a man was born into roughly the same level of material comfort that he would have for the rest of his life. As a general rule, if he was born poor, he died poor, and the same applied for the rich - again, as a general rule. But with the advent of industrialisation, it became possible for men to change their station in life and acquire and accumulate resources over time.

Moreover, the Industrial Revolution also provided material comfort, ease, and security at a level never seen before. No longer did men have to look forward to short, dangerous, difficult lives filled with back-breaking toil that caused them to die young.

The first two developments were very much to the good. The third, however, was nothing short of an utter disaster. And that was the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, followed by the widespread availability of cheap contraception.

Suddenly, the cost to women of having sex with any man that they wanted plummeted to basically zero. With the advent of widely available contraception and, thanks to the abomination we know of as Roe v. Wade in the United States, abortion on demand, there were no longer any restrictions to the amount of sex and sexual partners that a woman could have - at least, until biology and age inexorably caught up with her, by which time it was far too late.

You see where this leaves men - pretty much right back where we started, yet even worse off.

We have the Christian moral ethic telling men to get married and commit to one woman for the rest of their lives. We have unprecedented economic opportunities for men of all ranks and creeds. So the urge to get a good woman and commit to her and thereby solve the problem of getting laid regularly is very strong, and the ability of a man to acquire the resources to do so has never been greater.

But on the other side of the equation - women in the Western world are messed up beyond all hope of recovery. And that is very much our fault as men. We were the ones who let this moronic situation come to pass, and we are the ones who will have to fix it.

And now we have a situation where women can get smoked and poked throughout their twenties and now into their late thirties without ever understanding the terrible price that they will pay for doing so.

So what, exactly, are we going to do about this problem? More importantly, since he brought up the problem, what would Blackdragon do about it?

Well, this is where Blackdragon rather runs out of answers. To whit, at the beginning of his article, he says:

As regular readers know, I don’t give a shit about society in any way whatsoever and haven’t for about 15 years now. Western Civilization in particular has completely lost its mind several decades ago and is now actively trying to destroy itself with an insane, cackling glee.

This is fine with me, since I choose not to spend my precious and limited time on this Earth worrying about demented, suicidal societies. I have better things to do. More importantly, under the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle I will live a great life regardless of what any one civilization or nation does or does not do, including collapse. So have fun destroying yourselves, I’ll be over here being happy.

Regardless, today I’ll put on the nice guy hat (sort of) and make a gentle (not really) appeal to those of you reading who do give a shit about society, which I suspect is most of you reading these words.

Since those of you who care about this stuff generally fall into two irrational and tribal camps, the left and the right, I’ll have to appeal to both of you in the same article. Hm. Hard to do, but I’ve been communicating with (and arguing with) both left-wingers and right-wingers for a very long time, and I’ve become pretty good at it. Let’s see how well I do today…

His answer to the problem basically comes down to:
  • The Left and the Right are irrational and stupid
  • You should do only what makes you happy
  • Men should try to sleep with as many women as they can, as honestly as they can
  • Monogamy doesn't work so don't bother with it
This is not a solution. It is merely a form of escape.

It is a highly effective escape, to be sure. But it is an escape nonetheless.

I do not begrudge Blackdragon his approach to solving his issue. It works for him. He has created a lifestyle that gives him what he wants. He is a man with a very high sex drive, and as such he is never going to be happy with just one woman. Fair enough, it is his life and I certainly respect his decision to live it that way.

But that is not a workable solution for the rest of society. It is not a solution for the problem of lethal incel rage.

Incels are furious because they see that nothing that they do to get women, using the traditional methods that they were taught, works at all. Women do not want them. The fact that most incels are not interesting men who have a mission in their lives to work toward rather escapes them, and as such they direct their rage outward at a society that they (rightly) see as having gone mad.

There is really only one way to fix this problem, and it involves doing something that Blackdragon absolutely abhors. It involves going back to traditional sex roles.

Blackdragon, and other minarchist libertarians like him, may well believe that it is right and wise and good to tell women that they can grow up to live as they please. The problem is that this is a lie, and a terrible one at that. It does not work in real life. Women have a shelf life, and they age like spoilt milk after the age of about 33. Beyond that point, if they are not married with children, they probably never will be.

The hard truth that women need to hear is that they do not have the right to live as they please. They have freedoms, to be sure - but those are provided at the expense and by the blood of men. And they must be taught in no uncertain terms, from a very young age, that their single greatest achievement in life will be to marry, have children, and be good wives and mothers. Their "careers" are meaningless if they do not carry out the single most important function that only a woman can perform: conceiving, carrying, and giving birth to new human life.

I have said it before, and I will say it again as many times as is needed to drive home the point: freedom is not the right to do as you please. Freedom is the right to substitute self-imposed discipline for discipline imposed by others. It is a gift from the Almighty - but He did not intend for us to throw it away, as Western women insist on doing.

The hard truth that men need to hear is that idleness and dissipation are not attractive. Sitting around whining about how women are not attracted to them is not attractive. Checking out of the game because only the good-looking wealthy guys seem to get laid is not attractive - and in reality, a lot of men with fat bank accounts and zero game are not having sex with the women that they want. Refusing to improve oneself is not attractive.

What is attractive is to find a mission and to dedicate oneself to it, mind, body, heart, and soul.

What is attractive is to devote oneself to an ideal, and to complete mastery of a skill.

What is attractive is to have a mission that keeps a man busy conquering his world.

What is attractive is to get to the gym or the training mat, get jacked and tough, learn how to take punches and kicks, and learn how to deal out devastating punishment in return.

Yes, the road to getting laid is sometimes extremely difficult, especially for deep introverts who have to really exert effort to be sociable and who value honesty and openness above all other attributes, which are not often to be found in the dating market. That does not mean that one should simply refuse to walk that road entirely.

Blackdragon's solution of adopting a harem-based lifestyle of one main woman and multiple side women works for him, and for men like him. Good for them. I wish them all the luck in the world and have nothing but respect for their accomplishments. But that is not a solution for the vast majority of men, who simply want to get laid on a regular basis and many of whom want to get married and have children someday with good individual women who actually want to be with them.

Retreat, as ever, is not a strategic solution in war - not on the battlefield of physical arms, and certainly not in the war for civilisation itself. Blackdragon may well believe that the war is lost. Fine. I happen to think otherwise. I happen to think the war is still worth fighting - because I would one day like to say to my sons that I fought as hard as I could to better myself and change my world, so that they could live free and strong and happy in theirs.


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