Liberaltard bubble-tea

Among the globalist and liberal elites who presume to govern this country, and by extension you and me, there is a joke that goes something like this:

Three surgeons are debating among themselves who is the best.

The first surgeon starts off by telling his colleagues, "I had a case recently of a man who was admitted into the ER with all of his fingers cut off in a freak accident with a ham slicer. I operated on him for 10 hours and stitched all of the nerves back together, aligned the bones and set them, and re-attached all of the ligaments and tendons and muscles. And today, he is a star concert pianist with the New York Philharmonic."

The second surgeon says, "My friend, that's nothing compared to what I had to do. A few years back I operated on a skydiver whose parachute failed to deploy in time and hit the ground but somehow survived. Virtually every bone in his body was shattered, his muscles were shredded, and only by some miracle was his spinal cord kept intact. I did three operations on him, each taking over 8 hours, and brought him back to full health. Today he is running, and winning, marathons around the world."

The third surgeon listens quietly to the first two and says, "Chaps, you don't know what difficult is until you listen to this. About ten years ago I had to deal with the results of a completely random railway accident. This famous guy I know was trying to jump the railroad tracks on a horse before the train could pass the level crossing. He didn't make it and the train hit him and the poor beast at full speed. All I had to work with was a horse's ass and a tuft of orange hair. And today, that guy is the President of the United States of America!"

Cue uproarious applause and laughter - at least, if you live in New York and its satellite cities and towns, or Washington, D.C., or Baltimore, or LA, San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, Austin, and any number of liberal coastal and university towns.

The reason why I bring this up is that, over the past few days, my parents and sister and I have all been spending some time together and catching up with old friends who live in the Northeast.

It is no secret that I am the most conservative and reactionary member of my family - by an extremely large margin. My views on masculinity, femininity, the role and size of government, immigration, guns, and a whole host of other issues are so extreme relative to the part of the country that I've lived in for nearly 12 years that I probably look like a hungry T-rex to most liberaltard sheep around here.

My family and their friends, by contrast, range from moderate to pretty liberal. And they are very much a reflection of the world that they inhabit.

My family's friends generally fit a fairly consistent template. They are all highly educated - most of them have Master's degrees, some of them have MBAs, and at least one of them has two MBAs, one from the old country and one from Harvard Business School, as well as a doctorate degree. Most of them are immigrants to the USA; they left the old country because economic opportunities there were pathetic due to the insanely stupid socialist policies (but I repeat myself) that were in force back then.

Almost every single one of them is pretty liberal.

And every single one of them is absolutely horrified by the God-Emperor, Donald Trump.

Consider that fact. President Trump has now completed 500 days in office. He has accomplished a tremendous amount already - yet if you ask my father's friends, or my father himself, they will insist that he has delivered precisely nothing that his base asked for. He has already proven to be more conservative in many ways than President BAMF himself, Ronald Reagan - yet his liberal detractors insist that he is a complete nutcase who has no overarching philosophy or goal in mind.

Worst of all, these same people have fallen, hook, line, and sinker, for the theory that the only reason why Donaldus Triumphus actually won was because of MUH RUSSIA!!! - this, despite zero evidence pointing to anyone in the Trump campaign actually actively colluding with the Russians, and despite the fact that Russo-US relations are at their worst state in twenty years since Slick Willy was caught with his willy in the fat chick's mouth in the Oval Office, and decided to bomb the bejeezus out of Christian Serbs in Kosovo to get his pecker and the horse it rode in on OFF the front pages of the newspapers.

Sitting alongside them, listening to them, as someone who sits far to the right of even most conservatives, I had to ask myself: what the HELL is wrong with these people?!?

How is it possible that people who are highly intelligent, cultured, refined, skilled, accomplished, and wealthy, can believe things which are patently and totally untrue?

It is a well-known fact that liberals get their news from a variety of different sources, while conservatives tend to stick to just Fox News or That has been true for well over a decade. It is also a well-known fact that liberals and atheists tend to score higher on IQ tests than conservative Christians.

So clearly, it is not a lack of intelligence that drives these people to believe things that are patently untrue. What, then, is it?

The answer lies in the fact that liberals have never bothered to examine the roots, and therefore the logical consequences, of their ideology - and that is the right word for what they believe, for an ideology is a set of beliefs not necessarily based on any evidence or facts.

It is because of this lack of serious introspection that highly intelligent liberals are capable of believing in monumentally stupid ideas.

By contrast, we of the Hard Right, we Men of the West, know exactly where their ideology comes from. We have seen where it leads, and it is almost universally to very horrible places. We reject it utterly because we know that it cannot work. We have even rejected some of the most important conservative canards out there - such as "magic dirt" theory - because they simply do not work.

The points, principles, and philosophies of the Hard Right are based on a love and appreciation for the three fundamental pillars of Western civilisation: the Graeco-Roman legacy of philosophy and logic, the Christian teachings of moral law and spirituality, and the shared histories and values of the European nations.

Our way of thinking is based on a profound appreciation of what Man actually is - flawed, Fallen, irretrievably broken, capable of acts of both profound goodness and appalling evil. We understand that it is Man's Fallen nature that requires us to guard against our own worst instincts, and to accept that there is precisely one way in which the problem of evil can be solved - through God the Father and His Son, the Lord Christ.

Liberals, on the other hand, base their entire ideology on the notion that Man is perfectible, that with the right mixture of wisdom, leadership, and rod and lash, applied selectively by the very best and most enlightened among us, the great mass of Mankind can be lifted up into a Utopian vision of blissful life without want, strife, discord, disease or fear.

We of the Hard Right know that this is a fool's quest. It cannot happen. It will never happen. "Man is what he is, a creature with the instinct and - so far - the ability to survive", to quote Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers.

Our liberal friends do not understand this because they live in a bubble. And it is only when you spend some time within that bubble that you understand just how delusional they really are.

They may well get their news from a variety of different sources - but all of those sources, whether they be The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, or any other mainstream newspaper that you care to name, are staffed by people who went to the same schools. There is nary a conservative voice to be found among them.

Go to the television media and you find the exact same problem. Liberals may well watch CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Channel 4, and various other trans-Atlantic media channels, while conservatives insist on sticking to just Fox all the time - but the people behind all of those television channels again all went to the same schools and all think exactly the same way.

And, let us face facts here - the media establishment is disproportionately made up of one very particular (((ethnic group))), and we know quite well by now that, the many sterling qualities of that (((group))) notwithstanding, (((they))) help their own (((kind))) out, just like any other ethnic group does. (((They))) prefer to be around others of their own kind. And where you find one of (((them))), inevitably you end up finding a lot more of (((them))) after a few years.

The bottom line is that the liberals live in a bubble that is so thick, so impermeable to outside influence, that they literally cannot see the real world.

They could not believe what happened in 2016 because their entire worldview was predicated on their supreme confidence in their own way of thinking. They had met with such success, for so long, with so little real opposition, that they believed that their way of thought and action had triumphed completely over all other alternatives.

This, by the way, is exactly the kind of idiotic hubris that drove certain foreign policy nerds to proclaim "the end of history" and the complete triumph of secular liberal democracy over all other forms of government at the end of the Cold War. Some thirty years later, we can see perfectly well just how wrong-headed that notion was.

You and I are now living in the twilight of the American empire - and for all of the great good that was wrought by Pax Americana, the collapse of an empire as vast and mighty as that of America's is going to be extremely ugly, messy, brutal, and bloody. Pay heed to my words there, brother, for if you think things are bad now, they are only going to get worse. Much worse.

But our liberal friends do not see this. They literally cannot see this. The bubble that enshrouds them, that keeps them warm and safe at night, does not permit reality to interfere with their comfortable little lives. The harsh realities of history do not matter to them - those are for other people to deal with, not them.

Unfortunately, the laws of human nature - the Gods of the Copybook Headings, if you will - care not in the slightest for what you and I think of them. They simply are what they are. We can only disobey these rules for so long before a reckoning is due - and it is coming due now.

The difference between liberals, conservatives, and the Hard Right can be illustrated with one final point.

In 2012, the country saw two wealthy globalists pitted against each other in a competition to see who could pretend to be more down-to-earth than the other. The faux-conservative globalist lost, and we got another 4 years of disaster followed by catastrophe with almost monotonous regularity, served with a heaping helping of red-hot scandal.

When that happened, do you remember conservatives melting down with outrage, screaming incoherently in the streets, and violently rioting?

No, you do not. That is because it did not happen. And it did not happen because conservatives had a pretty good idea, going into the election, that it was a choice between bad and worse and simply stayed home in their millions.

Conservatives adjusted. They saw that their old tactics and ideas did not work. The most reactionary of them broke off and began creating new movements - among them, the Hard Right, or Alt-Right, or whatever you want to call us. We began to rally, to organise, to meme and troll and fight back.

Fast forward to 2016, to the first election in a generation, since the time of Saint Reagan himself, where the American people were given an actual choice between a deeply flawed man who nonetheless clearly understood the frustrations and anger of a huge segment of the American population, and a woman who is as far as I can tell the Bride of Satan herself.

The God-Emperor won. His victory was epic and beautiful - but it was just the beginning. We knew he was not our saviour. We knew that Donald Trump had simply given America a little more time to save herself - and we knew that the likely outcome was still the destruction of America in the end.

Our liberal friends were left to TOTALLY NOT BELIEVE THAT SHIT. And they expressed their disbelief with the calmness, moderation, and good behaviour that liberals generally exhibit - which is to say, they promptly organised massive bus-ins that they pretended were "spontaneous", rioted in the streets, smashed and burned parts of their own most favoured gathering places, and generally made complete asses of themselves.

Here we are, 500 days after the God-Emperor took office. And what have liberals learned?

One hundred percent of precisely NOTHING.

They still believe that their ways are best. They still think that their ideology works. They still think that they are qualified to rule over the rest of us.

Worst of all, for them, they cannot see that forces in this world are moving and shifting in such a way that their most cherished beliefs about diversity, tolerance, coexistence, and brotherhood are going to be severely tested - within the next year, not at some far-distant point.

They are not ready for that test. And so they will fail it, just as they always have.

We of the Alt-Right are preparing. We are making ourselves ready. When the time comes, we will be ready to do what is necessary to defend Western civilisation - because we have taken the hard steps required to adjust to the new realities of this world.

If you are a liberal, the next few years are likely to be very unpleasant for you. If you have liberal friends, the best you can do is try to point out the truth to them.

Save those you can - and read last rites to the dying.


  1. Note to self: Didact can stay, his family gets sent back. Sorry, but it must be.

    1. Try as I might, I am unable to take offence at that one, sir ))

      My parents never actually lived in the US; they were and are proud to be from their country and went back to live in it several years ago. They do not regret this and I am happy for them.

      My aunt, on the other hand... she might have a few not-so-nice things to say about the idea. But then, she is an open card-carrying member of the ICOTESCAS and became an American citizen in 2016 SOLELY for the purpose of voting for the Hilldebeast. That, right there, is an anti-American move if I ever saw one.

    2. I want to reply to your characterization of liberals and why they are mad. Liberalism is a form of Gnosticism. Gnosticism is a hatred of Nature and History, a hatred of particularity. They are idealists one and all. Facts have NO bearing on these people. Protestant Christianity of America is naturally Gnostic. Freemasonry and International Socialism are carriers of Gnosticism. The Catholic Church is infected with liberals and hence has become Gnostic. America basically was founded on Gnosticism. There is a book on it Prof. Lee's "Against the Protestant Gnostics" and there is a series of great posts by Thomas F. Bertonneau
      Gnosticism from a Non-Voegelinian Perspective, Part I These will give you an insight to what is going on.


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