Friday T&A: World Cup Haters Edition

Posting has been quite light this week as I have indeed been very busy traveling through Russia. I've been having an absolute blast, running around St. Petersburg (oh yes) and Moscow like a little kid, walking miles every day, and enjoying the glorious late spring weather here. Pictures of my trip along with rambling jerkboy commentary will of course follow as soon as I get back to the old country and shake off the jet lag.

(Well, that, and the shoulder-sagging prospect of going from Russian women to... these.)

In the meantime, however, the FIFA World Cup for some sort of sportzball kicked off here yesterday, and as a result all of the major Russian cities have been invaded by hordes of foreigners (yes, I know, pot, kettle, etc.) all waving their flags around and speaking very little to no Russian whatsoever, and generally making an absolute bloody nuisance of themselves in the name of a game that makes no sense whatsoever.

Seriously, could someone please explain to me what the point is of a game where two teams of 11 men run up and down a pitch chasing after a black and white checkered sphere for 90 minutes, and then are perfectly happy to walk off with a 0-0 tie??? I mean, at least give us some entertainment! Y'know, gunfire, car chases, explosions, hot babes in bikinis, proper action and shit!

As you may have guessed by now, I do NOT like football - or, as Americans insist on calling it (incorrectly, but what's new about that), "soccer". About the only "sport" that I dislike more is probably golf.

That being said - since I am in Russia, and since I did visit St. Petersburg, and since I was bowled over by the women there (more to come on that subject later), I figured I might as well post up a few snaps of a lovely lady who hails from there.

She goes by the stage name of Helga Lovekaty, but her actual name is Ольга Коробыцина and she was born a little over 26 years ago in St. Petersburg. She is some sort of "actress" (yeah, I know) and an Instagram model. Oh, and fair warning - if you intend to search for her with the filters off, you might want to wait until you're at home to do so, since she has done a couple of photo shoots that were... how does one put this politely... done au naturale, I suppose.

Oh, and longtime reader Dire Badger took exception to the fact that, in his opinion anyway, I kept posting up a bunch of fat chicks, so this should keep him happy until I get around to his request for more redheads.

Happy Friday, boys. I'll see you on the other side of my travels once I am back on Terra firma on Sunday. And, given that I hate flying, the firma, the betta.

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A post shared by Helga Lovekaty (@helga_model) on

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