Driving tip

Spotted along the I-40 in the great and wonderful state of Texas.

Having visited said state several times in the last ten years, all I can say is... AMEN, REVEREND!

See, here is the problem. Whether we like it or not, Texas is inexorably turning blue. And that is due to the sheer number of liberal ninnies fleeing the epic liberal dysfunction of California for less stupid states like Arizona and Texas.

The problem is that the liberaltards coming over the border are still liberaltards. It turns out that "magic dirt theory" does not work any better on liberals than it does on Third World immigrants; a liberal dipshit is still a liberal dipshit whether he is in the People's Republic of California, or the Lone Star State.

And, because they are liberal dipshits, and therefore are unable to understand why their brilliant Utopian schemes constantly fail, they continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

They fail to pay heed to the wisdom of G. K. Chesterton:

The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected. Even when the revolutionist might himself repent of his revolution, the traditionalist is already defending it as part of his tradition. Thus we have two great types -- the advanced person who rushes us into ruin, and the retrospective person who admires the ruins. He admires them especially by moonlight, not to say moonshine. Each new blunder of the progressive or prig becomes instantly a legend of immemorial antiquity for the snob. This is called the balance, or mutual check, in our Constitution.

And they fail even more to take to heard the immortal wisdom of a certain great poem of that greatest of poets, Rudyard Kipling:

In the Carboniferous Epoch we were promised abundance for all,
By robbing selected Peter, to pay for collective Paul;
But though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said, "If you don't work, you die"

Liberals have spent the last forty years using the Free Shit Army to turn the wealthiest and most prosperous state in the Union - and the fifth-largest economy in the world - into a drought-ridden disaster area with nosebleed taxes, insane business-strangling regulations, an open-door policy to every illegal immigrant who wants the good life in America. and a truly appalling lack of respect for law, order, and good behaviour.

This, by the way, is the same California that could have, entirely on its own, outproduced Russia itself during the Cold War. This is the same California where the technological revolution that finally destroyed the Evil Empire started.

And this is now the very California which, were it not for the tech industry, would have been submerged under its own debt, stupidity, and fecklessness years ago.

Liberals ruined their home state, and now they are going about ruining Texas and Arizona as well.

And that, my friends, is a huge problem.

You see, if Texas turns blue... That's it. America is done. There will never be a Trump-style upset victory ever again. The electoral mathematics will put a hammerlock on three out of the four most important big states in the Union for the Democrats and their increasingly unhinged, loony, and flatly insane policies. Liberals can already count on California and New York to go their way during the elections, and those are two out of the four biggest states in terms of electoral college votes.

Florida is your typical "swing state". My understanding, based on the map of the electoral votes from the God-Emperor's mighty victory in 2016, is that most of the state is red - but densely populated areas like Broward County and a few others tend to result in the "swing effect" if the Republicans and conservatives in the state do not fully turn out.

Texas was and remains the great conservative bastion of Christian sense and conservative sensibility. But if it turns blue... that's it.

Florida ceases to matter. So does Pennsylvania. And so does Ohio. Pretty much every major election will start going to the liberals who have already done so much to destroy the country.

And at that point... it's very much a Mike Foxtrot situation. Because, as I pointed out in the link to my earlier article above, the shooting starts when the talking stops.

As my friend Last Redoubt pointed out recently, you need to understand that liberals do not merely want you to do what they tell you. They do not simply demand that you bake a cake for flaming sodomite fairies even if you personally find the idea abhorrent.

They want you gone. They want you destroyed. They want to see you ground to dust.

They hate you and everything that you stand for. They hate the Creator and the Law. They have chosen to stand against Him - while far too many of us are still trying to figure out whether we stand with Him.

This is not hyperbole. I know of liberals in my own extended family who cannot fathom how the Right, and especially the Hard Right, thinks. We know quite well where their lunatic ideology comes from, but they do not have the first clue how we think - because to them it is literally unthinkable that anyone should disagree with their supposedly "enlightened" point of view.

They want our children to be locked in cages with paedophiles. They want the man that the Great Silent Majority of the country elected to lead them to be gunned down. They have no problem with creating re-education camps within the institutions that they control for us.

There is no "centre" in America anymore. There is no neutral ground. The breaking of the country is coming, whether you and I like it or not. We can only hope that what follows afterward will be relatively peaceful as the country divides itself between the liberal coastal and urban centres, and the conservative heartlands and suburbs.

Knowing what I do of history, though, I seriously doubt this will happen.

In the meantime - liberals, do yourselves a favour, and keep driving until you get the hell OUT of Texas.

PS: A reader asked me the other day in private whether I knew the difference between a Yankee and a Damn Yankee. Even though I'm basically a brown-skinned redneck, I had to admit that, to my considerable embarrassment, I did not know the difference.

The difference, apparently, is that a Yankee eventually goes back up North. A Damn Yankee does not.



  1. The Sad part is, today's hard right IS the middle ground. They understand that some laws are necessary, but everything shouldn't be litigated. Some trade needs to be restricted, but all trade should not be controlled.

    It is less about the ultra-hard left vs. the ultra hard right, and more like the ultra hard left dictators and the ultra-hard right anarchists are beating up on the middle. Somehow their brains have managed to be convinced that ultimate control of every facet of reality is the same thing as ultimate freedom to do whatever they want. Demanding christian bakers bake cakes with pornography on them will give them the freedom to screw prepubescent children.

    The modern liberal is not leftist... he is evil. He simultaneously has to stop being punished for his evil, and force EVERYONE ELSE to be just as evil as he is by using the law so that he doesn't 'feel' evil.

    That is why you find rich white business owners, poor mexican criminals, lazy welfare cases, fanatical muslim murderers, homosexual 'artists', and pedophiles all on the same team... because it has a little for everyone. Tolerance and encouragement for the animals as being 'just a natural urge' right along with a promise of assuaging their guilt by making EVERYONE become monsters. After all, pedophilia isn't evil if it's LEGAL and everyone else is forced to do it, right?

    Anything that stops or slows the process... those who believe in personal responsibility, morality-embracing religions, ethical frameworks like the constitution or the military, self-motivated achievers who run their own businesses, patriots, and the honorable, is their natural enemy... because merely by existing, they hold up a mirror that shows the monsters what they really are. They have to be converted or destroyed, utterly.

    This cannot end peacefully because the beasts will never stop trying to destroy the thing that can destroy them. Their very survival is at stake... and because we are not beasts, our survival is at stake too. You wear the visage or the number of the beast or you will be destroyed.

    It is a war for survival. On Both sides.


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