Christianity is the West

Posting has been light - actually, non-existent - for the past few days because I'm on the road again. I am writing this post sitting in a coffee shop in Istanbul, Turkey. And I am doing so just up the road from what used to be perhaps the greatest church in the entire world.

Today that church is a mosque, called the Ayasophia (Hagia Sophia).

The sheer majesty of that building is something that has to be seen to be believed. It was once the largest and most beautiful of the old Greek Orthodox churches anywhere. Even today, about the only thing that I have ever seen which comes anywhere close to matching it for simple spectacle is probably Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow - the home of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Walking through the old city of Istanbul, looking at all of the ancient and beautiful Byzantine churches that have long since been converted into mosques for the last 600 years, is enough to make any good Christian's blood boil.

Hell, I ain't even baptised, and mine has been on a slow simmer for the last few days.

Such an experience is also a useful reminder of a very plain and powerful fact:

Christianity is the West. And the West is Christianity. The two cannot be separated.

The Christian code of morality and ethics is one of the three founding pillars of Western civilisation. Getting rid of Christianity and all that it teaches about Man's relationship with God, Man's relation to his fellow man, and the relationship between a man, a woman, and their children, has proven to be anywhere from mildly disastrous to absolutely catastrophic in every single case where it has been tried.

To remind us all why Christianity is so vitally important, Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day (PBUH) put together a Voxiversity video a while back, which I have been meaning to post up for a while now but only just got a chance to do. It is worth watching and is only the first part of two, explaining why a strong and impassioned defence of Christianity is absolutely critical to the maintenance and continued prosperity of the West:

It has been roughly seven centuries since the last serious Crusade attempt was launched as a way of defending Christianity's borders from the predations of the Seljuks and then the Ottomans. The greatest disasters ever suffered by Christian Europe at the time were the losses of first Jerusalem, and the Kingdom of Outremer, and then Byzantium a few centuries later.

Those losses actually pale in comparison to what Christianity has lost in the last century alone of the greatest of its several heresies - the Heresy of Modernity.

The abandonment of Christianity as a foundational aspect of Western civilisation has led the Western nations utterly astray. There is no longer any moral guiding principle to those nations - many of which no longer understand what a "nation" really is anymore.

Only by re-instituting an aggressive, forward-looking Christian faith, can the nations of the West hope to reclaim their lost glory and power. There is no power on Earth greater than that of the Almighty, and it is His strength that we need now in order to defend the greatest civilisation the world has ever seen.



  1. Agree with the sentiments. What so outrages me is the return of unreason. Far too many people have a bizarre sentimentalist rosy coloured view of the Ancient world. As much as I appreciate Rome and Greece, they were still cesspools of sin and disordered conduct. I just love the cliches about the Dark ages and never ever taking into account how Islam cut off Christendom from the east to the west.
    The question is how to go about it.

    1. Indeed. The only way that will actually work is to mount a full-scale global Crusade to push back Islam on all fronts. The problem is that, as always, the nations of the (nominally) Christian West are divided, squabbling, and now weakened from within. In fact I have been advocating for precisely that for quite some time.

      Given the current political situation, the idea of a united and resurgent Christendom fighting back against the deadly heresy of Islam is basically a non-starter at this point. But in reality it is the only way that Islam will get pushed back. One cannot fight a religious ideology with secular liberal democracy. It has been tried, and it does not work.

    2. Well before mounting a crusade, we need to start the inquisition and reclaim reason. In the meantime, sin makes you stupid so the Moslem's brazen insufferable pride will back fire. And then, people will finally purge the elites. It's sorta happening in slow motion in Italy, Spain is starting to shows signs of being fed up, Greece is already threatening to take the law into its own hand and Germany thinks it's got a reprieve but doesn't.
      Once the elites go, the Moslems will be shocked, utterly flabbergasted at how much the ordinary European loathes them with chemically pure animus.


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