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Posting has been, and will probably continue to be, a bit light this week due to all of the work required to pack up all of my stuff, put it into storage, and move out of my place. I will in fact be leaving the US in a little over a week's time, and it is not quite certain at this point that I will return. However, things are looking pretty good with respect to a potential opportunity; right now it's a matter of getting the paperwork filed and, more importantly, approved.

At any rate, I have been interacting a fair bit with Kyle Trouble, who runs his own successful internet businesses and now lives in Ukraine with his girlfriend. He has managed to build for himself exactly the kind of location-independent, employer-independent business that so many young men today want to create, but cannot for various reasons. He has achieved the lifestyle of freedom that most men can only dream about. And he has done it based on grit, hard work, luck, and skill.

He stopped by my blog and read a few of my articles, and invited me onto his podcast to talk about my experiences with traveling in Southeast Asia. That podcast episode went live on Tuesday and is now available here.

So if you want to hear what I actually sound like in real life - posh accent and all - and are interested in my unfiltered opinions on a fairly wide range of subjects, then check out that link.

Also, Kyle's dating website may not be for everyone, but for the younger crowd there is a lot of value on offer. So please consider signing up as a paid subscriber - the cost per month is about 40% less than your Netflix subscription, with considerably greater value and 100% less SJW-generated bullshit.

Honestly, I had a lot of fun talking with Kyle, and I would certainly be more than happy to collaborate with him again in future. He is a great guy with a lot of interesting life experiences who has built for himself exactly the kind of lifestyle that most red-pill men these days should aspire towards. And he is personally interested in helping you to achieve that same lifestyle. Give his products a look and see if they can help you get to where you want in life.


  1. For whatever it may be worth, I wish you were not leaving and I hope you can come back. Moreover, when and if you come back I hope you luck out and find a worthwhile American girl to marry so that a) you can stay, while b) we get to take your genes and memes, both, for our own.

    1. Coming from you, sir, that means a very great deal. Thank you for your kind words. I hope to have some good news to report on that front someday soon.


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