The real white privilege

This post is probably going to be very unpopular, at least at first. I cannot say that I particularly care. Regardless, in the interests of fairness you would probably do well to reserve final judgement on it until you have read it all the way through.

Among the social justice types, who are obsessed with injustices, perceived or otherwise, caused by excess "privilege" of one form or another, it is quite common to hear such idiots telling white people to "check your privilege".

Whites may be forgiven for wondering what the hell such smelly twerps are talking about. After all, being white, at least in America, is anything but a privilege these days.

If you are white in America, you are actually part of the "persecuted majority". It is a very strange position to be in. Throughout the misbegotten rule of President Lightworker, and even now under the far better reign of the God-Emperor, young white Christian men in this country were perhaps the most persecuted and put-upon group of people anywhere in the land. (That is changing - but far too slowly.)

That sounds like an extraordinary claim, but it really is not if you stop to think about it.

To be a white Christian male in this clown-world of a society is to be forced to apologise, constantly, for being a man, for being white, and for believing in the Gospel of the one true God.

This is the group of men that has to go through grade school being treated like defective girls by their (usually female) teachers, and are often treated for the "crime" of maleness by being drugged with legalised speed to make them compliant and docile.

If they are lucky enough to get through school with their brains unscrambled and their boyishness intact, they must then run the gauntlet of college, where young white men are presumed guilty in every possible interaction with a woman, never mind whether it was sexual in intent or not. If a young white man so much as touches a girl in a manner that she disapproves of or later regrets, she can immediately scream "RAPE!!!" and ruin that man's life forever.

It doesn't get any easier in the workplace. Every employer above a certain size is now required to ask pointed questions about race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identification, veterancy, and disability status. This is nothing more than a priggish form of arse-covering. A straight white Christian male who identifies as all of these things is among the least protected classes in society, because the madness of intersectional identity politics preaches that such men are "highly privileged" and therefore are undeserving of any form of consideration.

And this madness continues, on and on, throughout their lives. White men do not get special advantages because of their skin colour when stacked against other races - and, indeed, if my personal experiences with whites are anything to go by, American and European whites are actually considerably more friendly toward people of other races than those other races are toward them.

There is, however, one exception to this rule:

Women - white and otherwise.

Being a white guy does give you advantages when chasing tail. If a young white man - or, really, a white man of just about any age south of about 60 - decides to do a little exploring and see the world for himself, he will find that he is warmly welcomed in Eastern Europe, South and East Asia, and South America.

In fact, compared to his darker-skinned brethren from South Asia or Africa, he actually has a massive advantage.

From my own personal observations, this preference for white skin is expressed most strongly by the women of Eastern Europe and Southeast/East Asia - not coincidentally some of the most K-selected societies on Earth, and home to some of the cultures with the most feminine women. White men, especially those with means, can clean up out there, while dark-skinned men will struggle badly.

If you are a white man with decent game in Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Shanghai, Beijing, or Tokyo, then even with the language barrier, you can do well with the ladies. It helps even more if you have money. It is not at all uncommon to find older white men with beautiful girlfriends or wives of Chinese, Pinay, or Japanese extraction in those cities.

When I was living in Singapore this was something of a cultural trope - an ang moh or firang guy, almost always in his late thirties to early fifties strolling down the sidewalk at Clarke Quay or on Orchard Road with a very pretty young Chinese or Filipina girl. I haven't been back in almost 5 years, but I can't imagine that has changed.

The Chinese may well call white foreigners gwai lo - "white pig", in Mandarin - but in the urban centres at least, their women do not appear to have too many problems with hook-ups and short-term relationships with them. (Long-term relationships are another story; in order to deal with Chinese culture, you had damned well better be a good provider with deep pockets, otherwise your Chinese girlfriend, and her family, will eat you alive.)

But the Chinese have even less flattering terms for Indians and blacks - and their women make their intense dislike for both extremely clear.

The Japanese make a fine art out of xenophobia. While they do not have too much of a problem with whites, not anymore anyway, they view Indians as essentially unwashed hairy black monkeys that smell of curry. (I paraphrase minutely.) What they think of blacks is not fit to print.

The Russians are an interesting bunch too. While they do not make their xenophobia quite so overt, if you visit Moscow as a non-white, you will definitely feel like an outsider. The very, very few Africans that I saw while I was there were absolutely treated as "the other". Now I personally have nothing but good things to say about the Russian people. When I was there in October, my Russian colleagues went out of their way to be helpful, and they are doing so again for my upcoming trip in June. But make no mistake: non-whites will have a much tougher time there with the women than either local or foreign white men, and that is on top of the already fiendishly difficult language barrier.

And if you are non-white, and you find yourself dating a Slavic girl (which from my, admittedly limited, experience is something that I highly recommend - you haven't really lived until you've experienced this), and you get into a fight with her, do not be surprised to hear her insult your skin colour and race in the most personal and brutal terms possible. Slavic women are absolute devils when they get pissed off.

This realtalk about skin colour is driven home the hardest with online game. The hard fact is that, if you are non-white and you send out openers or swipe right on women in the West who are not of your own race, your response rates will plummet. This has been documented by the vendors and providers of multiple sites and apps and is not at all surprising.

You have to be right in the top 5% to 1% of profiles out there, on any given application or site, in order to see any real responses from beautiful women of any race. (This, incidentally, is one of the reasons why I consider online game to be largely a waste of time for men below a certain age.) And even then, you will probably be lucky to see a 3% strike rate.

So there are, in fact, good things about being a white guy. If one has decent game, one can do well outside of the West. And if one has game and money, one can do exceedingly well.

These realities have led to quite a bit of frustration among young men of other races, who observe the ways in which white men seem to do well on foreign shores and wonder why they cannot do the same.

For some odd reason - I honestly am not sure why - this is particularly problematic among South Asians. The phenomenon even has its own meme. I present to you the Indian Race Troll:

The IRTs are a particularly irritating breed of dipshit that clog up the forums and message boards of game-oriented sites everywhere. They have some profound insecurities about themselves and their lack of attractiveness to white and (East) Asian women, and cover for it by snarking about how white girls are not attracted to them.

What such men fail to realise is that, if they act like the typical Indian IT engineer, they are NOT going to get anywhere with non-South Asian women.

The "Indian IT engineer" phenotype is not difficult to visualise. If you have been around Indians for any length of time, you have a pretty precise mental picture readily available. He is relatively short, dark-skinned, has a moustache and side-burns, puts coconut oil in his hair, has a paunch (because of the high-carb/high-sugar standard Indian vegetarian diet) and that skinny-fat look which is truly endemic in South Asia, carries a backpack everywhere, ALWAYS wears a completely nondescript shirt that is either brown, white, or blue with black or brown slacks, speaks with a heavy Indian accent, and - there is no nice way to put this - always smells of curry.

Here is some hard truth for such men: these things are not attractive, and that fact is not limited to Western women. It does not take an IT qualification to figure out why.

So there is the problem: non-white men, especially of south Asian origin, feel an inferiority complex because they are not getting the beautiful women that they want.

They are stuck with the women of their own race - and, as I have pointed out before (and then again, in what was one of my best ever posts, actually), Indian women by and large do not have great genetics or looks.

What, then, is to be done about it?

Well, here is a solution for them:


That is actually the only possible answer. There is absolutely no point or value in complaining about the fact that there is a race and colour barrier involved in dating outside of one's own race. It is a fact of life, and must be dealt with as such.

The fact is that xenophobia is a survival instinct. The fact is that women of any race typically prefer men of their own race first (though white men do get a big leg up here). The fact is that white men are given perceived higher value in non-white nations because of the immense social, economic, cultural, political, and military successes of white European societies.

These are simply the facts of life. Whining about them being the products of "white privilege", as far too many South and East Asian men are wont to do, is a giant waste of time and effort that could be far more productively spent on self-improvement.

The mantra that every young man - of any skin colour - needs to internalise is a very simple one:

"Everything in your life that is not the way you want it is YOUR OWN FAULT."

That is all there is to it. If you are not as successful in your life as you want to be, in any given area, then it is your problem and you have to fix it.

There are certain factors that are largely or completely out of your control. You cannot choose your parents, so you cannot fix your genetics. You cannot choose where you were born, so you have very little control over your nationality, which in turn has a massive impact on how easily you can travel and relocate. You cannot choose your boss, so you may not have a job that suits you as well as you might like - and indeed, you may well be completely at the mercy of your employer if you live and work outside your country of origin.

Yet all of these things can be worked around or dealt with in various ways.

There is absolutely NO excuse for a young Asian man not to exercise hard and become strong - and since the vast majority of young Asian men do not lift weights or train their bodies seriously, by doing so you immediately put yourself into the top 10% of all men, of any race, simply by lifting hard and heavy and being dedicated. The male human body is a truly remarkable creation of God. It is a living, self-repairing machine, capable of phenomenal physical exertions if only it is pushed hard enough and trained to do so. It was never meant to waste away in an office chair under fluorescent lighting.

Typical Indian IT engineer. Game: zero.
Two of India's most highly sought-after Bollywood actors. Game: near-infinite.

There is absolutely NO excuse for a young Asian man not to learn how to defend himself - and, again, since most Asian men cannot be bothered to learn how to fight and indeed actively cringe at the idea, this separates you from the pack.

You just don't get more badass than swords and shields.

There is absolutely NO excuse for a young Asian man not to read for the sake of reading and learning. Most Asian men stop doing any serious reading after university, because for them reading is simply about memorising whatever is required for the test, instead of a pleasurable and useful way of accumulating information and wisdom.

There is absolutely NO excuse for such a man to be a spendthrift - indeed I would argue that this comes more easily to Asian men than their white counterparts, for cultural reasons. Asians are taught the value of money and saving almost from birth, it is still a culturally ingrained belief - and a wise one - that a man should spend less than he earns.

There is NO excuse for Asian men not to travel. Asia alone is a huge place; I have heard many good things about Vietnam, and I am particularly fond of Thailand as a fun alternative to Singapore, where the women are every bit as entitled and status-hungry as they are in the West.

(They are perhaps even more so, actually; educated Singaporean women will often not even so much as look at you if you do not possess what they call "the 5 Cs" - cash, car, condo, credit card, club membership. Take it from someone who used to be a part of that "5 C" lifestyle, though I was a minor back then - that shit is EXPENSIVE. Singaporean women have a, mostly deserved, reputation for being gold-diggers.)

There is especially no excuse for them not to approach women. This is hard to do, no question. But it has to be done. I am no paragon of virtue in this regard, to be sure. But I don't make excuses for it. This is a skill that can be learned like any other, though the fear of rejection - which is very powerful - stops most men, regardless of race, from taking it up. Yes, it is challenging and time-consuming, but if Asian men want to date beautiful white and East Asian women, then they have to put in the work.

The program for men of any race to be more successful with women of any other race is simple:

Lift weights.
Get strong.
Learn to fight.
Fix your finances.
Enlighten yourself.
Fix your posture.
Groom and dress like a man, not a nerd.
Gain composure and tranquility.
Get good at approaching women.
Build an interesting life.

Hey, I said it was simple. I NEVER claimed it was easy. But this is what has to be done.

As our friend the Gentleman Adventurer likes to say, "Men make themselves, women find themselves."


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