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Mother and Child by Frederic Leighton

Today is Mother's Day here in the good ol' US of A, and I figured that this might be a good opportunity to address a lingering, and extremely irritating, misconception about us shitlords of the Alt-Right.

As I pointed out in my Mother's Day post from last year, I almost certainly do not have more than a handful of female readers. I have no doubt that my writing style - blunt, misanthropic, cranky, and extremely intolerant of BS in all of its forms - does not appeal to women. These traits are common to a number of right-wing and Alt-Right blogs and personalities. We are mostly male, mostly deeply conservative and Christian, and mostly write from a highly masculine perspective.

This leads to the very common, and very stupid, accusation that we are woman-hating misogynists who want all women to be slaving away over meals in the kitchen and subservient to men at all times. (I am, if anything, understating the caricature imposed upon us by our enemies.)

We get slammed by this ridiculous label from our opponents on the Left, and many of our supposed moderate "allies", all the time. And the reason why we keep being called such vile - and absurd - names is because we advocate a return to traditional values and sex roles, where men take up our rightful places as heads of our households, leaders, providers, and loving fathers and husbands, and women take up their rightful places as the "necks" supporting the heads.

If this is "disrespectful" toward women, then I'll take that form of disrespect, any day, over the alternatives that the Left proposes.

Our opponents and enemies argue that women should be "emancipated" to the greatest extent possible, to act just like men, to follow the exact same career paths as men, to expose themselves to the exact same hardships and conditions as men.

Of course, the moment that they actually get what they want, they immediately run screaming for special treatment. Women should be paid exactly the same as men, they exclaim - but when confronted with the fact that men die younger, make up 90% of all workplace deaths and over 98% of all military casualties, are about three times more likely to commit suicide than women, and serve 64% longer prison sentences than women on average for the same crimes, suddenly the equalitarians are nowhere to be found.

And of course, when anyone has the gall, the bare-faced cheek, the sheer effrontery, to suggest that women should have to register for the draft the same way that men do in order to vote, that suggestion is immediately met with shrieks of outrage.

Again, if it is "disrespectful" toward women to expect and demand that they be treated differently than men, because they are different, then so be it. I am disrespectful toward women.

I am disrespectful toward them because I recognise that women are different and must be treated differently. And I have no patience whatsoever for women's pretensions about "equality".

Men and women are not equal. We never were. We never will be.

At the heart of this so-called "disrespect" is the acknowledgement of a profound and fundamental truth: men are expendable, but women are perishable.

I have written it many times before, and I will write it once again: you can send us men to die horribly in our tens of thousands, broken and bleeding amidst the carnage and horror of war on any number of distant battlefields. You can kill us in our thousands and millions as slaves to build pointless edifices to the glory of kings and god-emperors. You can starve us and beat us and watch us waste away in fever-infested swamps and vermin-filled mudholes trying to scrape sustenance out of the blasted and uncaring soil.

But as long as just a few of us remain, our tribes, our nations, our peoples and cultures, will survive.

We are expendable. One single man is not, biologically speaking, important at all.

Our women, on the other hand, are everything. They can do the one thing that no man can do: conceive, carry, and give birth to new human life.

One woman in a tribe can mean the difference between its survival and its total destruction.

If we lose our women, we lose our future. Our tribe, nation, people, language, culture, history, faith - all of it - comes to naught without women to transmit the accumulated wisdom of our fathers down to our sons and daughters.

For this reason, above all others, women are to be protected, nurtured, cherished, and loved. And this must be done under the firm and careful guidance of a strong masculine hand, which understands that women are biologically programmed to seek out strong, stable providers of resources who can and will lead them.

But if a woman rejects these protections and insists on expending her most valuable attributes of youth, beauty, and fertility on chasing money, career, and men, then she does not deserve the protection, nurturing, respect, or love of men. She has turned her back on the very things that make her valuable - and has thrown away the very currency that she, and only she, can use to get what she wants out of life.

The hard reality that every woman must face is that her currency depreciates rapidly. Her opportunities to secure a good mate and family are limited. If she refuses to become a wife and a mother, in evolutionary terms, she is a dead end.

Feminists and leftists can scream about "misogyny" all they like in the face of unpleasant facts. Those facts do not care what they think.

As for the notion that the Alt-Right wants women to return to being "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen" - once again, I ask, what is so terrible about that?

What exactly is so terrible about a culture and a philosophy that treats women as the unmistakably precious font of human life? What is so bad about men who think that the single best thing that our daughters can do with their lives is to become wives and mothers?

It must be remembered that this attitude, that women are precious and important and valuable, is largely unique to the Western world. And it is unique because of one thing: Christianity.

The Christian teachings about women are very clear. Women are to be respected, loved, cherished, and nurtured - but never overindulged or babied. It is with very good reason that the Christian teachings about marriage state clearly that a man and a woman, born separately, become one flesh and one entity; in the idealised Christian marriage, a man holds his wife's life and existence to be every bit as dear to him as his own, because she is his counterpart, his mate, the mother of his children.

Nor does Christianity absolve women from their own responsibilities. They have significant rights and freedoms under Christian teachings - in fact any fair examination of Christian doctrine would show that women have vastly more rights, freedoms, and protections under Christianity than under any other religious or legal system. No pagan society, no Islamic culture, and not even Christianity's parent religion of Judaism, has ever given women the rights and freedoms that Christianity has. The Christian faith was truly radical two thousand years ago in this regard, and so it has remained ever since.

And Christianity views innocent human life as sacrosanct, which means that a female foetus has every bit as much value in a Christian society as a male one does. Sex-selective abortion is anathema to Christians; abortion is murder, plain and simple, regardless of the sex of the child.

Our friends on the Left forget, when it is convenient for them, that this is very different from the way that other cultures view and treat women.

In Islamic culture, of course, women do not hold much value. They are considered important for making babies, and pretty much nothing else. They can be divorced at will. Their lives are not their own. Their testimony is worth half that of a man - and that too only if they are free Muslim women; the testimony of slaves is worthless. Their bodies are not their own either; female genital mutilation is a method of control over them, designed specifically to reduce their ability to feel sexual pleasure and therefore to keep them in line.

The penalty under Islamic law for female adultery is for the woman to be stoned to death by her own family; male adulterers face no such penalty, since polygamy (specifically, polygyny) is considered quite normal in Islam. If a Muslim woman is raped, the rapist does not pay the price - his sister or daughter does. According to some schools of Islamic law, if a woman walking in public unaccompanied is raped, it is her fault.

Or take Chinese culture, where the desire for sons to provide for parents in old age is so strong that there is now a gender gap of over 30 million more men than there are women. Sex-selective abortions are a reality in South and East Asian societies, and it is not out of the ordinary to see daughters maltreated and wives beaten and killed in the more primitive ones.

Or take Indian culture, where even among Hindu households, abuse of women is far more rampant than it is in the (nominally) Christian West. Up until the British outlawed the practice - and in so doing produced the single best quote about multiculturalism ever uttered in human history - the Hindu custom of sati - widow-burning - was normal too; it was expected and even required that a woman should climb atop her husband's funeral pyre and burn alive. Even today if a husband dies before his wife, the widow is ostracised from society and treated as a pariah; in the more traditional parts of the country, she must wear white, forswear eating meat and fish, and refrain from wearing jewelry. Sex-selective abortion and maltreatment of women has led to something on the order of 160 million, or more, missing Indian women and girls.

Yet again - and this needs to be said as many times as is necessary to get the point across - the Christian West is BEST.

No other civilisation on Earth esteems motherhood and the sanctity of human life so highly. No other society provides so many protections to women. No other culture believes so strongly in the fact that the woman is the source of human life, and as such must be protected by law and custom.

Today is of course Mother's Day, and that is all to the good. Let us take a moment to celebrate the mothers among us, for it is through them that our values and ideals endure. It is through them that our traditions are transmitted. And it is through them that the next generation will carry on our work.

A mother is a special woman indeed - for she has done what her spinster sisters refuse to do. She has given birth to new life, and as such, has done what she, and only she, can do. For she is the font of life, the source of true happiness for both men and women.


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