That will definitely work

This one here is for the ladies - all, like, two of them that read my blog and somehow manage to keep their heads from exploding.

Girls - have you ever been to a personal training session at the gym and discovered that your trainer is perhaps a little too friendly? A little too keen to get really hands-on with you? A little overenthusiastic when it comes to helping you stretch out and get loose?

Well, in case you were unable to figure it out, the guy is a bit of a pervert and wants to sleep with you.

Do not be too offended by this, ladies. Guys are like that - we are not perverts, at least not all of us, but we do want to sleep with you. It is a guy thing, we are wired that way; if we see an attractive woman in tight yoga pants, we immediately want to get her into bed. That is just who we are.

However, the sane ones among us do understand that all of the personal attention can be a wee bit... uncomfortable for you.

To help rectify this, always make sure that you take a medium-sized water bottle with you to the gym, and use it as illustrated here:

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This has been a useful public service announcement from your friendly neighbourhood Didact. You are most welcome.

Now get your lazy butt in to the gym and TRAIN!


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