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Heartiste went and pulled a few side-by-side shots of the First Ladies of America and France from the, er, rear aspect, and I have to say, the caption on the first picture was an absolute howler:

Yep. Damn straight.

Now maybe it's just me, but I personally prefer slightly more... pointed ways of demonstrating the same basic idea. Like this one:

And this one:

And, oh yeah, this one:

All right, one more - ya needy bastards:

Oh. Whoops. Off-topic. My mistake.

Not, of course, that any of you are complaining. And if you are... I have very bad news for you.

OK, time to get more serious. Let us break this down very simply by lining up the Presidents and their respective wives of the United States and France, and evaluate the results:

Left to right: Une Sorciere, Three-Franc Queer, GOD-EMPEROR OF CHADS, Queen Melania.

It's not that difficult to figure out who is the most successful, most powerful, and most charismatic of the two men in that picture.

President Macron married a woman twenty five years his senior, most likely as a beard to cover up the - unconfirmed and circumstantial - rumours about his sexual proclivities.

President Trump married a woman roughly fifteen years his junior, who has clearly done a pretty damned good job of staving off the impact of the dreaded Wall.

Make no mistake, she will not be able to defy the Wall forever. And Eastern European women do tend to hit it really damned hard:

Well... it's not quite that severe, but it's not far off either. All you have to do is go take a look at Ivana Trump - the God-Emperor's first wife - and compare her pictures from 1977, when they got married, to her pictures today, 40 years later. (Or, hell, from 1992 when they got divorced, after 15 years of marriage - she was only about 42 back then.)

The point is, the God-Emperor shows you how to do it. Make yourself into the best man that you can: successful in whatever avenue or venture you choose, financially secure, stable, strong, charismatic in whatever particular way that works for you. Most importantly, ensure that you are an adult - in the sense that you have control over yourself, you have been through the hard times and grown as a man into someone who is knows what he wants and tries to keep high-quality people, ideas, and things in his life.

And then, go out and find for yourself a good woman, who is - insofar as it is possible for a woman - an adult in her own right. This is a tall ask these days, I know. But it basically amounts to finding a woman who takes good care of herself, takes pride in her appearance and femininity, and expresses her best attributes with style, grace, and charm. She doesn't have to be an HB10 - indeed I would argue that there is a real difference between a woman who is merely "hot" and one who is truly beautiful - but she does need to be a woman whose face you could stand to wake up to for the next ten years, at bare minimum, knowing that it will age and change and degrade.

Most importantly, she should be someone who is confident in herself and looks to you to be the leader. Your job is to be the man, and your masculine traits of strength, confidence, and stability are there to offset the more negative aspects of her feminine nature.

You see this clearly in the photo above of the two men and their women together. President Maricon and his wife look completely unbalanced in terms of their masculine-feminine polarity. His Chadness and Her Grace, on the other hand, complement each other very well.

And that, of course, is how it bloody well should be.


  1. You know, "Squat Beauty," above, may have _the_ most perfect as in human history.


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