Power metal monday

Not to state the obvious or anything - at least, anymore than usual - but it is Monday.

Yeah. I know. It sucks.

So to make that particular bitter pill go down just a little bit more easily, here is some supremely ridiculous and cheesy happy power metal to cheer you up.

And believe me, we all need cheering up. It turns out that the God-Emperor's First Lady is now hospitalised with a "benign kidney condition" - at Walter Reed Military Medical Centre. Yes, that Walter Reed hospital. (Well, technically the scandal itself took place at the Army hospital, Walter Reed Army Medical Centre, while the Military Medical Centre accounts for the combined National Naval Medical Centre and WRAMC. But that amounts to splitting hairs at the atomic level.)

Picture of Melania Knauss from her modeling days, because reasons.

Right, 'ere we go. And yes, a lot of these bands have "Dragon" in their name, because power metal is goofy and stupid and juvenile and ridiculous and silly and only listened to by overgrown 8-year-olds still hung up on The Hobbit and [3,000-word rant deleted]. It is what it is, dude - and it is AWESOME.

(Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, the fluffy beastie up top is called a Manul Cat, also known as Pallas's Cat, and it is simultaneously one of the goofiest and most expressive cats around.)

As far as power metal goes, it is always worth remembering one thing:

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