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Most readers will know by now that there has been quite a bit of noise of late concerning the argument that erupted between Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day (PBUH) and philosophy professor (and YouTube superstar) Jordan B. Peterson, concerning the question of Jewish intelligence.

I have avoided commenting on this subject so far - partly because my opinion is largely irrelevant on this subject to begin with, since my blog is quite tiny in terms of readership and influence, but mostly because I saw no reason to shove my oar in between two intellectuals of that calibre.

Recent developments in the debate, however, have forced me to revise my opinion of Prof. Peterson, significantly.

Readers will know that I have been effusive in my praise of Prof. Peterson in the past. When I first heard his lectures, I thought, "At last! Here is a classical liberal who GETS IT, who understands that the SJWs of the Left are a serious problem who must be dealt with in as summary a fashion as possible, and who presents young men everywhere with a way out of their own personal private Hellscape."

I'd watched a few of his videos and I thought that he was very intelligent, highly erudite, and had a certain professorial charm about him that made him both likable and interesting - though there was no getting past the fact that he did take an awfully long time to get to the point. (Yes, I know, pot, kettle, etc.)

And I especially appreciated his utter evisceration of Cathy Newman in that epic Channel 4 showdown, in which he calmly and methodically ripped apart one of the Leftist intelligentsia's most well-known public figures on live international television.

But then the baleful gaze of the Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) fell upon something that Prof. Peterson wrote some time back, and teh innarwebz has not quite been the same since.

The background to this whole ball of wax has to do with the fact that Prof. Peterson asserted a few weeks back on his blog that Ashkenazi Jews have a significantly higher than average IQ in a blog post in which he attempted to take on "players of identity politics on the far right [who] continue ever-so-pathologically to beat the anti-Semitic drum, pointing to the over-representation of Jews in positions of authority, competence and influence (including revolutionary movements".

He then linked to a study by Gregory Cochran which argues that Ashkenazi Jews have a significantly higher than average IQ as a group.

OK, so far, there is nothing too terribly controversial about this. While there is considerable debate about whether or not Ashkenazi Jews actually have a mean IQ of 115 - the evidence that has been unearthed so far indicates that this is nonsense and the actual number is, at most, about 108 - the fact is that Ashkenazim tend to be highly intelligent and are, in fact, hugely over-represented in high-achieving positions of power in science, medicine, law, politics, and technology.

The problem arises in a small but significant semantic shuffle that Prof. Peterson then performs later on in his blog post, to try to wave away the "conspiracy theory" of Jewish dominance over arts, sciences, politics, and other areas of public life:

So, what’s the story? No conspiracy. Get it? No conspiracy. Jewish people are over-represented in positions of competence and authority because, as a group, they have a higher mean IQ.

(Underlined emphasis is mine, other emphasis in original.)

That was a critical error. And there is nothing anti-Semitic at all in pointing this out.

The Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) was polite but rather pointed in his dissection of Prof. Peterson's arguments:

In a follow-up post the next day, Vox Day did some actual maths and demonstrated precisely and numerically exactly why Prof. Peterson is simply wrong to argue that Jews have a significantly higher mean IQ, and that he is deeply wrong to argue that Jews do not play identity politics.

Since Vox released that Darkstream and the subsequent posts, there has been massive blow-back, starting with Prof. Peterson himself, and continuing on with his fans, who are outraged - OUTRAGED!!!, I tell you! - at the notion that someone has come along and dared to take on Prof. Peterson's arguments.

Our own good friend Adam Piggott, the Gentleman Adventurer, was addressed (indirectly) by Prof. Peterson himself on Twitter, and took some significant flak:

Okay, for starters, "Heavens to Murgatroyd!" is NOT a Bugs Bunny line. It comes from a Hanna-Barbera cartoon called Snagglepuss. I can forgive Prof. Peterson this slight slip-up because, frankly, very few people grew up watching H-B cartoons almost religiously like I did. (That is not a recommendation in favour of such cartoons, by the way.)

However, it gets considerably worse from there. Prof. Peterson has totally failed to address the substance of the points raised by Vox Day and Adam. He resorted instead to ad hominem attacks and simply didn't bother looking at the actual points, all of them substantive and backed by hard data, that comprehensively debunk the notion that Jews have a significantly higher average group, as a race, than other races.

Once again - it is NOT anti-Semitic to state this. Personally speaking, I have no patience whatsoever for true anti-Semites. I train in a Jewish martial art. I live and work alongside Jews. I have been to Israel and I love that country. Facts are not racist - they simply are.

Now, if Prof. Peterson and his fans had simply addressed the substance of the arguments and looked at the facts, they would likely have concluded that they made errors of substance and methodology. That would have been the end of it. Prof. Peterson has admitted that he is wrong in the past, such as when he called MGTOWs "pathetic weasels", and he has apologised for his remarks and moved on.

That did not happen here.

And so, because he was getting increasingly irritated by Prof. Peterson's fans, the terrible gaze of the Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) turned directly on to other writings by him. The result has been that, for the entirely of the past week, we have been subjected to at least one post a day from Vox Day systematically breaking down and destroying Prof. Peterson's reputation.

As Vox Day has pointed out:
It is important to understand that Vox Day has been attacking Prof. Peterson's work for the last week is not out of spite or anger, but out of unswerving devotion to the truth.

Now, I personally do not think that Prof. Peterson's work merited quite so much air-time as Vox has been giving it of late. There are undoubtedly better things that the Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) could devote his time and energy to doing.

But the fact is that Prof. Peterson's fans have given ALL of us, not just Vox Day, reason to do a double-take.

Look, there is no questioning Prof. Peterson's intelligence. That was never the issue. There is absolutely no doubt that he is one of the most highly intelligent, erudite, and personable public intellectuals out there today. He does ramble on a bit and getting him to stick to a simple point is sometimes a bit like nailing Jell-O to a wall, but he really knows his shit.

The problem here is one of integrity.

And it is here that Prof. Peterson has failed himself, and his followers, very badly.

There is no doubt that Prof. Peterson is wrong about Jews in general having unusually high intelligence. This has been proven mathematically and the practical results of that proof are readily available to anyone who has any reasonably large number of Jewish friends and acquaintances. I do, and I state this unequivocally:

I have a strong personal soft spot for Jews. While I find their predilection for liberal politics, at least in Europe and the USA, to be both very odd and highly self-destructive, I do regard them as God's Chosen People, the keepers and preservers of His Laws. They were given the Ten Commandments first. Their true home is Israel, a country of wonders and delights which has an absolute and God-given right to exist and which can and must defend its borders by any means necessary.

Yet it is simply not true that Jews in general are vastly more intelligent than everyone else.

All Prof. Peterson had to do was to acknowledge this. All he had to do was either respond to the argument and prove it wrong through counter-argument, backed up by examples and data - or admit that he was wrong.

That is all.

We of the Alt-Right are not SJWs. We do not regard an admission of a mistake, or an apology, by someone who is wrong, as weakness. We regard it as a demonstration of personal and moral integrity. We applaud men of such integrity because those are the kinds of men that we ourselves aspire to be.

In my case, I was certainly wrong to argue that Prof. Peterson is "one of us". He is not. He has proven this through his actions. He has demonstrated a lack of intellectual integrity that is quite surprising and highly disappointing.

While I am not quite as willing to attack him as Vox Day is - partly because I still haven't read the whole of 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos - and as such am unwilling to make the kinds of accusations that Vox does about his state of mind and whether he is a truly broken individual trying to fix himself by writing a book that pretends to fix others, I will say that I agree with Vox's criticisms of the First Rule:

He's right. Rule One is nothing more than conventional game wisdom from Roissy and Roosh. Stand up straight and face the world with an upright posture - this is not news. Any halfway decent powerlifter could tell you the same thing regardless of how good or bad he is with women. Yet Prof. Peterson takes an inordinate amount of time to explain why this is important, through a fairly complex explanation involving lobsters and dominance hierarchies.

In summary:

Prof. Peterson has been shown, publicly and comprehensively, to have made a serious mistake with respect to the question of Jewish intelligence.

He has demonstrated at best curious naivete, and at worst appalling blindness, to the fact that Jews are no different from other ethnic groups in that they look out for, and look after, their own kind at the expense of other groups.

He has failed to address the core arguments presented by his critics, and has resorted instead to name-calling, ad hominems, slurs, and evasions.

His supporters have been even worse in this regard and have shown an astonishing level of disregard for facts, figures, and basic standards of evidence.

Most importantly, Jordan B. Peterson is not of the Alt-Right. He is at best a classical liberal who seriously dislikes SJWs and has the intellectual firepower, coherence, and skill to take them on. Good for him - but his advice to men is still Beta blue-pill to the core.


  1. Here's the funny thing.

    I still consider him a useful tool - like Methadone. It doesn't change the fact that in his lectures he purveys some useful info, destroys some myths that need to be destroyed, and utterly CALLED C-16 and stood up against it.

    But I also knew that he was not one of us - and believe even covered it several times outside of the last week. The willingness to believe the mainstream lie of Nazis as right wing, as well as the alt-right==neo nazis, and the fact that while he skirts the topic of his fear that the right will respond with tat for the leftists identity politics tit, he refuses to fully set out that if we don't respond to defend the group DESIGNATED BY THE AttACKERS in a way that stops them short, they will see it works and keep doing it.

    That if the attacked don't coalesce around defending the attacked identity, form a shared identity they are willing to defend and forge alliances with, even if they never gave a shit before, that they will "hang separately" because they didn't "hang together"

    In short, fails game theory 101, prisoners dilemma, tragedy of the commons, and the christian golden rule.

  2. Embrace the concept of "consensus," which, from the outside, is almost indistinguishable from conspiracy. (And note the core illogic of claiming that the Jews - 108 or 111 or 115, makes no difference - are actually bright enough to run a conspiracy of that magnitude. Naaaaaaah. It's a preposterous notion.)

    A consensus exists when similar peoples, with similar backgrounds and educations, see similar problems, issues, and opportunities, similarly, and come up with similar solutions and courses of action. That's likely what's going on with the Jews. But a big conspiracy? No; they're not competent enough for that; nobody is. Do they favor each other and each other's children? Generally. Will they support Israel even when not in the interests of their home country? Surely, and, while that's understandable, for the US we should pull the citizenship of and boot anyone who places another country over ours while claiming our citizenship.

    1. You mean, like 'doctors without borders'?

    2. Not necessarily. If they're giving medical aid to the enemy who has not yet been captured, I'd just shoot them.

    3. for the US we should pull the citizenship of and boot anyone who places another country over ours while claiming our citizenship

      Now that is a policy that I can get behind - though I have to say, sir, the penalty of shooting seems really quite gentle relative to your usual preferred method of crucifixion. I don't suppose you're mellowing with age?


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