Just sayin'

What with all of my injuries of late - the newest one being an ankle injury caused when I got my foot tangled up in someone else's during a knife-sparring drill at the end of a class, whereby my right foot went one way and the remaining 190lbs or so of me went the other - it has been at times a little difficult to see the funny side of things sometimes.

Fortunately, there is a cure for that:

I will admit that a hotter girl could have been used for this one... but the caption more than makes up for it. After all, some truths are simply universal. Nothing - but NOTHING - gives a man more deeply personal satisfaction than seeing the woman that he rode to a hard and sweaty climax the previous night, dressed up in one of his shirts.

Actually, maybe I can find a hotter girl to make the point:

I saw this one over at Kim du Toit's place several weeks ago and nearly ruptured something from laughing.

Unfortunately, the ad is actually fake. The image above actually involves a Dutch model from an old German Playboy issue. I have no idea why Aston Martin themselves wouldn't want to be associated with that ad, though - it's hilarious.

At any rate, this is your daily required dose of Vitamin M - for Manliness - for the day. Now go forth and conquer!


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